Friday, June 13, 2008

Xinjiang Cultural Performance

I thought of omitting this part of the tour earlier on but now I decided to post it. This took place on the second night in Urumqi. We had buffet dinner of local delicacies while watching the XinJiang Ethnics Cultural Show at Mukam Banqueting Theatre, next to the International Grand Bazaar in Urumqi. The entrance ticket for the show was RMB 160 (inclusive of buffet dinner).
Since the show hadn't started, it's time to feast our tummy with the local delicacies. I couldn't help but to stare at the gigantic noodle arranged in spiral shape which resembles you-know-what lah. And the name of the dishes are written only in Chinese language. If you can't understand chinese language, then sorry lah. Just guess what u took loh.
Some interesting food stuff i had, featuring Fried Milk, Spicy slices of Pig Stomach and slices of Fish Skin.. Yeah, u didn't read wrongly. It's fish skin :)
The local waiter serving Roasted Lamb. And yeah, he speaks Chinese :)
*A Big YAWN* ~ Luckily yawning is not contagious in this context... The food in this corner tak sedap lah.. They put vinegar inside the noodle geh? Eeeeeeeeeee.......
And the show started.. I had the itineraries of the performance in Chinese language and I'm just too lazy to type the whole thing out here nor translating it.. :P
A useful gadget for clapping hands when one is busy eating :)
Still hungry and I continued eating again while watching the show.. having the local homemade yoghurt.
This one I'm sure u know what dance lah.. It's the Indian Dance. Err.. How come Indian dance in China? :P
I will stop here since I malas to post so many photos liao, else u all will go Zzzzz too. And yeah, today is Friday the 13th and it's almost over liao.. in 10 minutes time :P


rainbow angeles said...

O.o at the "Clapper"


mmm... no Oyster ah?

L B said...

So very the cultural, you! Overdosed me already!! But I like the Clapper! Reminds me of The Clap. Clap when you're Happy, Clap when you need Penicillin!!

Chen said...

R Angeles,
DYBT I was having fun clapping with the clapper.

Is the clapper available for sales here ah?
I wanna get one too.
Just for Fun :P

No Oyster lah..
This is an "Inland" area woh..
Lotsa kambing lah... :P

Me too, I clapped with the clapper kaw kaw for every performances. Be it a dance or singing. Hahahha..

I wanna get one clapper too.
So that i can sked Ah Boy :P said...

wah!! why u almost don't wanna post it? i reckon i'll die if i go there. i understand no chinese word. need to bring my mother if i ever go.

Anonymous said...


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Doreen said...

Ha, at first i thought the gigantic noodle was those big rope for decor. Hahaha. The place very interesting leh. Emmm..crispy fish skins, must be quite yummy. I love crispy salmon skin wonder if this fish skins taste the same?

Chen said...

Cos I have too many things to post, hence i thought of leaving this portion of the trip behind. But then I changed my mind again yesterday night :P

Won't die wan lah.. Some of the foodstuff u can guess what is it mah.
Like chicken, lamb, fish.. Hehehe

Err.. Thanks anyway :)

Never tried crispy salmon skin before. Btw, i salah type liao for the fish skin, cos i type and put up the post late at night yesterday night. It's not crispy by the way. I will go & amend the post. Sorrie..

Dunno how to describe the taste of fish skin leh. Err.. it taste just like fish skin. Don't piak me. Hahaha..

mistipurple said...

haha taste just like fish skin! :p
very colorful the dances.
i thought your desert was boh2cha2.

mistipurple said...

dessert spelled wrong. :p
too many camels walking around.

Chen said...

luckily it didn't taste like rubber
or cow skin

yeah loh, manyak colourful
and the yoghurt also very colourful
colourful stuff always remind me of rainbow..
and talking about rainbow will remind me of Rainbow Angeles :P

Nowadays we can count camels instead of counting sheep during insomnia time liao :P

L B said...

What small prints? Where? How much?!!

L B said...

I didn't realize those were the noodles in the first pic.. I thought it was a bee hive, to collect fresh honey for the soup..

Chen said...

The small print regarding the Tiga-G-Saya-Phone :)

Luckily u didn't think those were turban.

Wyn said...

keke...d bb play 1..=P

can use to pukul nyamuk also...keke

Chen said...

This clapper is more sophisticated leh. Got 3 layers mah.. Hence the layers can claps when we move the clapper :)

not only can use to pukul nyamuk, but can use it to sked Ah Boy or BoBo too :P

Redsponge said...

do they have normal food? skin is scary ;p

Chen said...

red sponge,
Yeah, got other type of food which we normally eat. Since there is nothing special or unique about the other dishes, so i didn't bother to take any photos loh :P