Saturday, April 21, 2007


Since I enjoy taking photographs, I decided to participate in PhotoHunt . The site has interesting themes every week. The theme for the week is "Steps".
photo hunters

The Old Ruined Steps..

This was one of the several photos I took during my visit to Kellie Castle last year. I planned to write a post on Kellie Caster earlier on (as what I promised to Simple American.. but up to date, I still haven't work on it yet.. )


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Those are beautiful steps!! What a pretty picture! Mine are up now, as well.

srp said...

Moss covered steps... what character they have... how many centuries have knights and travelers climbed them... wonderful picture.

angel said...

*looks at the picture*

Hmmmm....hmmmm... green green tei...

So, got prize wan arr? :P

a^ben said...

walk on those steps sure fall until the butt become like pancake` lols

mistipurple said...

so much history in those steps..

dino said...

the steps so nice, if use it to take 艺术照,then, will be very very pretty... :p

lynnx01 said...

Kellie Castle is the one in Perak one, right? Or somewhere else?

L B said...

*jumps* I was there! I was there!! When I was 14 years old! Those steps weren't so green then..

amy said...

This is beautiful. IM sure its seen a lot of history..Good choice

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Dragonheart said...

Lovely photo! Those are beautiful old steps. :)

Chen said...

Thanks, Carrie :)
I have visited yours too,
the fantastic spiral steps...

The Kellie Castle was built by William Kellie Smith a decade ago in a small town in Malaysia and this place is now being converted into tourist attraction :)

Green-green tei reminds u of anyone or not? I know LB like's green-green tei eyes and Ah Ben has green-green tei template ;)

No price, but interesting mah to look at photo with similar theme by different people throughout the world. U wanna join in the crowd?
Mari mari :)

Chen said...

I agree :D
That's why I didn't climb up that staircase (kia-si mah..)

*admire together*
Nice leh the Kellie Castle..
I will show u the complete photos next time..
It's one of the filming site for the popular movie "Anna & The King"

Kkkkkk.. I have taken few shots of it from different angle too ;)
Too bad it was cloudy that day with no bright sunlight, else the photos will turn out nicer ;)

day-dreamer said...

Good picture! Although I am from Perak, sad to say, I've never been to Kellie's Castle before. Haha.

Have a smashing weekend ahead!

Chen said...

Yeah, that's the one..
Located near Batu Gajah in Perak :)

Kkkkkkkk... 14 years ago..
*start counting*
wah.. tat was so long ago liao...
u have to pay that place a visit again!! This coming July or August ;)

Yeah, this place is now a tourist attraction in Malaysia. I have been there thrice :)

I will hop over & check out the check out the blogging Scavenger Hunt soon :) Thanks.

Chen said...

Thanks dragonheart :)
I noticed u r enjoying your steps outside the house too :)

day dreamer,
I really can't believe that..
u never been to Kellie Castle ah?
Must go & visit it lah..

I have been there thrice leh :P
The first time was during my fourth year in university. I went there together with my coursemates :)

Hope u manage to find some time to rest in between studies. All the best for your coming exam :)

YTSL said...

Greetings and happy photo hunting, my fellow Malaysian! :)

Monk[+]Icon said...

wah, the last time i go there was 17 yrs ago....dunno wat happen to the castle now...

Wennnn said...

I come from that place lor.. I am a BG girl... Kellie's Castle used to be very famous.. Now okie la..

Chen said...

Hi ytsl:)
Thanks for dropping by.

17 years ago.. means u r still a primary school kid? ;)
I will update u with pictures of the Kellie Castle soon (I hope so, if I'm not lazy lah)..
I went there in October last year.

Woo... itu BG lu punya hometown ah?
I went there in October last year..
After visiting Kellie Castle, we went to Ipoh for the jalan-jalan cari makan trip :P

Kenny Ng said...

Nice pic! U got the talent la

kyh said...

I've been there last yr! ;)

That castle is beautiful... one of its kind in Malaysia... In fact, it's really really rare to find castles resembling European ones here. Just a pity they din take good care of it. I see dusts, dirty walls, muddy floors etc inside it. They shud preserve this historical building and maintain it regularly. The exterior is majestic nonetheless.

And the steps look so nice! :D

Wennnn said...

Yala BG gua mia hometown lor.. Tapi hor sekarand move to the Menglembu area lor with loads of moo moo lor!!!

Chen said...

Thanks :)
Oh yeah, today is your birthday. Wish u many happy returns :)

Cool.. Hehehe, did we visit the place at the same time? LOL... I saw few chinese youngsters visiting the place when I was there last year :P

One good thing at least I didn't see any rubbish/ wrappers/ drinking bottles/ cans on the floors ;)

Thanks. Did u take any photos during your previous visit?

Oooh.. sekarang sudah migrate ke Moo-Moo land.. Can make more MooLah lah.. Kkkkkkkk... and can eat more Kacang :P

may said...

