Monday, February 12, 2007

The Great Desktop Challenge

Monkticon challenged me with this Great Desktop thingy. Luckily this is a very-very-very simple tag, cos I don't have to utilize any brain cells. No need to crack my head. I can preserve all the brain juice. Very sotongless & harmless. As easy as ABC (not the ABC soup --> cos this one definitely needs brain).
Instruction :
Minimize everything (as in all windows) until you only see your desktop. Now look at your keyboard and search for the "Print Screen" (or Prt Scr) button. Press that once. U can press twice too if your finger is itchy. Tarak masalah. Open your fav graphic editor. Paste and save tu gambar. Post that up on your blog & share your leng picture with the whole world. Dun forget to drop me a line after u hit the publish button.
Leng mou my wallpaper? - presenting the cute Ah Boy. With a tick-tock tick-tock clock at the upper left hand corner. Cos I believe "一寸光阴一寸金,寸金难买寸光阴".

I wanna sam pat & tag have a peep at ini orang punya desktop wallpaper & shortcut.
1) Papercrazy - Will I see papers, papers & papers?
2) Pink Cotton - Oops... disaster liao. I have a vague memory of seeing the havoc blue-blue dei background with lotsa-lotsa itu-itu barang !! Don't piak me :P
3) Redsponge - Will it be Bulat's cute picture? Or issit the green Katak?
4) LB - Don't tell me it's LMK?? PKK
5) Will - Any possiblities to see Mini's picture?
6) Bernard - Definitely not "those" picture, right? Cos I presume I will see Joseph :P

Responses (so far) :
1. Bernard's The Great Desktop Challenge;
2. LB's Desktop Wallpaper FKK!!;
3. Papercrazy's The Great Desktop Challenge Tag;
4. Pink Cotton's Desktop Tag;
5. Will's The Great Desktop Challenge.


mistipurple said...

yeah. first! this tag must use little brain wan. unless loctor's brain bigger lah. :P

angel said...

Chups!!! I go pangsai first!



Gua mya desktop... sure PKK wan... kkkkk...

Kenny Ng said...

phewwww~~~!!! This time tak kena me... kekeke

Chen said...

must use brain meh?
No need lah..
Just press prt scr, paste & save...
that's all only mah :P
as simple as ABC & 123 mah?
No meh? :P

Wah... u also kena the pangsai "illness" liao...
bad influence from Carcar & LB :P
Don't PSKK too long woh.....

Your desktop ah?
Issit like Pink Cotton punya desktop?
I wanna see?
U fast-fast go do the tag lah !!
I promise wont PKK, might be will LKK only :P

Let u have a rest mah this time..
Else u say everytime I tag u

may said...

I still haven't done mine, alamak! PKK! soon, maybe, if ever... anyway, mine very boring wan... all *censored* stuff!! lidi lidi lidi!

Will said...

aiyak... err... i think you won't be interested to see my desktop...

maybe i should print screen my work machine... more tidy :P

L B said...

Hooolah!!!!!! Hooolaaaah!!!

Ok, can I save this TAG for a rainy day post? I hereby promise to do it before 2008, ok? Really wan, unlike the postcard syndrome!! KKKKKKK...

Your desktop very the ABKK!!! Woof Me Die!!!

Bernard said...

Uahhh... so easy one ah.. ok no problem .. buat sekarang jugak...

Bernard said...

Wokay.. siap!!

L B said...

Ok, I also kiasu like Bernard.. DONE!!

Chen said...

no time limit wan mah..
bila bila buat pun boleh..
(cakap macam saya ni Monkticon pulak)

wah wah wah..
all "censored" stuff?
if lidat where got boring ah?

must be your personal desktop is either messy or boring liao? :P
Itu work machine not counted lah..
cannot main tipu wan ;)

Can, save till 2010 also can
but I know u...
u sure cannot tahan to wait till so long wannnnnnnnnnnn :P

ABKK is good mah..
U haven't see my personalized screensaver yet
lagi ABKK !!!!

Chen said...

yeah, this one is indeed easy.
One of the easiest tag I've ever done
Doing it now? Great
thanks for the prompt action :D

I saw your post liao..
No Joseph up there :(
Although I have lotsa graphic editor programmes, but Irfanview is still the default graphic editor I used ;)
Cos simple & good :D

Must be finger itchy liao?

Wah wah wah... KFC ah?
KFC laden mind :P
Really KFCKK liao..
wait wait wait..
KFCKK sounds so vulgar geh?

