Monday, October 22, 2007

If Time Machine is a Reality

Rinnah and Ehon wanna know the age that I wish to go back to.. (If there is a gadget called Time Machine in this world lah ~ which reminds me of Doraemon.. LOL)

Initially I didn't plan to go anywhere using the time machine nor I planned to turn back time. I just wished to stay at where I am now. But I changed my mind after excessive usage of my brain cells, neurons plus the surges of adrenalines with increasing grey/white hair prematurely. Well, after working in the same profession for almost 10 years, I feel kinda tired. If I could turn back time, I would return to the time when I had just finished my STPM exam (19 years old). I will apply for a different course in university ~ hence taking a different pathway in life. I want to do something different.. ;)

And now I bequeath the powers of time travelling to:
* May ~ I know Giddy Tigers has tagged u but since u haven't do the tag, so I tagged u again loh
* LB ~ Space The Final Frontier
* Misti ~ If Time Machine Is Reality
* ECL ~ I know Giddy Tigers has tagged u but since u haven't do the tag, so I tagged u again luh
* Selba ~ Tags and Award

********************Start copy********************
The Age That I Wish To Go Back To
Write about the one age that you wish to go back to and why?
Tag Mode:
5 bloggers
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they had been tagged by comment ing in their blog.

The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:
Amidrin wish to go back to age 22 to correct back some mistakes in life.
Lemonjude wish to go back to age 6 to enjoy kid’s life.
Hui Sia wish to go back to age 16 to meet her first lover again.
Giddy Tiger wishes to go back to a childhood life with no worries in the world.
Rinnah wishes she could turn back time to the happiest days of her life.
Ehon doesn't wanna go anywhere.
Chen wanna go back to age 19 to take a different pathway in life.

********************End copy********************


mistipurple said...

hahha. you are so systematic, even know who tagged who. *respect*
so paiseh actually. i must try to be more systematic from now onwards. (good for my job also, i am trying to change a new leaf, if that is ever possible.)

why you wanna be in some other profession leh? you are good doctor with a kind heart. you are right where you belong. i lup you for who you are. and you are very nice. now i really must run, very very paiseh already for this outburst. *RUNS*

ehon said...

hahahaha. 19 year old chen. :P wad course would u do?

L B said...


Wanna be OKD? Or OKN? Or OKP? Or OKSF?

may said...

huarrrr, you very free hor, tracing who got tagged when and this and that! so ocipala! so OMS! so OYS!! kakakakakaka!

at least you didn't add on a new tag to my list... ;-)

if you chose a different profession, you won't be here as the Imperial iDoc™ wor... kenot kenot! we lup liu big time!!

Chen said...

Hhaaha.. cos i remembered rinnah and ehon tagged me mah, so i went back to the related post loh.. tat's how i get to know who are being tagged..
Ngek ngek :P

Tired liao and sian liao mah working in the same profession for so many years.. Wanna do something different loh :P

Can I choose to become a tourist?
Cos according to Winn, tourist is a profession too.. Really a Winnderful idea, hoh?

Hahahaha... OYD can ah? :P

Chen said...

While crapping about the OK-thingy in FB, I click-click here and there loh.. Kkakakkaa

We all have so many backlog tags.
Cannot breath liao.. Kena himpit with so many tags :P

I can sill take up PhD course and hence can still become iDoc mah.. Hahahahha.. So the main ti(p)u :P

L B said...

OYD? Oik Yan Dan?

Oik Kai Kiok better...

Chen said...

now i wan OKTT :P

angel said...

*NO OK Stare first*
Cum back later!

mich said...

come come change place with me mau tak?

Chen said...

Thank God no OK stare nor OKN stare

Wait for u with OKK, OKLL and OKTT

Thanks, but no thanks
My hubby and my sis in-law are already in that profession :D

Selba said...

No... I haven't been tagged on this tag... oh my... you know what? actually these days, this topic pop up in my head, I was thinking to blog about it (note: I'm not aware at all that there's this kind of tag, seriously!). Therefore, I'm really happy being tagged :D Thanks Chen!

I'll do it a.s.a.p, still got other tag from my hibernation period, hehehe.

rinnah said...

