Sunday, June 15, 2008


10 years ago, on this day.. I reported duty to the Sarawak Health Department and started working on the same day in the Orthopaedic Department in Sarawak General Hospital. Time flies and 10 years had passed since then. And today marks my 10th working anniversary :)

During my recent tour to Silk Road China, when some of my tour group members found out that I'm working in the hospital, few of them asked "Are u still doing your housemanship?" or "You just graduated not long ago?" etc... When I told them I have worked for 10 years already, they are surprised cos they think I looked much younger than my age. I really look so young meh? Hahahha... And there are people out there in the street who thought I'm still a college student. :P

Like what Yenjai told me few days back, might be next I can get discount price when buying economy rice by telling them that I'm a student. (Well, certain eating places in KL give discount for students). I think I should get a "fake student card" so that I can get discounts and special price when buying things or going for buffet etc. Hahahhaa..


mistipurple said...

Happy 10th Working Anniversary Dr Chen! Congratulations Kaw kaw!

kakakaka dr still small girl. :P

Chen said...

Hehe, this type of anniversary no need to celebrate wan lah :P

I really should get a fake student card soon, so that I can save more Moolah. Hahahah..

L B said...

Yeah, you do look like you've just finished Sixth Form! Must be the elixir of youth that you invented, one day in Penang, while we were not looking..

Congratulations on 10 days' working..

moz monster said...

Get your fake IDs in Khao San Road, Bangkok ... darn, I should have got a few more myself !

Doreen said...

Happy 10th working anniversary. And I envy you still look like a college student. Hehehehehe How come you never post your photo in FB? I want to see leh. said...

happy 10th wedding i mean, working anniversary!! :D stay young ok? you can stay youthful like me, 16 and never get old. hehehehe. :D

Chen said...

Must be the char koay teow..
or too kar chor?
or assam laksa?
or char siew pao?

Hahahaha, Khao San Road is a must-visit place liao if I ever visit Bangkok again in the future. :P

I never show u my photo in MSN or YM in the past meh?
Will show it to u soon :)

Although i don't have any wrinkles (yet, *touch wood*), but too bad I have white hair. But i can ti(p)u ~ dye my hair hoh? :P said...

I am really worried liao
Next time if we go makan, they will think this old goldfish uncle is trying to cheat this sweet young 18 year old student

Jason Chan said...

Tolong lo... dont be too serious about the flattery commends, they are just being courteous, they dont mean it!!! :-) ha ha.. piak piak piak before you piak me!
i started my houseman ship with orthopedic too.. 7years ago. im younger :p

Chen said...

The statement "goldfish unker" is very amusing leh..

When u coming over to Penang ah?
We go makan.. err.. cannot eat spicy food since u tak makan cili wan :P

Hahaha, i don't really bother about it lah, just that i feel funny niah. :P

When I went back to Sarawak General Hospital 3 years back, I visited the Orthopaedic Department and met up with the old staff there, and chit chatting for a while inside the small pantry. And they still look pretty much the same ~ SN, AN and PPK/attendant, and of course they still recognise me lah.

Wyn said...

jiejie still look young oh...datz iy i still call u jiejie...keke...=P

fibrate said...

Piak Jason on your behalf, Chen :)
I also started my career in the same hospital

day-dreamer said...

10 years?! O.O

Become student not bad. Got student benefits. Go cinema also cheaper. Haha.

Chen said...

If not, what u wanna call me ah?
Ah Sum? LOL

Haha, seems like many of us start our career in Orthopaedic, but none of us end up as Orthopaedic Surgeon :P

Day Dreamer,
Yes, becoming a student or holding a student card is good. Can get special price, discount and benefits in many aspects. Such as paying at cheaper rate when eating buffet etc. And can get gifts too when buying stuff. Such as a free ipod nano when buying MacBook in August last year (too bad I dun have a fake student card at that moment when I bought my MacBook :P)

Will said...

college student? don't push your luck... hehehehe

*kin kin siam* :P

carcar said...

happie anniversary ya chen!~

u are truly a number person :)

hey now i know u are ortho trained ah...interesting.

Chen said...

Hahaha, no pushing nor pulling here.
I am who I am :)

Some numbers are easy to remember..
just as some events and certain facts are easier to remember too.
And for me, the rule of thumb is..
Those things that won't come out in exam are the easiest to remember :)

Err.. I only worked in Orthopaedic Department for few months leh.. I won't consider myself as "Ortho trained" :P

lynnx01 said...

Being young is good mar.. hehe. I am turning 22, but some people still think I am a 14-year-old!

rainbow angeles said...

Happy Anniversary!! Me hor, 12 yrs liao.. @.@

U college student, I 18 yo nia.. kkkkk :p

may said...

eh doc, you look forever young leh. teach me the secret of everlasting youth looks, o Master!

Chen said...

Being young in heart can liao :)

14 years old?
hehehe... u looks like a secondary school girl then :)

And somehow this reminds me of Ah Boy. Although he is a 4 years old doggy liao, but many still think he is still a puppy. Kakakaka..

Ah May, u also look very young leh. U can ti(p)u others as college student too :P

cbenc12 said...

wei, a doc cannot be so kiamsiap one le... happy 10th year anniversary! u really are loyal, man!

Doreen said...

no wor, you haven't show me before. I will pester you next time I see you in msn!

Chen said...

Thanks Cbenc12 :)

Err.. gov doctors are not rich wan lah. Many of us still struggle to made both ends meet. Only those who works in the private hospitals or own clinics earn bigger bucks. Govt doctors the income are minimal only :)

I have more cash to spare cos i don't have much commitments.. no kids, no investments, i don't buy properties and i drive the CHEAPEST car = manual kancil :)

Hahahaha, dun hv to pester lah..
i will send u one :P

day-dreamer said...



Chen said...

day dreamer,
yeah loh..
Too bad i'm not a student.
Else i will get a free ipod nano liao :(

narrowband said...

congratulations on the milestone. I wish I have the guts to stay with a company for that long!

speaking of student cards, mine still around and thank goodness it does not have an expire date stated anywhere. hahaha...

Pink Cotton said...


okla young la young la


like this sure kena piak

Chen said...

I had a uni student card without expire date too in the past but I lost the student card just few days before the final professional exam. Really ^&%$# as I need to wear the card during our clinical professional exam. So by hook or by crook.. I use the photostat copy of my student card and paste a photo on it, and apply some colour to the card. Hahaha, nobody actually notice that the card I wear was a photostated card :P

pink cotton,
Hahaha, actually hoh, young or old made no difference to me. I am still who I am :P

mich said...

i call u jie jie d la k??
since i am only 19 cincai u lor..maybe ppl think u r like 26..
but i kesian bit ppl say i 23 worrr...:(

Chen said...

if u call me mama,
then i will really piak u :P

err.. that means u looks more mature than your age loh :P

Redsponge said...

Happy 10th Working Anniversary! ;p

Not easy to work for so long lo ;p



Chen said...

red sponge,
Thanks. And yesterday they give us an optional retirement form to ask us to choose our retirement age. 55, 56 or 58 years old. Walao, still so long more to go. We never know what might happen in the future woh. Hahaha, but i just simply choose a figure lah since need to submit the form liao. :P