Really so skin lickin' good, meat lickin' good, fingers lickin' good & bone lickin' good ah? Mmmmmm...

L B said...

KKKKKKKK, KFCKK really sounds so vulgar until all the KFCKK drop off liao!!!

Pink Cotton said...


hmph!..i kno u will LOVEEEEEEEEEEE my desktop!

i kno u will!

papercrazy said...

Phew....luckily tarak susah punya tag desktop very the simple wan, not like somebody many angkong angkong....sometimes I wonder how long it takes to start her pc every morning!

Selba said...

Oh... you put the cute ah boy as your desktop...

Nice.. nice.. nice... ah boy must be so proud :D

papercrazy said...

Ok.....Tag done liaw

Winn said...

ah boy very cute oh
....liucas oso not this cute. liucas dam sien. liucas siu satt jor.

lately u got see liucas lying around my gate there?

Monk[+]Icon said... geram see ah boy so kiut!!!

Redsponge said...

uh oh..kenak tag again...hmmm my desktop luan luan de le...
n the wallpaper is the windows de blue sky green field somemore...i think i will zng it before show u la ;p

btw..thanks for the bookmark!

Chen said...

if KFCKK drop off liao, then habis cerita loh.. no more liao in the future :P

pink cotton,
sikui again ah?
seems like we all like to use this "sikui" to scold ppl - u, me & ah ben :P

I will definitely Lapppppp your desktop. Issit still the same as what u show me in the past? The messy-messy dei desktop? Kkkkkkkkkkkk...
Or u did some spring cleaning liao?
waiting.. waiting... waiting..

yeah yeah..
ini tag manyak senang punya..
as senang as makan kacang..
semua orang pun mampu buat ;)

yeah loh, I still remember that someone mia desktop cos she showed me few months back.. I terperanjat till ternyaris jatuh dari kerusi leh ... Kkkkkkkkkkkkk

better dun gossip about that someone, later she angry then cham liao :P

Chen said...

yes, i have been using his photo as desktop wallpaper for quite some time liao.. I even use several of ah boy's picture as screensaver ;)

So fast... good gal
deserved to be sayang :P

yeah loh, very cute loh..
how to resist him hoh? :P
Liucas also cute mah..
especially before "hair cut" time

Liucas siu satt jor??
Hah? really or not wan?
I didn't see him over the past few days woh...
I miss the white doggy too...

Chen said...

he very manja wan...
Sometimes I beh tahan him cos he too manja :P

red sponge,
Wah..wanna do spring cleaning prior to showing me your desktop ah?
Ini main tipu liao !!!!

U received the bookmark liao?
That's great ;)
I tot it missing somewhere in the South China Sea liao !!
Muacksss back ;)

lynnx01 said...

Hehhee.. you have Ah Boy as your desktop pic, I have Scooby and Heigou as mine.

_butt said...

tersalah comment :P

doc chen man sui!! ah butt never kena tag this time haha..

ah boy camera shy yer.. so cuute!

ps: I received 'it' already last Sat, thanks!! sooo cuute!! muaks! :D

Chen said...

That's great :D
How about showing us your desktop wallpaper too?
I wanna see which pic of Scooby and Heigou u choose for your wallpaper ;)

man sui cos I didn't tag u ah?
so if the next round I don't tag u, then u will call me man sui, man sui, man man sui liao?

Ah Boy can pose huh?

Glad to know u have received "it" safe & sound.. Worried the "it" might get lost somewhere in Penang Bridge :P

day-dreamer said...

Wah, so many desktop icons!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Many ah?
Wait till u see pink cotton's desktop, guarantee u will FKK wan...

Simple American said...

Whatchu believe Chen. Looks at Hanji and scratches head harder harder!

Ah Boy is such a cute sleeper. But tell him to hide his dice from me. :P

lynnx01 said...

Ok. Visit my blog soon. I'll put it there. Hehe.

Chen said...

I believe time is invaluable & priceless, which cannot be buy with gold (money). Now u can stop scratching your head liao :P

Walao.. u wanna steal his dice ah?
If he hears this, sure he cannot sleep peacefully liao...

That's great :)
Hopefully u will put up soon before I flying back home :D

Simple American said...

"I believe time is invaluable & priceless, which cannot be buy with gold (money)."

Thanks for your time explaining to me. And thanks for not charging me gold for that explanation. :P

Chen said...

Hahahhaa... I won't charge u gold,
a small piece of dark choc will do