Monday, July 17, 2006


Lynxx left a comment saying the "Golden Chicken Plant" is the last thing on her mind if she ever wanted to plant something in the future cos she is alektorophobic. (Alektorophobia means fear of chicken).. Talking about phobia reminds me of another phobia, named hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.

Anyone knows what is Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia? Sounds canggih though.. It means irrational fear of long words.. Seeing this long word already made me phobia pening,.. LOL, Altogether, there are 36 alphabets in this super-duper canggih-manggih word. Don't ask me how to pronounce the word; it sounds like a tongue twister to me. :P

Basically, there is a long list of officially recognised phobia.. It is possible to develop fear toward almost anything under the sun. One thing for sure is... Those who are reading this now surely won't have Cyberphobia (which means irrational fear of computers or technology) or else you won't sit in front of the computer staring at the monitor !!!


zeroimpact said...

boy boy phobia a lot of things...
small boy boy mah

Pink Cotton said...

hmm after reading the long long word..i also have hypo...blablabblabla...phobia


hey! then supercalifragilistiespilidocious (dono how to spell it) is not the longest word after all!

Anyone remember that song???kekeke

Red Sponge said...

hee...a friend of mine also has phobia towards chicken. And her name is lyn too! LOL!

Chen said...

aiyak.. boiboi sked of lotsa things ah? poor boiboi.. give u lollipop. U r not sked of lollipop, i presume? :P

pink cotton,
that's how they made people phobia of long words.. by creating such a long terminology for phobia of long words.. LOL

tat song ah? tak tau leh cos i tak pernah dengar :D

red sponge,
or.. are we talking about the same person? :P Might be hoh? I have a chinese friend who phobia of pig cos she was traumatized from childhood experience seeing the poor pig yelling & struggling before being slaughtered...

zeroimpact said...

I wan colourful lollipop
lotsa of colour
like rainbow
if got pot of gold then better lo

angel said...

waaa all phobia!
damn longliu tat term!
*nearly pengsan reading it*

sometimes all the terms are coined becos they seik pao mou yeh chou, izit? i used to watch Fear Factor and every now and then, they'll give definitions of certain phobias... read liao oso liuliu... *LOL*

Now, looks like I got Sunkist Juice phobia...sheesh...

plink said...

o.O? Hammik-hammik-phobia?

izso said...

I think that's silly. The fear of something is all in the mind. As long as you have a brain it can be trained to rid of a phobia. Fear of long words... whaaaaat kind of world are we living in man!

izso said...

pink cotton : btw it's Mary poppin's SUPERCALIFRAGILISITCSPLODOCIOUS.


Simple American said...

One of my game company products is called Fear Effects. In it we detail different reactions that people have after surviving some frightening experience. We provided a lot of phobias that a person might have after encountering a ghost or whatever. Did not include one against long words. I feel we did not provide our customers the most complete product now. lol

may said...

I got a question once for a contest on a radio station, and they asked "what is Andophobia?"

there's nothing like that in the encyclopedia I had... but got some word called Ando lah. so put 2 and 3 together you get 5, right? it's actually the fear of man... LOL!!

agus said...

What do you call a fear of woman?

No, I don't have that type of phobia though. Shy maybe, but not afraid.

13th Panda said...

I tink *breath in deep*
*gasp for air* should be fear for hippo ler

Chen said...

colourful lollipop can lah.. I see tat before, but tarak ingat mana tengok.. gold lollipop? Wah.. nak cari kat man ani?

haha, yeah loh.. they really chiak pah bo su chor :D

oh, I dunno about tat.. cos I didn’t watch Fear Factor for long time liao.... Geli after seeing the contestants eating & chewing live cockroache...

Sunkistophobia? I chiak pah bo su chor & invent one phobia terminology for u :P No wonder u have phobia lah.. finding a rusty metal like thingy inside the Sunkist orange juice….

itu-itu phobia or ini-ini phobia :D

nowadays people will come up with all sorts of weird things...
I guess some of them are too free :D

Chen said...

