Saturday, June 07, 2008

Silk Road Tour (1)

The tour to Silk Road was tiring, but nevertheless it's fun. It started with the 4 hours flight from Penang to Guangzhou, followed by another 5.5 hours domestic flight from Guangzhou to Urumqi. U can imagine my tiredness on arrival to Urumqi. And it was almost 9 pm at night by the time we reached Urumqi. And the sky was still bright as it only get dark around 10 pm at night, and brighten around 5 sumthing in the morning. Which is good, as we had more time for sight seeing.. How nice if the sky in Malaysia only gets dark at 9 or 10 pm?
Urumqi (乌鲁木齐) is the capital city of the Xinjiang Province, located northwest of China. It is the northern route of Silk Road. The subsequent 10 days of the tour, we traveled from Urumqi to Turpan, then to Hami, followed by DunHuang, then to JiaYuGuan, followed by Jiuquan, then Zhangye, later WuWei, followed by Lanzhou. And from Lanzhou we took the domestic flight to Xi'An. Following that we took the transit flight to Guangzhou before flying back to Penang.

I will upload some of the photos tomorrow since I'm tired and sleepy. And by the way, up to date, I have only go through less than half of the total 8000+ photos taken :P


mistipurple said...

8,000 photos? hahahaaha. happy going through them!
glad you're back, chevliu. you've been missed kaw kaw.

L B said...

Omg! Did you bump into Genghiz Khan? Or Kublai? Xanadu? Olivia Newton-John? Yak? Waaa, I am so impressed! That was really A Long Road Home!

Chev said...

And Moz said i took too little photos. He said i should take ten of thousands.. If i really took that amount of photos, it will take me weeks to go through all those photos. LOL

Thanks Misti. I miss u all too :)
And of course I also miss Ah Boy the wonder dog :D

Nope, i didn't see ghost this trip.
*Touch wood for few seconds*

It's indeed a long journey..
I dowan to go through that route the second time again. Really tiring lah, and further more the road condition is bad... :D

moz monster said...

Man ... I can't wait to see some of your photos. I hope you didn't eat too much sand while you're over there !!!

For a 10 day journey, 8000 is too few. Some more in such scenic places. You won't go to a desert that many times in your life !!

*runs for cover before kena piak !*

Kok said...

You want the sky to be still bright at 9 or 10 pm? Please don't leh. That's mean we have to work until that time! haha!

L B said...

I still can't believe you went on such a holiday.. It was a holiday, right? Yeah, no ghost.. Not even Marco Polo.. My, my.. *starts thinking about doing a Cambodia/Vietnam Road Trip*

rainbow angeles said...

faitik upload to FB!! :P

moz take the same pics mia scenery 100x.. that's why he said u didnt take enuff.. :p

moz monster said...

rainbow angeles ... i have cured myself from that disease liao ... now i take a few pics only. but i still end up with many many pics - because digital mah ... not like film, can only take 36 shots !

Doreen said...

Wah~~sounds fun! Photos Photos! said...

wah siaw!! 8000 over pictures?!!!! *pengsan* u click here, there and everywhere har?

Chev said...

I had viewed around 80% of the photos till late night. Nope, didn't inhale nor swallowed any sands.. But my shoes and socks are full with sands after a walk in the Gobi dessert and Camel Ride :)

Others say i crazy for taking so much photos leh, u r the only one who say i took so little.

Btw, I took the most shots @ the dessert. As u mentioned, how frequent will I visit the dessert? :)

Kakakkaa, it doesn't mean that we need to work till the sky gets dark mah.

Anyway, most of the companies in Malaysia requires the employees to stay back till late at night also. And it's safer to travel in the bright than in the dark. LOL

Chev said...

I couldn't believe it myself too..
I have done it, yeah..
It's a holiday, but a "suffering" type of holiday..

Hence this type of tour is not popular among the locals here in Malaysia ;)
But it's kinda fun too
Something different, and unique

Cambodia/Vietnam trip is fun
I went there end of last year..
Holiday is syiok..
But needs moolah... :(

R Angeles,
I will try to upload some photos tonight..
I gotta KFC myself to do that..
Hopefully i won't become lazy and get carried away with something else :P

Hahahha, hopefully Moz didn't piak u after reading what u wrote :P

Chev said...

My hand sakit lah if holding the "heavy" camera for too long, cos i'm not as strong as u mah :P At least that is what happened at the end on the day 2 of the tour..

How nice if my camera has live view shooting.. Useful when shooting the Terra Cotta Warriors. The new 450D has this feature :)

I still have my Pentax film camera with me. It was kept inside the cupboard, and the last time I used it was in 2002.

Hopefully i will do so tonight..
If not tomorrow night loh :)

8000+ is the combination of number of photos taken by both of us. I myself took around 4000+ to 5000 shots :)

I shoot not only sceneries but also people (including locals) and other things mah. Anything that catch my interest :)

fibrate said...

The Silk Road has been on my list of must-visit places for a long time now...I love exotic destinations. Can't wait to see your photos :)
By the way did you carry a tripod with you?

may said...

10 days, 8000 photos... how many steps ah? got buy silk on Silk Road anot? sushi? wasabi?

zeroimapct said...

I can understand coz I came back with 1000+ photo from Siem Reap and it was about 5 days and the sky darkens by 7!!!
I also want to go there... may be next year

Chev said...

It's tiring and bear in mind there are no "toilets" on most of the routes.. So u gotta be prepared for that. :P

Nope, I didn't. It's too troublesome to carry a tripod lah. Even at home I also didn't use tripod. I think I only mounted my dslr for only once on the tripod since i bought the camera one year plus ago :P

Never counted the steps, but I remember the long and tiring bus ride on a bumpy road without toilet. LOL

Visited the silk factory but didn't buy anything from there.. Sharing food with the silk worms too. Oops, I meant I eat the mulberry fruits whilst the silk worms eat the mulberry leaves :P

Chev said...

Hehhe, there are lotsa scenic views in Siem Reap. I visited that place and Ho Chi Minh City end of last year, and took thousands of photos too :)

It's better to visit Silk Road around this time in the year than to visit during winter time, as the sky will get dark early, around 5 pm if I'm not mistaken. Then u won't have much time for sight seeing :)

fibrate said...

I come built in with Super Steady Hands LOL

Jason Chan said...

you still tire meh, after so many days?? Fibrate sure want to go ka?
no toilet in the desert one wo? or you bring CBD along? :-)

Chen said...

or u can put it this way...
I'm just too lazy to use tripod unless I have no choice :P

I went to KL for half a day trip on Friday mah, and fell asleep inside the cab on the way back home :P

Can use the natural open air toilet when necessary, if nature calls...
Anyway, the toilets in rural area in China, if available, it's very dirty and no doors wan :P