Monday, November 20, 2006

生是一首我非常喜欢的老歌. 这首歌很好听,歌词写得也特别好. Nice old song (in the late 80's) by Jacky Wu (吴宗宪). I love the lyrics. Listening to nice music/songs are therapeutic. When I feel unhappy or sad, I will play some meaningful nice songs and this method really helps. I would like to dedicate this song to Carcar (Hope the car is fully repaired and won't breakdown again), and also to everyone out there who likes this song.

生 (吴宗宪)

从第一声哭泣开始 你便注定要走这么一遭
所有人世间的事 从此就要一一尝过
要学会看清一切 要学会认清黑白
要会分别是与非 知道这样对不对

从第一声哭泣开始 你便注定拥有喜和苦
所有人世间的事 从此就要踏上征途
要学会说声抱歉 要学会明白别人
要会分别善与恶 要知道这样好不好

你的心在成长的过程中 必然会有些转变
但是永远都别忘记 最原始最美
或许你将面临困难 和难以理解
但是别灰心 我们都曾经 走过这么一回

从第一声哭泣开始 你便注定要离开这世界
所有人世间的事 从此就要抛在脑后
要学会刺激自己 要学会安慰别人
要会分析成与败 要知道这样错了没

你的心在成长的过程中 必然会有些转变
但是永远都别忘记 最原始最美
或许你将面临困难 和难以理解
但是别灰心 我们都曾经 走过这么一回

你的心在异动的岁月里 必然会跟着转变
但是永远都别忘记 最原始最美
或许你将面临挫折 和难以选择
但是别灰心 我们都曾经 是这样的过来


angel said...

chup first! go mandi first :P

Neo said...

That's a nice song!

carcar said...

thanks for this song chen...

may said...

hmmm... how come sounds so sad punya? wait, lemme go translate...

carcar said...

thanks for the dedication...

listening to this song put me in tears... you will never know i am crying now... tears rolled down my face... blur my vision, wash away all my unhappiness... take away my hurt...

真的吗? 我们都走过这么一回吗? 我不要学会看清黑与白!我很累, 真的很累了...


may said...

(back liao)

ahhhh, ok ok... hmmm, motivational, yes? wish it was in a happier tune though. Major, not Minor.

may said...

*hugs carcar*

Anonymous said...


Nice song!

Chen said...

after mandi, don't go zzzz, okie?
must remember to come back :)

very meaningful song

hope u like the song :)

wow... hope u r not using the web translator to translate the page.. the translation tool is very cacat wan.. I nearly pengsan looking at the translation given by BabelFish.

may said...


*sheepish grin*

then can do translation here please?

angel said...

ya, back liao!

aiyo... why carcar so unhappy today ner?
carcar, sadness is no good for you... whatever it is, after a good night's sleep, you'll be okay, okay? don't think too much. if there's something you can do to make you feel better, then do it. if there's nothing you can do, just leave it as it is and move on... always easier said than done but it's something you must do...
*hugs carcar*

alamak... tok so much...

Chen said...

poor Carcar..
*passing kleenex*

I know u r troubled by many things lately.. Keep in mind God is always in control in everything. He is always there and He will never leave u nor forsake u.

Have a good rest and forget all those unhappy & unworthy stuff.

We sayang u, Carcar.
We want to see a CCC = Cheerful CarCar

yeah.. something lidat loh..
Dunno how to explain..

Nice song. U know the song too?
this is an old song :)

mistipurple said...

to carcar: *hugs carcar* don't sad don't sad. *sniff* now you also make me feel sad..
everybody loves you so much here. chin up ya, pretty gal!

Chen said...

I'm not good in translating lah..
U know bit bit of Chinese too, right?
I think u can roughly get the meaning of the song liao..

let's give Carcar a big & warm hug..

let's hugs Carcar
aiyak, u don't cry too lah..
later u made everyone here cry together...

mistipurple said...

*group hug*
when one member hurts, the others hurt too. (in God's familiu, we are all part of each other)

L B said...


Mr.Goober said...

hmm...seems like i never heard this song.. :((

liucas said...

chen ask u something..

.. why?

Cocka Doodle said...

follow up to liucas question....

What singing you?

Chen said...

*group hugs*

LB sings lah one song to cheer up Carcar…

little goober is still very young… ;)

Ini liucas..
why u like to ask why geh?
I saw u asking why everywhere leh..

Liucas = 问题小狗? :P

singing Chinese song :)

lynnx01 said...

Wah. Did you stay very long to observe the tortoise? Did it get back on its feet after that?

Kenny Ng said...

nice song... excellent lyrics!

YD said...

The melody is indeed very 80's. I like the words. Very meaningful. It's somewhat hard to connect the image of Jacky singing this song with the image of Jacky in all his shows.

Chen said...

tortoise? there are no tortoise here leh... the tortoises were in the previous post :)

I passed by the Tortoise pond again on my way back.. and the keeper had already "rescued" the tortoise by then..

nice song with nice music & nice lyrics..

U know lotsa old songs too :)
I agree with u. I believe most youngsters will only relate Jacky Wu with the Taiwanese "game" shows.. Hard to imagine he actually compose and sing all those meaningful songs in the past :P

_butt said...

Okie.. I go back oni listen.. :D

Chen said...

listen oledi or not?
nice hoh the song? :D
or not your taste? :P

_butt said...

Finally listened to the song.. hehe :D Nice!! cukup pilu..

Chen ar, is Jacky Wu the host in that Taiwan entertainment show 'Guess Guess Guess'??

Chen said...

finally... :D
I hardly watch tv nowadays..
so I dunno who is the host in those tv programmes. Jacky Wu hosts quite a number of Taiwanese entertainment programme. I occasionally watch some those programmes but I dunno what are the title or the name of those programmes. I presume he is the one u meant :)

Anonymous said...

can email me the song? I have been lookin for it long time

Anonymous said... , Thanks. remember my teacher inro th esong to me

Chev said...

I have sent the song to your email :)

kc said...

v v good song n i hv been looking for it long long time d...well done chev !