Sunday, May 21, 2006

Back from Hatyai, Thailand

Just came back from Hatyai, Thailand. I went there for a short vacation; 3 days & 2 nights tour ... this is mainly a makan trip --> to enjoy the delicious & yummy food in Southern Thailand.

Hahaha, don't worry.. I didn't eat fast food or McD in Thailand ;) Too many nice food to eat in Thailand, so I won't touch the fast food :P The main reason why I took this picture is I found the Ronald MacDonald statue very cute. Don't you think so? I guess you could spot the difference :)

The Ronald MacDonald statue in Thailand has different gesture compared to the one we normally see in Malaysia or elsewhere worldwide ;) Those who are familiar with the Thai culture or visited Thailand before will know what the gesture means :)

Sawadeeka :)


L B said...


carcar said...

welcome back! sawadeekap!

may said...

you didn't eat mcD's in Thailand? awww... I did... LOL!! and I have a photo of Ronald doing that too... :)

L B said...

McDonald Pie!!! Now that's quite nice...

Chen said...

wah.. u are super fast..
searching high & low for a medal to award u :P

TQ TQ :)

Hahhaha... u did? :P
There are so many things/food to try out in Hatyai leh.. but too bad I'm super full already :P

that Ronald McD with that gesture is classic, right? ;)

U mean the McD apple pie or LB McD pie? ;)

L B said...

no no, not the apple pie... that's just not apple pie, but apple sauce wrapped up!! McDonald Pie.. beefburger pie!! Haha, ok, that does not exist yet... so will have to make it myself..

a^ben said...

Aiyeh!!! the ronald looks quite scary larh` hahaha

oh yeah.. i heard right.. we shud be careful when using the sawadeeka thing.. cos i forgot which one.. either sawadeeka or sawadeekap is used only by the trannies in Thai` dunno how true is this~ ahahhaha so dun get urself mixed up in a big misunderstanding~ :P

Chen said...

LOL at the "apple sauce wrapped up" :P
I totally forgotten how it tasted like liao.. Eaten only once.. during the early days when the pie was just launched by McD :)

scary ah? I hope u won't have any nightmare tonight leh.. poor boy :)

wah.. got such thing one ah?
I dunno leh :D

miracle8 said...

glad u had a good time Dr Chen! More pics?

Chen said...

thanks :)
u can just call me Chen :)

yeah, more pict on the way.. coming soon :)

Loong said...

Actually reminds me of Tony Jaa ... after he incapacitates somebody with his elbow. That was a good show!

Cynthia said...

my parents do that all the time. .travel to Hatyai for makaning =)

Kristopher said...

Sa wa di Kap... so nice ho..can go for short where the foods? thinkin of going dere also...for shopping....for "branded" goods.. :)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Amazing marketers. They customer Ronald McDonald for each market.

sbanboy said...

Waiting for you to post the hundreds of pictures u must have taken ... hehe :D

Welcome back sis .... :D

_butt said...

Makan trip! Sure got loads of nice food pics wan hehe

Chen said...

Tony Jaa is a Thai actor right? Haven't watch any of his movies yet :)

Hahaha :D There's lotsa nice affordable food in Hatyai :) Much nicer than the one available in Penang ;)

just go there for the weekend :) Earlier on, I planned to go during the long weekend, during the Wesak time.. But later come to think of it, Hatyai must be congested with people at that time, so we changed our scedule :) The food is all inside my tummy.. and of course with lotsa pictures... Give me some time to sort out the photos ;)

Chen said...

chuang sc,
Yeah. I have been to Thailand few times (to Bangkok) but I didn't realise about the Ronald McD statue. I guess cos I didn't pass by McD outlet in Bangkok in the past :D

Thanks, bro :) Give me some time to slowly sort out the photos :) You know right, I always shoot hundreds of photos each time I go for vacation :D

Sure.. more photos on the way.. :) Stay tuned..

jonboy60 said...

like always, *i scratch my head* why ur trip to others places so fast and precise?

Pink Cotton said...

sawadee ka~~~

oh!! so u went to thai too???hahaha

Pink Cotton said...

oh fyi ben,

sawa dee ka is said by ladies
sawa dee kap is said by men


Chen said...

so fast & precise?
Hehehe, I didn't write everything in precise.. or else it will be few pages post ;)

pink cotton,
Yeap, I remember u talking about flying to Bangkok not long ago :) I've been there few times. I guess u enjoy your food there too, right? especially if u love hot & spicy dishes :)

thanks for the info what is the difference between sawadeeka & sawadeekap :)

may said...

very classic pose! I think we took our photo at the one in Phuket town. we were so hungry but didn't want to risk a tummy ache that day, so we went for the safest option -- fast food! ;)

Chen said...

hahha, I get what you mean - on the cautious side :) There's always risk when eating hawker or roadside food :D

Alicia said...

err u eat alot oso won't grow horizontally wan arh? ~.~

Chen said...

ahhaha... I don't actually eat "a lot" lah, kekkeke :P

Thao said...

Hey there!!! You visited Thailand? That's so cool, it's on my list for the next holidays destination ;-). But I guess I will stay longer, and backpacking around the country.

Seem like you have a lot of fun

Chen said...

Yeah, it's a fun place to visit. I have visited Bangkok several times but this is my first visit to Hatyai :)