But you're such a good doc... *eyes tear up, lips tremble* Kenot let you go back and change course! Unless you wanna be Patch Adams. That one can. LOL!

Chen said...

Hahahha... what a coincidence :D
Looking forward to read your post..
I presume u would like to go back to the time when your dad is still around? :)

Wah.. so angkat bakul ah?
I floating and melayang-layang liao till Cloud 9. Hahahhahaa

Patch Adam?
I dowan to become clown leh :P

conan_cat said...

ooo, but then since you wanna go back and change your course, what course are you gonna take hmm? just out of curiousity :) well i'm studying graphic design, not regretting it yet so far, it really opened my eyes a lot :D

kyh said...

i wanna fast forward to 5 yrs later... dun wanna suffer from exams and assignments! :P

Chen said...

canon cat,
If time machine is a reality, then i will seriously consider about it.. But since i can't turn back time, so i won't crack my head thinking of something that will not going to happen loh :P No point mah..(summore I already have so much grey and white hair liao, dowan to add in more strands of grey hair by thinking too much) Hhahahaa...

Hahahha, i know what u mean.
Nobody likes exam :P
Err... there might be weirdos out there who likes exam, but those are minorities :P

angel said...

I baru remember that I must kambek here after answering yr green green tei question... :p

Why u tired wor? Actually... I think you should have studied to be a veterinarian, hor? Then can see ahboy, liucas & domdom, OKKs & OKNs lookalikes everyday!! Wheeee... hehe...

mich said...

no worries la..still in A level's still can said...

A time machine to correct all our mistakes, huh? :P

The one thing I learn is, we are more than likely to do the same mistakes again :P

eastcoastlife said...

aiyoooo.... so sampat to check out who haven't done this tag and tag them some more!!! 偷鸡摸狗!hehehe.... liddat aso can pass up homework. fok zor lei lor. I should quickly go do it and tag those who haven't done it too. hahaha....

Chen said...

LOL.. we eat too much grass liao hoh? i really eat grass wan, cos I have the green-green tei chlorella cereal as breakfast most of the time :P

Becoming a vet is becoming a doc again leh.. Hhahhahah... I dowan to treat cow or elephant with intestinal obstruction or impacted faeces.. I have read about vets who need to put their hand inside the rectum to evacuate the impacted stools. Well well... we do that occasionally (keep fingers crossed) on human with very serious impacted hard stools problem too. U can imagine the scene? LOL

siao meh? o.O
Asking me to sit through those exam again? (regardless whether it's STPM or A Level) :P

Frankly speaking, i still prefer to be where I am now. I don't want to relive everything twice :P

Chen said...

To me, it's not really to correct the mistakes, just wanna know how life will be if i'm in a different profession. I still believe what is done, is done. Unless we want to start anew again ;)

Kkakaka.. I know it from reading the post of those who tagged me mah, cos i hyperlinked the related post of those two who tagged me and the person who tagged them too. :P

At least if i tagged those who have being tagged earlier on, i won't kena marah mah.. Hhahahha... Most of us have so many tag backlogs liao :P

mich said...

lol...vr easy nia..

angel said...

u mean like how kokokai kena wan ah? haha...

i veli zzzzz!!!

Chen said...

kakkakak... u love those burning midnight oil days meh? Like what u did lately. Say the truth lah..
U dare to say u like exam? :)

i still prefer working than studying.

nope.. the procedure that kokokai went through is only colonoscopy, that is passing a scope thru the anus -> rectum -> colon to visualise the whole intestine under direct vision :P

Poor Angel, u must be tidur very late yesterday night?

_butt said...

that was nice. hmm, wonder what will you be if you weren't a doctor... a vet? photojournalist perhaps? :)

Chen said...

Might be I will become a tourist.
Geng leh? Such a winnderful idea, thanks to Winn.

mich said...

i prefer working tat's y i say i don mind swapping with u ma..
who love exams?
no way...shrugss

Selba said...

Eh... where's my reply from last night? *scratching head*

Aiyaaaaa... must be disappeared coz' I closed it too early before the word "done" pop up.

Btw, bingo! hehehe... gonna do this tag A.S.A.P :D

L B said...

My Homework.. Beam me up!!