Monday, May 22, 2006

Hatyai, Thailand : Mango Sticky Rice & Durian Sticky Rice

I guess Malaysians are familiar with these all time favourite Thai desserts - Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Ripe Mango (Khao Neow Mamuang) and Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Durian (Khao Niew Thurian) . We can get these on & off during the Thai Food Fair Promotions in Malaysia.

Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Ripe Mango (Khao Neow Mamuang)

Generous servings of firm texture sweet sticky rice paired with slices of fresh ripe mango. Here, they give the whole mango per servings (unlike in Malaysia, only give few slices of mangoare served). Affordable price at 40 baht.

This is taken after pouring the sweetened coconut cream as topping. Mmmmm... Don't you think the white coconut milk looks like "something"? Well, forget about it. The servings are delish :)

Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Durian (Khao Niew Thurian)

Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Durian (Khao Niew Thurian). Another irresistible taste experience. I haven't pour in the coconut cream topping when I took the photo. Same price as the Mango Sticky Rice. Sorry, Cynthia (and all those Malaysians studying or working abroad as well)... I know you (all) miss durian ;)


YD said...

boo hoo hoo.... :,(

i want that one!

there is a Malaysian fair in Covent Garden now, but i don't see durian...

2 more months before i m back, countdown now! yeah!

Cynthia said...

im sooo want the durian!! I havent eat that for years!!!!

may said...

M A N G O S T I C K Y R I C E!!
ooooh, my favourite!!
there's a thai fair here sometimes, and we have loads of them... ahhhh... *licks lips*

fred said...

it really look like something else.. :)

may said...

oh... "here" meaning Summit USJ, where the mall is. they serve the whole mango too, costs about RM5 per plate, I think. served by authentic Thais. hmmm... I wonder if it's still on...

a^ben said...

itu liu lian right` i think malaysian liu lian nicer` hahaha~

carcar said...

oh my! i never try / seen this food before! i wonder how it taste like? May ah can see is summit still having this on sale? hehehe....

i guess it is nice. yum yum!
poor Cynthia... I still can smell durian here in singapore :P

carcar said...

Ya, forget to say this, the white coconut milk really looks like "something"!


L B said...

Ok, I shall refrain from making smart alec Durian Pie remarks, for once!! I do miss durian, but only if I see it, so that means I am missing durian right now!! *sigh*

pelf said...

I love mango sticky rice too.. And a couple of friends and I are planning a backpack-trip to Thailand, and I'm going to intoduce it to them :)

Chen said...

feast your eyes at the moment :) Soon you can feast your taste bud too, in 2 more months time ;)

Balik kampung.. Woo-o-oh, balik kampung :)

for years? aiseh... Hope when u balik kampung time, there are liu lians avaiable in town :)

yeah, there are Thai fair on & off.. I guess every few months? Cos I see that few times a year in Penang ;) Somehow, the one in Hatyai is more tasty than the one available here during the fair.

*swallow saliva*

Chen said...

Hahha, u agree with me as well on this matter :D

We have similar fair in Penang too.. few times a year :D

I can't disagree with you on this matter ;) I prefer our local version of liu lian too.. And I like the Sarawak jungle liu lian as well.. which is not available here

Chen said...

If u mention Durian Pie, I will associate it with durian dodol or durian cake ;)

U will balik kampung soon, right? the "balik kampung" song by Sudirman is playing in the background temporarily..

Perjalanan jauh tak ku rasa
Kerna hatiku melonjak sama
Ingin berjumpa sanak saudara
Yang selalu bermain di mata

Nun menghijau gunung ladang & rimba
Langit nan tinggi bertambah birunya
Deru angin turut sama berlagu
Semuanya bagaikan turut gembira

Balik kampung oh oh...( 3X )
Hati girang
Ho ho... Balik kampung (3X)
Hati girang

Terbayang wajah-wajah yang ku sayang
Satu-satu tersemat di kalbu
Pasti terubat rindu di hati
Menyambut kepulangan ku nanti

Liulian is waiting for you at home ;)

Chen said...

Huh? carcar.. u really haven't see this food before ah? I guess u never been to the Thai Food Fair or Festival then. It's widely available during the Thai Food Fair. Next time when there is Thai Food Fair in town, remember to look for this Thai dessert :)

It's definitely nice. You won't regret eating it :)

The white coconut milk hoh.. kekkeke.. :P

Backpack trip to Thailand? That sounds fun :)yeah, I'm sure your friends will love the mango sticky rice :)

sbanboy said...

one of my favorite when I was in Bangkok for my bro's engagement :D

Ice Lemon Tea said...

Cannot tahan when i saw those gold color durian photo.

slurp! said...

hahaha coconut milk looks like that probably becoz they add sugar syrup to sweeten & thicken a little?

oh, btw is malaysia durian season here already? ... muz chiong for durian buffet at segamat, yong peng etc then hahahaha ...

Chen said...

When will u go back to Bangkok again? I have been to Bangkok few times.. the last time I went there was in year 2003.

summer wing,
liu lian, liu lian :D

I guess so lah.. the white sticky appearance :D

There are durians available in the market, but minimal.. I guess not the season yet :)

Godknows said...

I think i will go for mango, i cant eat durian. nice pics

Kristopher said... is "Sua Tu" lo...1st time see this.... :) look delish...

Anonymous said...

wah wah ... i din see any durian with sticky rice when i was in bkk last week le..! and i think ur mango with sticky rice is cheaper. they bot it for 50 baht in pattaya.

but i din taste the sticky rice ... only the mango :p

and they din pour out the coconut-cream-that-look-like-sth too...haahhaa...

Pink Cotton said...

sorry..anonymous was me :p

Alicia said...

i wan durian sticky rice!!
aiyorr.. food temptations

Chen said...

pity u can’t eat durian ..

hehehe, I guess Sarawak is too far away from Thailand  Is there any Thai Food Fair in Kuching?

pink cotton,
Mango sticky rice is more common & more widely available. However, we have the Durian Sticky Rice over here occasionally in certain Pasar Malam in Penang too…

Aiyak, u only eat the mango & didn’t taste the sticky rice ah? Wasted lah u :D

Kekkeke… Hope your stomach is not grumbling or making much noise now ;)

Kristopher said...

Chen: nope....there are few Thai restaurant like Lok Thian, Pandan Thai and Mango Tree but all cost like a bomb...don dare to go in... :)

Maybe need to wait for Kuching Food Festival around Aug....

izso said...

I want!!!!!!

Chen said...

some places the price is expensive but the food is not nice. I know a place serving good Thai food in Penang, which falls into the "Cheap & Good" category :)

hehe, when is your next trip to Thailand ;)

dino said...

Sweet Sticky Rice with Durian...
i like it so much too..

Chen said...

u r indeed a durian lover :)
Durian season is around the corner ♪ ♫

Thao said...

Apparently many people like this in Thailand ;-). Some of my friends also talked about them after their holidays in Bangkok

Chen said...

this is one of the most popular dessert in Thailand. One of the must have or must try items when one is in Thailand ;)