I passed by Kellie's Castle - does that count?

nice photograph, Doc! you should try selling some of these and earn some money...

Bernard said...

Welcome to the Photo Hunters!! Great to have you on board too :-)

Creepy-looking steps eh? Shy to say that I haven't been to Kellie's Castle la.

Linda said...

Welcome to the Hunt! Those are some very interesting steps but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to try to walk down or up them!

Bengbeng said...

welcome to photohunt :) pls do a post on kelly's castle when u feel like it. i heard abt it but never seen it. i love the steps.

Incog & Nito said...

These steps have seen many feet. Well worn, loved and used. Happy weekend.

Lynn said...

The moss laden stairs looks great!

Chen said...

just passing by? aiyak..
never mind loh, since u can visit it virtually.. tat do counts :P

Thanks. Try selling the photos ah? Nobody wants to buy leh.. Might be Ah Boy will kesian me & buy but he dun have any $$$ :P

Hehehe, I have thought of joining it earlier on but lazy.. Glad I finally take the "step" ;)

o.O? U should pay Kellie Castle a visit if u plan to visit Ipoh in the future ;)

Thanks Linda :)
Yeah, the staircase has been abandoned for ages, hence the thick moss ;)

Chen said...

beng beng,
Thanks Beng Beng. Okie, I will find times to write & post photos of Kellie Castle one of these days.. Might be one of the weekends :)

incog & nito,
The abandoned staircase...
I wonder how many people stepped on it in the past?

And it gives the place a unique look. I love the atmosphere there in daytime, but I won't want to stay there at night. I guess the place will be spooky in the dark.

Barbara H. said...

Intriguing picture -- mystery, wonder, history. Great choice for today!

Hijackqueen said...

Welcome to Photo Hunt.

If I'm not mistaken, there is another spiral steps leading down to some underground room. That was really scarry!

Amy in NY said...

Those are neat. If only they could talk about the folks who have tread those stairs. Where is Kelly Castle?

Chen said...

Thanks Barbara. The castle was almost 100 year old, built in 1915.

Thanks, hijack queen :)
Yeah, there's a narrow spiral staircase there, but not to the underground room. I took the spiral steps up and I have photos of it too. Might be I will post the photo up when I write
a proper post about Kellie Castle.

Kellie Castle is located nearby Batu Gajah in Malaysia. Built by the Scottish planter called William Kellie Smith. It's one of the filming site for the movie Anna and the King :)

_butt said...

kellie's castle!! I've always wanted to visit there..

so.. umm.. is it haunted? heard a lot of woo woo stories about it wor.. particularly the 'orang bunian'.. :D

_butt said...

ok, I'm smilling.. weird. LOL

nice picture btw.. won't dare to step on it though. :P

guppyman said...

Beautiful old moss covered steps! I love it!

jmb said...

What a wonderful picture. Looks a little dangerous to negotiate those steps.

Chen said...

woh... u haven't been there too?
might be u & daydreamer can plan a trip there since she never been there yet (although she ipoh mari..) ;)

The corridor there is labelled as mystery corridor with the notice "The spirit of William Kellie Smith is still believed to be wandering along this corridor". But i'm not so lucky to see him :P

Smiling ah? Good mah smiling.. better than crying leh.. Kkkkkk..

Besides serving as a historical site & tourist attraction place, it's a nice place for photo shooting too :)

Indeed it is..
The possibility of slip and fall is always there.

ashleystravel said...

Thanks for the welcome. Beautiful 'Steps!'

Chen said...

Thanks :) said...

I hope they will spend some effort in maintaining the Kellie's castle

dino said...

imagine that i'm busy posing at the steps... and chen busy taking photo for me... LOL

eastcoastlife said...

This Kellie Castle is in Malaysia? Must go and see. And take photos.

The moss gives the old steps character, I love old things.

Chen said...

The place was quite clean during my last visit, and that was my 3rd visit... I can't remember how was it earlier on. My second visit was ... more than 5 years ago? :)

I hope u won't stand on the steps to pose leh.. I scared u might slip & fall leh.. (I concern mah :P)
Hehehhee, Imagine me directing u to stand & pose, here & there..
very busy liao.. LOL

Yeah, it is located in Batu Gajah, Perak (not far away from Ipoh). I will dedicate a post for Kellie Castle itself, hopefully soon :D
Hehhee, I have been procrastinating for months oledi :P

Simple American said...

I'm still waiting patiently. Be happy when you do it. Happy while I'm waiting too. ;)

Wah! Dun run down the steps or Crash! Boom! Bang!

dino said...

then, i just stand beside the steps lor.. hehehe.. :p

Chen said...

I will definitely do it..
just that.. dunno when only :P

Don't forget woh..
There are many other locations for posing & photo shooting leh..