Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cute Dogs

These are the cute, friendly and playful doggies in the neighbourhood. Everyone who sees them love them (except those who dislike doggies lah). They are so adorable. They can even play with strangers cos of their mild, gentle and friendly nature.
Chubby but friendly puppy who likes her tummy to be rubbed

And this is her little sister. Equally adorable.

This is not the mother, but she plays and take cares of the two puppies, together with the puppies' mummy. The mummy dog is photo and camera shy, hence I didn't have her photo.

The puppies always play with each other and enjoying each other's company. Aren't they cute and adorable?

But sad to say that.. 2 out of the 3 dogs were poisoned by some heartless morons few days back (and I presume they are now in Doggy Heaven). Why want to harm and murder those friendly and harmless dogs? Really &*^%$#@. I miss them... Rest in Peace, doggies. :(


p/s: The above photos of the doggies were taken 3 weeks ago..


Jun said...

my doggy (ok la, technically my cousin's ;p)-- a very cute, ADHD jack russell terrier, kena abducted from her house a mth ago.

and i still miss her *sniff* i hope she's not in doggie heaven... well, at least not so soon -__-

day-dreamer said...


*tumpang !@#$%^& with Chen*


fibrate said...

Jesus why would anyone poison a dog? :(

rainbow angeles said...

oh no! so sad!!

cc said...

Sadly there are some animal hater out there. They can choose not to love them, but why try to terminate?!

Eryn said...

Yer. Pity the doggies. Grrrr.

Chen said...

Tempted to write about my dog-meat tasting experience in Vietnam here....

Chen said...

fibrate and cc, the reason people poison stray dogs are:

1) they yelp and bark and make nuisance of themselves, sometimes even late at night

2) they shit at the roadside, and if unlucky, in front of our houses!

3) they chase and terrorise people. I read in the local newspapers of dogs being out down after they mauled kids and elderly folks here in Malaysia.

_butt said...

what is wrong with these people?? Jeles izit because they're cute?? *pissed*

Karma pays. We'll see. Grrrr

papercrazy said...

Stupid inconsiderate people.....Why go and poison the dogs just because they misbehaved??

Do they poison their own kids if they misbehave then???


Doreen said...

What a cute puppies! Those people are really heartless. How could they do such a cruel thing? Karma will get to them! $%&*&(*#@#$&(%#

Wyn said...

ha?? y so jahat 1? they are so cute ler...


Chen said...

Sorry to hear that.
It must be heart breaking for your cousin and everyone who loves her. :(

day dreamer,
And worst still, another dog in the neighbourhood (in the doggy gang) was abducted by the Vietnamese construction workers nearby, killed and eaten.


These people are so heartless..
Summore the doggies are so gentle, and everyone in the neighbourhood loves them.

Chen said...

Hopefully the doggies are enjoying themselves now in doggy heaven. In fact few weeks before these, another doggy (their fren) was kidnapped and eaten by the Vietnamese construction workers...

These people are really heartless, and even if they have hearts, it's evil in nature and black in colour. How would they feel if someone poison their loved ones? :(

Yeah loh. So sad :(

Chen said...

Other stray dogs might be nuisance, but definitely not these dogs. They are very gentle and they even manja and play with strangers. Hence they definitely won't terrorise and chase after people. (In fact one of the dogs were kidnapped and later we found out the dog was kidnapped by the vietnamese workers and eaten).

They sleep early at night and didn't cos any disturbance to the neighbours. These dogs are loved by everyone in the neighbourhood. It's a heartbreaking event for everyone who knows the dogs when they found out the dogs were poisoned.

Yeah, i do agree what goes around, comes around. We'll see...

Chen said...

And worst still, these few dogs don't misbehave. They are very mild and gentle to the extend that they will play and manja even with a total stranger. And they are very playful too. They are happy if we rub their head or their tummy. So cute wan..

Yeah, what goes around comes around. *MARAH*

Yeah loh.
Heartless evil people.
I really hope they will poke kai when they walk on the street.

13th Panda said...


I always wonder why got such heartless people! Not that the dogs ever did anything major-ly wrong to them! Those poor puppies!

Forever28 said...

So sad about it. Why they want to poisonate the cute dogs?
Which are the unlucky dogs?

Forever28 said...

So sad about it. Why they want to poisonate the cute dogs?
Which are the unlucky dogs?

Chen said...

13th panda,
Yeah loh, and those are harmless dogs. They didn't bark, harrass, harm nor bite anyone :(

*so geram*

Only God knows what is in his/her/their heart(s). Hopefully they will repent and stop this sinful behaviour.

The two dogs that were poisoned are the adult brown dog and the white puppy with black patches.

The white puppy with brown patches is still alive but sad (cos losing her sister cum playmate and her aunty).

mistipurple said...

very sad event. some people are really heartless.

read my lion post? the keeper was killed by humans and not by the wild animals he lived with.

Chen said...

yeah, sometimes animals are better than human.

Btw, did u read the news regarding
an eight-year-old dog (by the name La China) who touched the hearts of Argentines by saving the life of an abandoned baby, placing him safely alongside her own new puppies. The baby was born prematurely to a 14-year-old girl in a shanty town outside the capital, Buenos Aires.