Tuesday, August 29, 2006

6 Random Facts

Tiba-tiba dua orang tagged me for the same meme today.. Zeroimpact (aka Boiboi) followed by Plinkie.. to write 6 random facts about myself (6 only meh??? Want to write more boleh tak?) & then pass this on to 6 helpless victims.. Luckily this is a simple tag.. Bukan suruh saya tulis esei atau pantun :P

Mmmm.. where to start?

1. I don't drink coffee (or put it this way.. I seldom drink coffee). I prefer drinking milk and tea than drinking coffee :P
2. I enjoy travelling. My next destination will be.. Sabah?
3. I can listen to the same song over & over again.. or playing the same cassette in my car daily for months - I'm still using cassette player, no CD player.. duh :(
4. I can get pretty impatient when I am on the road. I'm not talking about wreckless driving here.. I hate slugging behind those unker or auntie driver (or whoever ) who drive like tortoise on the road or those moron who doesn’t have any sense of direction. I don't swear or curse when I am behind these drivers but I will just grumble inside my heart :P And ... I miss my motorbike
5. I'm a flexible person.
6. I am who I am. I won't try to be what others expect me to be. And do not expect me to live up to your expectations :P

Err... Need to tag 6 helpless victims.. Simply choose 6 loh, see who are the unlucky ones.. hahahha.. I syiok-syiok tag.. The victims wanna or don't wanna do also never mind (hahahha, cos I'm flexible :P)
1. Winn - U can ask Lucas to do for u if u are busy.. I liu u :)
2. Cynthia - I sayang u mah ;)
3. May - I sayang u too
4. Carcar - I sayang u "three"
5. Ben - will u include io ka chng or yao piku as one of your random facts?
6. Simple American - Wanna know more about u :)


mistipurple said...

carmistwinanplinktitokichen chuppppp ahhhhhh!!

plink said...

carmistwinanplinktitokichen chuppppp two ahhhhh!!

plink said...

o.O Teh C....

I very sked motorcycle. Have to close eyes.

Eh! ZI/Boiboi tagged you also?

may said...

alamak, just when I thought people have given up tagging me because I don't do tags anymore... kena lagi, haiya! heheh! hmmm... shall I do this one?...

zeroimpact said...

Wah... so fast ah doc...
Next time must get a harder one for you

L B said...

Another fact about you: You changed from Ramblings to A Journey Called LIFE!!! Yeeeee!!!! Aaaaahh!!!

Chen said...

carmistwinanplinktitokichen sak tou lei :P

kekkeke...carmistwinanplinktitokichen double chup hoh? :P

Teh C, Teh O, Teh Peng, Green tea, Chinese tea, whatever tea .. Hampalang sapu :)

riding motorcycle syiok leh :P
Yeah, double tag.. So two in one combo. ZI tagged angel as well.. So kena kena double tag too ;)

we will never give up tagging u leh.. Hahhaa, I know u are busy... up to u loh :)

wah.. do fast also kena "complaint". Ini boiboi manyak jahat.. kakakka..
so next time must wait "longer" then only do hoh ? :P

Bingo !!! U get it right :D

Winn said...

Chennnnnnn . hehehe..wahhh i liu u too! ...err
okok soon soon soon...let me see how well i know muyself. hahaa..maybe u know me better?

Pink Cotton said...

i kena tag also!! muuu

HEY! i cannot post any posts in blogger le!! sian!!..and cannot even reply comments in my blog!

double sian!

doctor doctor!! pink cotton is sick 'x' now really can get sick leave kua??WAHAHAH

angel said...

waaa! so fast loktor!!! waa, when am i gonna do mine??? si loh... bo tiam sia...

Chen said...

I liuliu u too :)
We all know Winnliuliu, but I guess Liucas knows u the most :P

Pink Cotton,
I know I know.. u r one of the victim too. We know who is the culprit :P *point point finger at BoiBoi

Blogger PMS again ah?
Blame everything on PMS hoh?
good boh? :P

Don't sian so much..
give u one glass of iced green tea. I know u like green tea :P

Apa pasal pink cotton sick woh? Liuliu too much yesterday night during your birthday dinner? Must be main too much liao.. Sick leave ah? U went & visit my loktor friends in Kuching loh :P

Kiasu spirit mah.. That's why must do fast. LOLOL when ah? I hope not after u balik cuti fr UK? kekkeke..

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

waahhhh I love riding bikes, if the weather wasnt so cold here I'd get bike instead of a car

Simple American said...

You tag me, but no sayang me mah? *snif snif*

Want to know more hor? About me hor? Forgetting that ignorance is bliss? ;) OK I do for you. Otherwise maybe you jab with the needle. hyuk hyuk hyuk!

Chen said...

Riding bike is cool, especially those big bikes :)

oops.. don't sniff sniff leh..
*Hand out kleenex tissue*
I sayang u "four" :P

yeah yeah.. wanna know u more mah :)

Err... I don't dare to jab u with needle lah.. I only dare to cucuk those who are smaller than me :P

Simple American said...

Done my meme. Tried to appeal to your profession also.

Chen said...

Thanks :) Random medical facts about SA.. Well done :)

Btw, my blood group is same as yours, O rhesus positive :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Waaah!!! Imagining Doc with leather jacket, german helmet, high rider boots, Tattoo arms riding on her harley.

Red Sponge said...

coffee is good le! Hmhmhmhmm...


*whisper* i got the new counter liao. same with the one u use, cannot tahan to see the lubang at my blog liao. =)

zeroimpact said...

No la... just surprised mah doc

ah nel said...

i dont drink kopi oso as cant slp sft drink it...lol

lokter...help me piak tat angeliu as wana go holilay oso tag us...lol... ;P

Chen said...

errr… good imagination woh :P
I don’t have harley.. mine only small bike – Yamaha sports 100cc (but that was in the past, now I’m bikeless :P

Red sponge,
I know u like coffee.
I can still remember u use how many packets of Nescafe as the weight comparison with my bunch of keys in the past :) U’r really peminat setia kopi :P

*whisper back*
aiseh.. got new counter liao.. good good..got "lubang" meh in your blog in the past? Luckily I didn’t fall inside the lubang when I visit “Castle of My Mind” in the past..

Hahhaa, okie okie :)

ah nel,
how abuot drinking in the early morning? then u won’t mengantuk while working :D

Hahhaha.. Angel tags so many people. As merdeka pressie, I presume? :D

_butt said...

ah.. another tag fresh from the oven.. interesting.. fact 6 is the best. I support!!

hey, my car use cassette player too *hehe* but i usually turn on the radio station la.. so wut song do you currently listen to (over and over again) now eh? :P

ah nel said...

nahhh...phobia of cant slp again in the nite so i rather dont drink any coffee.. :)

she no heart lor lyk tat mia pelersent she oso dare gv...lol

mistipurple said...

thank liu for mooncake! vely nice! liu can moonwalk or not?

Chen said...

u like fact #6 as well? :P
great mind thinks alike hoh? :)

ah nel,
aren't u great to receive such present? I guess u should be happy to have such priviledge.. hahahhaha :D

glad u like the mooncake :)
Moonwalk? cannot lah..
not so cekap :P