Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Sad to say that.. I have never heard of Laksam (or better known as Laksa-M by yours truly), till I saw it in one of the foodstalls at the Ramadhan Bazaar yesterday evening. Mmmm... suaku on the move again?

Flat rolls of white rice flour noodles (which resembles CCF, LOL) served with the thick, creamy coconut milk and fish gravy; topped with the crunchy bean sprouts, cabbages and green chillies. Mmm... I still prefer Penang Assam Laksa, LOL.

Besides Siam Laksa, Kedah Laksa, Penang Assam Laksa, Sarawak Laksa, Nyonya Laksa, Laksa Lemak bla bla bla, now I have tasted laksam (the Laksa-M). Next, I wanna sabo Katong Laksa ;)


ehon said...

I tried this at Laksa Shack - they call it Kelantan Laksa. Not very nice. :P

angel said...

Heh? So 'fair' geh? Laksa Melayu ka?

Looks like Kueh Ciap... the 'fair' version kkkkkk... :p

Chen said...

what else is available at Laksa Shack? Laksa all over from Malaysia? :P

yeah, not very nice. Laksa Penang and Laksa Sarawak tasted much nicer :D

Laksa from the East Coast, from Kelantan.. so can be considered as Laksa Melayu kua?

u tasted Laksam before? :)

Wennnn said...

NOt oni U're suaku here's one too.. I hv not seen this one too lor!!

may said...

Laksa-M... Laksa-May lar... hahaha! not that I know how to make it, but I definitely know how to eat it!

Chen said...

Kkkkk.. Finally i met another suaku.
Great great great
*Suaku Hugs*

More things to add on the list of things to eat liao during your next balik kampung trip... :D

Lidi Lidi
Laksa-May !!
*high 5*
*Lima Tinggi*

great huh the name
so the pom chak chak :D

mich said...

man...i wan asam laksa...busy till wat nonsense also eat nia..don care abt my food..hungry telan only..sob sob..i miss the ayer itam penang laksa the most..wahhahah

Chen said...

IMHO, Assam Laksa is still the best laksa. I luv the air itam laksa, aka longkang laksa (within my community lah). Better dun show u the penang assam laksa in my previous post, else u sure lao hao sui... LOL

mich said...

yo..don la like dat..dahla this raya i home alone..mummy daddy all going back to penang..i stay back here for exam..sigh..

narrowband said...

lol... i never knew what laksam is ;p hahah.

how? good ar the taste?

Winn said...

laksam? never heard of it? kuantan laksa like ehon said ka?

faster try! then blog! haha
i love asam laksa pg and laksa sarawak. if u ask me choose..i think hmmmmmmmm

Chen said...

yr mummy and daddy going back to Penang? Penang is their hometown?
kekeke... Ask them to eat more laksa on your behalf loh then :P
and dun forget to ask them to eat the duck egg char koay teow too!! ;)

psss.. can come and enjoy the food after exam mah, dun feel sad lah. Cheer up :)

Hhhahaa... at least i found someone here who are unaware of Laksam. I dun fancy the taste but i dun mind eating it. Nothing great and nothing to shout about :)

I think it origins from Kelantan kua, as what my colleague told me. I makan liao the laksam, bought it yesterday.

Penang Assam Laksa is still the BEST. I heart PAL :D

L B said...

Laksa... Laksa... How to recharge Laksa? Imperial Way!!

Chen said...

how to charge laksa?
easy job leh
using the Imperial Method..
dangle the laksa bowl and Ah Boy will be happy..
cos he can eat the "falling laksa"

Kenny Ng said...

No matter what Laksa also better than here no Laksa at all.... sob said...

It looks like lou shu fun more than CCF to me

Selba said...

Completely looks different than our laksa.... but then it also looks different than the Assam laksa, rite? :D

mich said...

i was born there...wa they eat so much later anything happen eg: bp goes up...

cbenc12 said...

wah, got so many types of laksa one arr? i am more suaku.. !

Doreen said...

You're not alone! I have never heard about this before too. Emm....coconut milk with fish gravy....the combination a bit weird leh.

Leonard said...

how does this laksam tasted? good?

no worries of katong laska, it can be found at almost all corners of singapore..

at katong, you would be lost of which one is the original one as everyone is original~!!

day-dreamer said...

Err... apa ini ah? Haha. Sedap ah?

Giddy Tiger said...

Is it like buburchacha but not as sweet? The creamy coconut milk sounds yummy.

13th Panda said...


Hmm, how does it taste? must be "Lak" - spicy + "asam" - soury?

Chen said...

Poor Kenny. Laksa really has become delicacies liao.. Hope u can come back to Malaysia soon.... :(
Home is still the best, hoh?

