Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chicken Wing

This is what I had for dinner tonight - Chicken Wings (or should I call it as late dinner? or more appropriately to call it as early supper? Cos by the time I finished cooking, it was already late at night)..


angel said...

waa waa waaaa!!

*drool drool*

a bit loong liao hor? :P

Winn said...

how many chicken kena cook?

Simple American said...


So yummy looking. *looks with puppy dog eyes*

Chen said...

hahha .. that one is the kicap effect :P

shhhhh.... lotsa chicken kena killed leh :P Cannot talk so loud.

my doggy looks at me with the cute puppy eyes also :P pleading me to give him some LOL

_butt said...


I love chicken wings!!! Gimme, gimme, gimme..

plink said...

Waa... siu kai yip.... ;)

L B said...

ok, we must come to Penang too, yeah? Also for the Roast Duck thighs!!! Kakaka!! And sotong..

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

*bawls* can't get any here...gotta make your own..

may said...

definitely supper! I want mine too!

a^ben said...

keh sit keh sit pok pok keh~ hahahahahahhahaha!!! :P

Chen said...

give butt towel to wipe saliva :P
Come, come... I still have leftover, yesterday cook too much liao..

Chicken wing is my all time favourite :D

Mari, mari... Btw, I must go & search for the Roast Duck Thigh stall u mentioned one of these days :P
And don’t eat so much Sotong Roe lah… remember the sotong babies story? LOL

Home cooked version is good.. I always prepare, marinate & cook the chicken wings myself :D

Come, come before I run out of stock :P I feed some to my doggy too yesterday night. He loves it.

wah... singing keh sit song?
This is what I cooked yesterday night when I was halfway talking with u, hahhaha…

Pink Cotton said...


i haven had breakfast leh!...ohh poor me!

Red Sponge said...

looks yummy! 'x'

Kristopher said...

look nice....but look a little bit burned tho...hehehe ...make me hungry only and cannot eat chicken wing cos got sore throat....

Chen said...

pink cotton,
oops... hope u have your breakfast already by now ;) Normally I take a glass of cereal drink for breakfast – fast & easy :P

red sponge,
u want some? LOL

Hahha.. tat is cos of the dark soya sauce.. anyway, I like it that way ;) I still have few pieces leftover, will continue makan chicken wings again tonight ;)

Winn said...

poor chicken little!!!!!

but looks yummy!! HMMP!!does ah boy gets to eat?

Chen said...

winn winn,
err.. I didn't makan chicken little leh.. Only makan his relatives, his brother and his sister LOL

Hahhaha.. of coz i gave some to my little darling loh.. how can I just eat all by myself? He manyak good boi, must give him some too :P

dino said...

can i have the chicken wings pls...


L B said...

Sotong babies can be prevented by wearing a fresh, new condom wan... Not worried!!

_butt said...

Yeaa!! Thanks!! Maybe I curi some from angel oso.. not enuf la.. shhh, dont tell.. *hehe*

zeroimpact said...

Siu kai yik
Ngo zhi sai chung yi sik
Yum yum...
Doc so bad... now make mi so hungry
N I din have lunch

Chen said...

Dino!! Haven’t hear from you for long time liao…
DHL few pieces of siew kai yek to your work place :)

Walao… Are u sure the dom2 won’t leak? :P
Later produce the giant octopus like the one in Pirates of the Caribbean then really cham, hahaha..

Keekek, curi 2 pieces from her :P
She won’t notice lah.. I tak cakap, u tak cakap, dia tak akan tau .. Shhhhhh...

apa pasal boiboi so kesian... sampai didn't have lunch today? :O Someone bully boiboi ah?

dino said...

very nice.. hehe..


jonboy60 said...

erm.. wat u cook? why take so long 1?

Chen said...

u r mostly welcomed :)

I started cooking late yesterday night, around 9:30 pm. By the time I finished cooking, it's almost 10 pm at night.

slurp! said...

hmm grilled chicken??? a bit charred is just right ... but i tot it's best to marinate overnight? i usually like to add some ginger juice to have a little more zest :)

angel said...

Ohhh... now I know what happened to 2 of my kai yik... :P

I like wings too but I love drumstick more more more! *LOL* I oso like kai keok!

day-dreamer said...

You cooked that yourself??

A bit black hor... hehehe.

Where is mine??!

Chen said...

It looked like and tasted like grilled chicken, but I didn’t grill it :P

Yeah, I love a bit charred taste :D
It is definitely better to marinate overnight, but most of the time, I won’t marinate that long... Taking the "shortcut", but it still taste nice :) Ginger juice? I will try that out next time..

yeah loh.. our dear Butt steal your kai yek :D I prefer chicken wings more leh compared to drumstick. Next time I eat the wings, u eat the drumstick.. Kai keok? Mmmmm....

day dreamer,
Yeah, cos u didn’t come & help me masak, then I have to cook it myself loh.. It’s a bit black cos I like it that way… Hahha.. more garing mah.. :P

Yours ah.. there was still some leftover yesterday, but I sapu habis yesterday night liao..Too bad, u terlambat liao...

_butt said...

Yerrr chen, u tipu ar.. say wont tell angel but in the end tell pulak :P

Chen said...

aiyak.. soli soli..
yak si hau fai..
tercakap pulak :P