Fear Effects?
Never heard of it before..
Something new I learn today :)
But your game company product sounds interesting ...

yeah, u get the concept correct.. just combine the meaning of each fraction of the word & hoolah... u get the full meaning :D This is how the sophisticated medical terminology comes about too..

err.. u miss out one “r” leh.. the correct spelling is androphobia..
oops.. I become English teacher liao , checking student’s spelling here.. lol

Agus is shy? Cannot be lah...
hahaha.. good question.. I will become the temporary teacher for the day, LOL

Gynophobia or Gynephobia - Fear of women
Caligynephobia - Fear of beautiful women

13th panda,
Hahaha.. u have a point there..
They steal part of the terminology for that sophisticated word from hippo :P
Poor hippo, LOL

jonboy60 said...

hahaha.. so i went to look for the meaning of this word.. N this is wat i got :
Main Entry: hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: fear of long words

Same as u mention the meaning of word.But i didnt found how to pronounce it and there is no voice pronounciation also... hahahaha

lynnx01 said...

Oh man, me and my alektorophobic character! I am scared to the extent of even looking at pictures of chickens.. don't you all find chicken being a scary creature?

Red sponge, who's your friend lyn who is afraid of chickens too? Hehe.

Selba said...

chen: tsk.. tsk... whoaaa... is there really Cyberphobia?

pink cotton: I know that song! An old movie "Mary Poppins" (star: Julie Andrews).


Even though the sound of it
Is something quite atrocious
If you say it loud enough
You'll always sound precocious
Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay

Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay!

_butt said...


*gawk with jaw dropped*

*checks to see if miss out any alphabet*

Agree with pink cotton. I'd always thought supercalifragilidunowut is the longest word.. but that hippo is a champion!! *LOL*

Gee.. having said that, I hoped my blog doesn't give out any phobia to ppl.. :P

Btw, question. Wut's the phobia called for ppl who are afraid to swallow pills? Got ar?

Chen said...

u can use that as tongue twister :P

aiyak, u scared looking at the picture of chicken as well?
To me, chicken is very cute & adorable leh... :P

Mmm… how about cartoon with chicken character.. ie, The cute Chicken Little? :)

Hahha, there are all sort of fears & phobias in this world.
Panphobia - Fear of anything and everything
U can google the word Cyberphobia and you will be amazed with the long lists of search results :D

Today u learnt a new word, aren't u happy? LOL

Hahhaa.. might be people who fear of reading small alphabets and fear of darkness might be afraid of your blog :P

To answer your one million dollar question...

Pharmacophobia – Fear of taking medicine or Fear of drugs.
Trypanophobia – Fear of medical procedures involving injections.

Are u in any of the categories above? LOL

shookmeallnightlong said...

aiyoh.... so can have phobia on almost everything? hmmmm.........

wifey ggot kucing phobia .

aiyoh! darn susah to makan at mamak place

_butt said...

Yesh!! Tmr I can show off to my friends..

Do you knw wut is Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia? (copy-pasted)

Guarantee they all will be like.. HUH??

That is, if I could pronounce it in one single breath.. hmm, must practice now.. *LOL*

Close. Not afraid of injections really, but taking medicines, especially tablet pills.. because I have this phobia that I will choke, though I neva kena before *touchwood*

Wana knw wut I'll do with the panadol before swallowing it? I'll bite first.

Chen said...

yeah... if phobia of anything and everything, then it's called Panphobia. Aiseh, macam lah i bagi lecture kat sini.

Manyak lama tak cakap dengan u. I guess u must be busy looking after the little newborn baby :) Kucing phobia? Mmmm... itu kita orang panggil Gatophobia.

wah.. u must practise for many hours liao so that u can pronounce that sophisticated word in one single breath :P I'm looking forward to hearing u to say that out aloud.. ;)

wah.. bite the panadol first? why don't u just break the tablets into smaller portion like half or quarter? :P Bite ah? very bitter leh.. hehehhe...

Red Sponge said...

My uncle who ever witness the process told me that the pigs cry with tears in their eyes when they are being slaughtered. kelian!

day-dreamer said...

Is that 36-letter long word real??


_butt said...

Ya.. lazy to break it mah.. mai bite lo.. easier.. one bite khau thim *haha*

Last time even worse lah... pound the panadol into powder sumore.. kakaka.. u believe or not? *hehe*

Chen said...

red sponge,
yeah loh..
same as moo moo too... I mean the cute little cows.. they cried too pior to being slaughtered.. kesian leh seeing the air mata meleleh-leleh... :(

day dreamer,
real.. 101% real :D
i takde tipu punya..

Chen said...

walao.. u r the first one I dengar bite PCM :D Pound PCM into powder? then u should take the syrup PCM instead.. kekkee.. tastier & no need to sked tercekik ubat :P

carr0ts said...

i have ailurophobia.. =/

Chen said...

does this applies only to real cats or included in the cat pictures, cat cartoon, cat figurine etc etc? :)