Hehhehe.. coz it come in rolls mah, similar like the CCF in Penang (not the KL or Ipoh CCF though) :P

Over here, most of the states have their own laksa. Can't remember if i have seen Indonesian Laksa or not in the past? IMHO, Penang Assam Laksa is still the best (and those Sarawakians out there will flame me liao for saying this). LOL

Chen said...

Ooooh... Penang is your hometown ah? How frequent u come back here then?

Thanks for dropping by :)

Yeah, there are several types of laksa available, but i still prefer penang assam laksa the most, especially when served pipping hot with lotsa chillies and prawn paste ;)

Heheheh... And the gravy is white in colour (another weird looking stuff!!). Regarding the taste.. Mmmm... Nothing to shout about leh..

Chen said...

I dun fancy the taste, nothing to shout about. Hahhaha.. I still prefer the authentic Penang Assam Laksa, especially when served pipping hot with lotsa her koh or prawn paste.
Yummy.. *salivating*

Hehhee.. I only been to Singapore once, and that was way back in 1987 (20 years ago). Hopefully I can pay Singapore a visit soon..
Aiyh.. dunno when yet leh :(

day dreamer,
Ini Laksa Pelik..
Oops.. i mean Laksam..
Not Lah sam..(which literally means dirty in Hokkien)

Taste so-so only lah.
I dun mind eating it but nothing to shout about loh :)

Chen said...

giddy tiger,
Nope, it's not sweet at all (no added sugar). It's a bit spicy cos of the chillies, but not that hot.. Might be u can look out for it in the Ramadhan Bazaar :D

13th panda,
Yeap, not Laksa-P(enang) nor Laksa-S(arawak). LOL

Mmmm.. LaksaM(alaysia?) LOL
Nope nope nope.. :P

Slightly lak only..
Can't remember whether if there's any tinge of sourness or not..

mich said...

go back whenever i am free..haha
a year maybe 5 times like dat gua..
the last time i went back was in june during my course break..haha
and i brought my bf back too..hahah
everyone got a shock lor..

lynnx01 said...

you prefer penang laksa? Aiyo.. I thought Sarawakians would adore and love SARAWAK LAKSA! THe best!

winniethepooh said...

i oso mountain tortise nv see before..but pale pale looking like no kick?? give me the other red red fiery laska anytime! :)

Chen said...

The last time is June? That was almost 4 months liao. Time to pay Penang a visit again. The last time I balik kampung to my hometown was in May. But my kampung is far away lah, unlike yours :)

hahahaa... they dunno u have bf ah? or although they know, but they never expect u to bring him back home? :D

Penang Assam Laksa Rocks
Everyone has their own preferences mah.. I still prefer penang assam laksa much much much (1000x) more than Sarawak laksa :D

Although the laksam is pale looking, but it's slightly spicy coz of the chillies, but not as yummy as those fiery hot dishes :D

mistipurple said...

*slips in cyber air ticket for chenmoo to fly to singapore eat katong laksa* :P

moz monster said...

Laksam is a Kelantanese food, usually taken during breakfast. Plenty of good ones in Kota Baru ... =)

Chen said...

katong katong..

*Thinking wat else to makan in Singapore (which is not available in Malaysia)*
coz.. we live to eat mah :P

Oohhh.. I see. I went to Kelantan once in the past, and that was way back in 2002. Didn't notice laksam at that moment cos we took our breakfast inside the resort :)

But we did try the nasi dagang there :)

mich said...

they u said lor..din expect ma..
i say i go nia din say he's following also...
so suprise lor...
but weird grandfather and my grandmother likes him..
everyone ask me not to be so chang kai...

Chen said...

kakakkaka.. u always bully him meh?
or.. might be your grandpa and grandma waiting to drink the "wedding tea" liao :P

mich said...

wat worr...i dowan to get married that fast la...shhh..hahaha
i don bully ppl one...
but i am fierce when i am need to lor

mich said...

kik sei~

mich said...

kik sei~

Chen said...

yeah, i agree with u
u r still too young to get married
must enjoy life first mah.. ;)

_butt said...

laksam does looked like ccf version of laksa lol. sabo katong laksa got sotong or not? (cuz 'katong' sounds like sotong kekeke)

Chen said...

hahaha, and today i had Nyonya Laksa.
Tasted nice too, and much better than Laksam :D

who knows there might be some notti Sotong who hides inside Katong Laksa? Kkakakkak

Pink Cotton said...

doesn look very appetizing...

Chen said...

pink cotton,
I prefer the Penang Assam Laksa, Sarawak Laksa and Laksa Nyonya more than this Laksam ;)