Friday, June 06, 2008

Tunggu Balik Rumah

I'm now in KLIA, awaiting for my flight back home to Penang. Was in KL for few hours. So sleepy.. Almost fell asleep inside the cab just now.

And I just found out today I can even check in for my flight from KLIA to Penang in Penang. Hence I check in for my flight from Penang to KLIA and also from KLIA to Penang at the same time. (I don't have any check in luggage lah of course) :P


mistipurple said...

wake up wake up! reach home already!

L B said...

I am looking forward to that View soon too!!! KLIA, the Home of the Brave and the Klang Klang!!

moz monster said...

Hope you had a good trip !!!

I see KLIA until no eye see liao this year ... next week going to see it again ! :P

rainbow angeles said...

*but nehmind...*
*maybe iMabuk*


welcome home!!

giddy tigress said...

eh, I am also confused...I thought you sudah sampai rumah?

Kok said...

Such hectic schedule you have. I don't wanna become doctor liao. hahaha!:P

Doreen said...

Hope you have a restful weekend. said...

Puff puff pillow
Sleep through the weekend

eastcoastlife said...

Imperial Physician!! *runs to hug chen*

Thanks for checking on Jaymes. We are relieved to know the cause of his abdominal pains and that it is not life-threatening.

Wah! Want to hear about your Silk Road adventure.... after a good rest. :)

Happy weekend!

eve said...

Aisey..kita ni...memang tarak jodoh nak bertemu la..2 times also liddat...Next time...MESTI berjumpa k? *hugs* said...

wahhh!! i also await that view too!! actually, i await the humidity cos that's always the first thing i encounter when i come down from the plane!

Chev said...

I doze off for a short while inside the flight, and Zzzz inside the cab on my way back home from Bayan Lepas airport.

Ah Boy felt so happy to see me. He manja-ed with me for quite a while and licking my fingers and toes. So sweet of him :D

Woke up around 10 am today... :P

Soon, very very soon...
Can hear the tick tock tick tock..
and the Dim Sum saga continues ;)

Chev said...

cos u always on the move mah
flying here and there all year long :P

now Penang airport has more counters already..
from 20+ counters to 50+ counters..

Mana lu pergi next week?
China? Indonesia? Phillipines? or Vietnam again? :P

Piak Angel for mabuk-ing and confusing herself..
No burger??

What a conversation we had on the phone yesterday night when I was in KLIA, with so much ocipala disturbance from the external 3rd parties :P

Chev said...

giddy tigress,
i sudah sampai rumah on early Wednesday morning but then I terbang again on Friday noon..

So now I'm balik rumah again..
I miss my bed and my sofa :D

Told u liao, it's better to become an Engineer leh

I hope so too..
I haven't view most of the photos taken in China yet

Will stay and rest at home today :)

Chev said...

Thanks Yenjai

Abuthen, must wake up in between for toilet break and makan session mah..
Ah Boy needs to eat too :P

And i dowan to get bed sore for Zzzz too long :P

Thanks ECL
*Hugs ECL tight-tight*

Time really flies..
It's almost a year ago when we met up last year in G Hotel. And it all seems like just happened yesterday :)

And I haven't go through all the photos taken during the Silk Road Tour yet.. Only went through like 1/10th of the photos.. :(

Suddenly I feel very malas to write about the Silk Road adventure liao. Will do so later :P

Chev said...

Next time next time..
This trip is too short mah.. :P

And yesterday night the traffic jam is damn heavy. My colleague almost miss his flight, as his flight was one hour earlier than mine. Luckily we checked in earlier on in Penang...

Err.. But u r flying to Singapore mah this time for the connecting flight back to Kuching ;)

I understand what u meant. The weather at the Xinjiang Province in China is so hot and dry.. to the extend till my skin cracks :(