Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm back

Haven't go online for so lonngggggggggggggggggggggggg liao... cos no broadband in my house in Sarawak. Very sian to use the slow kaw-kaw dial up. Now I'm back to Penang :D

Received an sms from Angel in the early morning today (12:06 am woh... early or not)? Itu Angel or malaikat or 天使 cakap "Oink oink! u still alive bo?? Kkkkk... *snip*" Muahahhaha.... So sweet of her. She missed me kua? (let me perasan a bit) . I fast-fast called her back telling her I'm still A&W (Alive & Well). Before I hang up the phone, I told Angel that I met Angel few hours ago... *few seconds of silence* I can imagine Angel scratching head wondering what is it about... Kkkkkkkkkk... Actually, the Angel I saw Angel "the dog" lah.. Pink Cotton's doggy. LOL. The four-legged Angel :P

Get to know from Angel it was Misti's Cow One (aka Birthday) yesterday (24 February 2007) (cos the clock had already struck 12 midnight liao by then) ... I cepat-cepat sent an sms to Misti wishing her happy belated birthday (just few minutes belated). All these people are all Night Owls.

Happy Belated Birthday, Misti
Thanks for your double-boiled klong-klong soup with the "special" ingredients. I love it ;) Presenting the fluffy cloud picture to u on your birthday (The cloud is fluffy like the white cotton candy mah... sweet & lumm) Kkkkkkkkkkk. Hugs & Kisses & Muackssssss...

Before I forget, Happy Oink Oink Porky CNY... Still not too late mah.. today is only the 8th day.. one more week to go before Chap Goh Mei. Wishing everyone FKK (Fat kaw kaw)(Fatt kaw kaw) this festive season.


angel said...

Fatt Fatt Chup!!!

Happy Pai Tni Kong! KKKKK!!!

angel said...

KKKK... yalor... I missed all your KK komens... nice view!

*welcome back hugsssss*

Cocka Doodle said...

Welcome back. Lokter Jekyll! We miss your updates!

Happy chor patt!

day-dreamer said...

I not fatt kaw kaw, but I'm sure got fat liao... haih~~

Chen said...

everyone fatt tai choy :D
i hear pili pala fire crackers boom boom out there...

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk again
Hugs kaw kaw :D

Now lazy to write liao after not writing for so long...
I can see fire works outside my windows at the moment ;)

I'm sure most people will put on weight this festive season :P
Thanks for your "fat" comment, give me the inspiration to add in the strike out fat kaw kaw :P

kyh said...

how i wish i'm FAT KAW KAW!!!

nice views from the plane... like in heaven! *ANGEL greets at heaven's gate* KKKKKKK

so many CNY cards (r they 'cards'? lol) so hardworkin' of u to colour each of them!

and happy cho 8!!!

kyh said...

and not to forget...

A WELCOME BACK HUGS!!! *rolls out gold carpet*

carcar said...

welcome back!!~

miss u so much!!

Winn said...

yipeeeeeeeee u r back! * shake hands*

Chen said...

I'm sure many will willingly donate their fat to u :P

wah..... imagine seeing Angel sitting there on the clouds
what a scene :P

Of coz those are cards ;)
small cards :D
almost cho 9 liao...
in less than 20 min time :)

Gold carpet? Wow.......

I miss u too leh :D

yeah yeah.. I'm back liao
U came back earlier than me woh..
Shakes hands vigorously..
Shakes legs too
Can shakes butt or not?
Pssss.. Ah Ben really io ka chng leh tat day :P

mistipurple said...

Loctor!!!! i miss liu!!!!
thank liu for that sms! i quickly go and double-boil klong klong soup for you. cos liu must be tired mah, preparing for trip to come back!

_butt said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! CHEN IS BACK!!

*fireworks in the air*

Welcome baaaaaaaaack!! HUGS! :D

Monk[+]Icon said...

welkam back lokter!!! gong xi fa cai! ang pao gia lai!! gero gero gero~

Will said...

wah... you "mass produce" your piggy drawing... keng

L B said...

I am still waiting for you at RIMINI Airport! What happened? How come? Where are the Lormaikais. most important?


zewt said...

wah... from sarawak to penang... that's a long way from home to find a job.

Kenny Ng said...

Welcome back!!! kekeke...

Wennnn said...

Welcome back lor.... Nice to hv U back liao.... heheheh

may said...

whee! welcome back! nice scenes from the airplane. any cute stewards to chat up with anot?

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

lidi lidi lidi... said...

Welcome back
Everyone fatt

Chen said...

I miss u too !!!!!!!!!!
I went to see Pink Cotton’s doggies that evening and a village of dogs in her neighbourhood
Everyone is full of dog furs tat day

Can I have another serving of the soup? ;)

Got fireworks summore
Like some grand thing..
Feel so elated liao.. LOL
Hope no insomnia tonight :P
*Hugs kaw kaw*

TQ TQ.. Gong Xi Gong Xi
Hope everyone fatt tai choy this year :P
Angpow ah? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Can I give u virtual angpow? :P

Chen said...

Kkkkkkkk.. not consider as mass produce lah..

Cos the pilot dowan to fly to RIMINI mah..
He wanted the flight to land in Sarawak woh
LMK ah? I bribe the pilot with LMK mah..

My husband is in Penang, that’s why I’m working in Penang for the past 7 years :P

TQ TQ. No jeng jeng jenggggggggggggg?
I just found out Pink Cotton is a guitarist too..

Chen said...

Kkkkkkkkk… TQ TQ
I haven’t go online for so long liao…
Will do more blog hopping tonight ;)

*tweet tweet*
I enjoyed looking at the clouds.. Kkkkkkkkk..
Tat’s why I always take the window seats when I’m flying (the short distance flight lah)
If long distance flight better have aisle seat so that easier to visit the loo :P

No lengchai stewards woh..
Might be I was too busy looking at the clouds?
Kkkkkk.. melayang-layang sumwhere again :D

Kung Hei Fatt Choy

Heheheh.. yeah, everyone fatt… hopefully not fat :D
Gong Xi Fa Cai

Bernard said...

Happy New Year.. uahh you made those nice bookmarks each one yourself? Rajin nye.

L B said...

Ia Ah Boy still in one piece?

Redsponge said...

loktor, Happy New Year.

heee...the fat piggie...

Monk[+]Icon said...

lokter, virtual angpao tak main! hahaha....

Chen said...

ya, semua bikin sendiri :D
I only do that once in a blue moon only :P

ah boy is still ah boy :)
still as manja & adorable as before

red sponge,
Hehhehe... the fat piggie looks familiar leh, cos i gave u one too

then u have to collect it personally liao.. :P

King's wife said...

Aiyo..I really FAT kaw kaw already!!
Welcome back and Happy prosperous piggy year to you!!

Simple American said...

I missed you too. I look forward to hear of your trip. :)

aNNie said...

Gong Xi Fatt Choi.. Dr Chen.. Welcome back..

zewt said...

oh... no wonder ler...

Chen said...

u r not alone...
many of us also Fat kaw kaw liao..
time to slow down liao since CNY is coming to an end liao
No more "big fish big meat" liao

TQ TQ Happy Oink Oink year to u, King & the girls too :)

sure sure.. I will post up soon :D

Thanks Annie :)

no wonder?
Errr.. issit no wonder why I missing in action for so long? :P