Saturday, January 12, 2008

Photo Hunters : Skinny

photo hunters

Today's theme is SKINNY.

Photo of a skinny young boy taken in Tonle Sap, Cambodia. I presume the boy is a victim of landmine explosion as he has lost his left upper limb and vision of his right eye. The devastating effect of war still continue long after the war and the innocent victims are still suffering up to this day. There are several child beggars paddling inside a pail or a container at Tonle Sap Lake asking for money or donation from tourists who visited the place. :(


Dawn said...

It's a very touching picture, very sad to see them losing a limb or two, but the best thing is these folks do compensate their disabilities with some thing else.

Great picture. Have a great weekend.

Selba said...

Oh my....

A lot of these kind of people are also in Vietnam.

A very good capture!

moz monster said...

Laos and Cambodia both suffered loads during the Vietnam war, and the scars of war remains today.

Excellent catch. More than any of the Angkor Wat pictures you had, this sums up everything about Cambodia - hurt, but not giving up on life, and slowly on its way to recovery.

Zhu said...

Good picture but sad at the same time. We should remember more often, especially our countries manufacture these dead tools... I'm ashamed of that.

eastcoastlife said...

Very sad picture. I heard there are many people like him.

napaboaniya said...

The after war effects are shattering. So often we forget how lucky we are..It's not a Weekend;It's a Lifestyle

kyh said...

very sad hor...

though i'm skinny too but at least i'm not THAT skinny.

Chev said...

Very sad to see their living condition. In fact, many of them dare to risk their lives just for living.

Happy Weekend :)

War is indeed destructive, to mankind, to the environment and many other things. Pity those innocent victims of the war. Aiyh...

Wah.. u can decipher so much from a picture. A picture really can speak a thousand words, huh?

Looking at the brighter side, at least we are still much more lucky than many of our neighbour country citizens :)

Chev said...

All those war weapons are destructive. How we yearn for world peace...

yeah, there are many innocent victims out there. And many of these poor people dare to risk their lives for living. Such as entering the landmines area.. Sad huh? :(

Yeah, we are much more blessed and lucky than many others out there.

Very sad. :(

Err.. how about u posting a picture of yourself for this skinny entry for photo hunters in your blog? ;)

Lynn said...

This is a very moving picture. Losing a limb, losing an eye. And for what.

Linda said...

A sobering, yet beautiful photograph! Mine is up at

L B said...

Submarine Commander!

ehon said...

wahh.. this picture totally stole the limelight. nice one!!

Aleckii said...

I was at Cambodia a few months ago, and i really felt this wave of emotion as we took the bus ride up till Tonle Sap. The houses were barely huts made out of sticks and leaves, some were in a horrile state. Sometimes I cannot imagine the low in humanity, but at the same time, there are a lot of countries contributing and helping the country to grow.

But anyway, great post, it's great to have these reminders sometimes.

'Never forget...'

My skinny post is up, by the way.

Jun said...

oh no... it's so sad to see children like him... :( but u gotta admit their will to live is very strong...

Pink Cotton said...

very sad...
really an eye opener trip fr u

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Not only do I feel very unfortunate compared to these poor souls, they also remind me whenever I feel tired from work that, if they don't give up I can't either.

I hope that our world learns from our mistakes - as difficult as that may seem.

On a different note, thank you so much for leaving us the voicemail! Sooo unexpected, but so so sweet. :D

Anonymous said...

a very touching photo. it's another reminder of the horrors of war and what is does to the lives of victims, mostly women and innocent children. thanks for sharing this with us chen

angeles said...

i want to be skinny too...

ps: just received your poskad.. muaks!

kyh said...

I is "hmm kin tak yan". Hahaaaaa

pelfy said...

This is definitely a sad shot.... Thanks for sharing. I am glad that I am NOT that skinny (=

nyonyapenang said... kesiaaaannnn.....

slurp! said...

Many often depict this photo as SAD. But I beg to differ, this is a show of true courage in face of adversity. If one put themselves in their predicament, will she/he be STRONG like them?

Pity? or perhaps we should just
indulge" in Self-Pity LOLz

Chev said...

And there are many more handicapped Cambodian victims out there... :(

Thanks, I will drop by your place soon :)

This boy was paddling together with his 2 other friends nearby the floating restaurant and the crocodile farm.

Thanks. It must be hard to paddle with just one hand. We are so used to paddle with both hands, easy to coordinate mah..

Chev said...

yeah, many of us might cannot survive under such conditions. I have posted the picture of those thatched hut in my previous post few days back.

I will visit yours soon.
Happy Weekend :)

Yeah, they have strong will and very persistence. Reminds me of those Cambodian child who sell souveneires :)

pink cotton,
I have seen the documentaries from Astro on these child beggars in Cambodia. But it is different when u see with your own eyes.

may said...

good photo, Doc... though it makes me sad.

Chev said...

Yeah, if they can do it, why can't we? :)

Hehehehe, glad u like Ah Boy's voice message (barking). He is so sweet, isn't he? LOL

Wars and all those nuclear weapons and bombs are destructive. How many innocent lives were killed. And those who survived will have permanent scars physically or mentally :(

Errr.. Not this type of skinny leh. This is due to starvation, malnutrition and improper food intake woh :P

Glad u received the postcard. Muacks :)

_butt said...


did you get to visit any landmine museum there?

Chev said...

Mmmmm.... Apa pasal "Mmm kin tak yan" ah? So mysterious meh? U borrow Ah Long's money ah? But u can still meet doggy, right? LOL

And... as long as not "Mmm kin tak kong" can liao :P LOL

Although u r not that skinny, but surely u r a super slim person.. as u are wearing XS clothes ;)

nyonya pg,
And I heard the small kids in Tonle Sap are being throw inside the river by their parents when they are 2 or 3 years old time so that they can learn swimming fast..


Chev said...

Yeah, lives still have to go on for those unfortunated ones. Most of these Cambodians have a strong will and determination to carry on with their lives despite their physical defects.

I have visited the handicapped handicraft workshop both in Cambodia and Vietnam and they have done a good job.

Yeah, Maymay is back. We r worried that someone might have kidnapped u in Oz :P

Didn't visit any museum in Cambodia but I visited the War Remnant Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

day-dreamer said...


mistyeiz said...

kesian nyer!! :( but it is a good shot though.

mistipurple said...

and life goes on, ya? :(

Jason Chan said...

Are you sure this is not phocomelia, a thalidomide baby? ha ha, just joking as i promised to kacau, sure you are right, he is a post war victim. Hope all these living testimonies will continue impacting our world towards a better tommorrow. (Sadly it aint happen right? we see more wars, i should study revelation and come back for more comments, ha!)
serious stuff aside, this is really a good Documentary/Journalism photo you took! difficult to see good female photographer! (fibrate too)

narrowband said...

That's a very moving picture, Chen.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That was one great and touching picture, thanks for sharing.

Have a great week!

Chev said...

day dreamer,
wanna tissue? ;)

Very sad indeed to see the living condition over there. There are many other child beggars in Tonle Sap.

Definitely, life still goes on. If they can do it, so can we :)

Hehehhe, u are also here.

Aiyak, wanna test me ah? :P If thalidomide baby then both the upper limb will be affected liao and the child will still have fingers or flipper-like hands mah :P

Thanks. I love photography. One of my favourite past time activities. Say NO to shopping. LOL

There are many unfortunate ones out there :(

Thanks Snoopy. Have a great weekend :)

Sean said...

Sad to see this pic

Sean said...

Sad to see this pic