Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm Back

Finally I'm back home in Penang. Went for 10 days Silk Road Tour in China. It's tiring but fun, especially riding on a camel in the dessert, riding horse in a countryside farm and not forgetting riding the donkey cart. Just reached home early morning today, reached home around 1 am and started working today. I still feel so sleepy and tired....

Will reply to the comments in the previous post later, and thanks for the sms sent by some of u when I was away :)


_butt said...

Doc Chen! welcome back! we miss yooouuuu.... :)

now I know what the black shop sells. a 10 day trip on silk road tour in China!! lol kidding.

do share with us your amazing trip soon. have a good rest now.

Jason Chan said...

ha ha, welcome back!!! thought you were 'victimized' and became yan yuk char siew pau!!!! 5000 photo? sure you'll have a lot to share!!!

rainbow angeles said...

wah.. kesian... kambek hv to work liao...

L B said...

Did you bring back a baby Camel for Ah Boy or not?!! Or at least a baby Donkey?

kat said...

Yay!! A trip to Silk Road!

*sits back and wait for the pictures to roll in for virtual tour*

I still haven't done the desert and camel thing yet wor..

fibrate said...

I wanna ride on a donkey cart too! :D

SLR or compact?

giddy tigress said...

Welcome back doc! Such dedication! Reach at 1am and samo start work the next morning!

day-dreamer said...

Wooots! Welcome back! Missed you so much leh! Wondering why you never update for so long...

*waiting photos* Nyek nyek nyek.

Doreen said...

Ini orang diam diam pergi China. Welcome back! Photos! Photos!

may said...

aiyak, I was hoping you'd trek down this way for a visit wan... hahaha!

ehon said...

welcom backkk!! u were definitely missed! :D

Kok said...

Welcome back! Wah! You manyiak enjoy lah. Always go here and there. I also wanna become doctor!!!!!! :D

Cocka Doodle said...

Come ride my bike. ;)

Wyn said...

welcome back jiejie...sure having fun ya...hehe...

waiting for jiejie to tell us about ur trip...

rest more oh... said...

puff puff pillow
You go rest a few days

eve said...

Take MC and rest for a day ma..come back only dah setat kerja..ish... *hugs*

Chev said...

I'm so touched..
*cry 1.5 buckets of croc tears*

I really had a good night sleep yesterday night.. Tidur after dinner till this morning. Tomolo flying to KL again...

Will share the trip stories later loh, might be during the weekends.

*Choy choy choy*
Piak Jason for having Ocipala thoughts :P

I still haven't habis seeing all the photos yet. Just only went through a small portion niah. Tidur early yesterday night :)

Chev said...

R Angeles,
My colleague wanna take leaves mah (cos it's school holidays), hence i hv to go back to work loh..

That's what we have agreed upon before I go for the tour :)

We do bring back baby camel toys and planned to give one to Ah Boy. But just now when my mother in law saw the baby camel toy, she said it's too cute to give to Ah Boy. So she took the camel toy.

Poor Ah Boy..
so Ah Boy has no camel toy liao :P

Chev said...

Hehehhe, I only see a small portion of the photos taken. No time to sit down and enjoy the photos yet. Altogether there are around 8300 photos (adding the photos taken by my hubby) :)

Although the trip is tiring, but it's fun. Something different :)

Kkkkk... Mari mari
When r u flying to HK?
I wanna go too!!!! :P

This time, I brought both cameras.
But sakit tangan leh if holding too long the DSLR camera with Sigma 18-200mm lens with OS. The lens itself (without the camera body) weigh 600+ grams liao.

Chev said...

giddy tigress,
If I can, I wanna take leaves too.
But since my other colleague wanna take leave since it's school holiday, so I go back to work loh (We have agreed upon this before departure I went for holidays liao) :)

Time really flies..
But i looking forward to coming back home lah, 10 days is sort of too long liao.

Likely I will only post up the photos during the weekends, since I'll be flying to KL tomorrow noon, but will come back to Penang again tomorrow night :)

Chev said...

TQ TQ, I still haven't finish seeing the photos yet. Only see less than 10% of the photos niah since I zzzz early yesterday night :)

Not really diam diam leh..
Some knows i'm going to China for Silk Road Tour liao early last month, but not everyone lah, since I didn't mention it in the blog :P

Kekkekkee, will die loh if continue taking the flight to Sydney. Sitting inside the bus and plane for too long liao.. Abuthen, I need to take the flight to KL again tomorrow. Luckily it's just a short trip :)

Chev said...

Thanks Ehon.
I missed u all too leh :)

U also can fly here and there mah.
My trip oversea all are self paid wan. Never get the chance to go biz trip oversea.

Becoming an engineer is better, can get several chances to go for biz trip oversea, like what my friends are enjoying now, and the trips are all sponsored.. And engineer gets higher salary than gov doctors too :P

Ayam Bike ah? :P

Chev said...

Thanks Wyn.
I wanna rest more too, but time does not permit me to do so yet..

As I need to fly to KL tomolo.. Luckily it's just for half a day. Can continue zzz at home on Saturday ;)

Kekekeke... How to rest for few days woh, still need to work leh :P
I wanna take another holiday after the holidays, to recover.. LOL

If can, I will extend my leave earlier on liao, but cannot do so since my other colleague also wanna go on leave as this is the school holidays season :)


mistipurple said...

some of us thought you go and set up black shops there. :p

Chev said...

*faint kaw kaw*

I'm not qualified to set up "black shop" leh cos i've no heart to cheat people lah. Hahhahahha

moz monster said...

i think we all need photographic evidence that you were in china ... faitit, put something up !

Chev said...

kekekke... at least there is a "riding camel in the dessert" photo somewhere out there :P

Redsponge said...

wahhhh u went to so far....mwehehe ok..i wan to read the next posts ;p

Chen said...

red sponge,
I had travelled thousands of km on the Silk Road in China. And now... I'm back in Malaysia liao...