Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Red Bean & Barley Dessert

After the cute "interesting" posting on frozen lizard, it is time to post something more humane "nicer" before I leave to KL.. I haven't post about food for quite some time already.. Time to do so.. my red bean & barley tong sui (糖水) aka dessert. This is another dessert that I like besides the Bubur Cha Cha.

The red bean & barley tong sui

I took the lazy easy way to cook the dessert. Dump everything (barley, red beans, sugar etc) into the slow cooker the night before and when I woke up the next morning, the tong sui was cooked and ready to be served. As usual, I use the Nestle Ideal Evaporated Milk instead of coconut milk/santan. Too bad I don't have any dried mandarin orange peel or else I will add in that as well. Still have some leftover inside the fridge.. I guess I can made it into ice cream too. My own version of home made ice cream potong. (Next time loh since I'm going to KL tomorrow).

Aiks.. Haven't pack my luggage yet. Will do so later on before zzzz..


Selba said...

Red Bean as dessert? We usually cook red bean with beef and tomatos.. So no sweet red bean dishes... only salty red bean dishes..

Aiyooo... my YM at home got problem, have been trying to sign in, but.. still can't..

Chen said...

red bean is a common ingredient for dessert in Malaysia :)

yeah, I see u online offline on & off (YM) so many times :)

slurp! said...

no need to soak red beans first meh?
sorry, never use slow cooker before, hence i'm asking lor

Pink Cotton said...

arghhh hungrrryy

Chen said...

if u cook using the conventional way (fire) then u need to soak the red beans (that was what I used to do previously).. U can omit the soaking part if u cook with slow cooker :D

pink cotton,
I guess u have instant mee at home? :P

Thao said...

Sound delicious your dessert, you don't like coconut milk? I just wonder because you used the NEstle powder...

Have fun in KL, and post some pictures, please ;-)

Chen said...

coconut milk is "unhealthy" :P

Thanks, I will see what pictures I can snap there :D

Jellyfish said...

potong here potong there
kepala pening liao

Chen said...

pening? give u one cinnarazine tablet then..

Must make sure u don't feel giddy tomorrow night :D

Jellyfish said...

what china magazine tablet?
lagi pening

Chen said...

oops.. that means *vomit blood*

apa lah "china magazine"
I cakap pasal "cinnarazine" lah..
cos u giddy mah..
that med can cure your pening problem :D

Jellyfish said...


izso said...

ah hah! Food blogger strikes again!

Chen said...

u better get up or else how to meet u tonight? :D


Alicia said...

-.- i like tong sui.. aa red beans.. very nice with pandan leaves xD

A Fellow Traveler said...

my next bean + barley + ideal + TLC ====== yellow socks


cya, ger. don't 4get me ar while u r in kay el.

acqub said...

no meet me up?


agus said...

Ahaha. I thought the lizard post was amusing. It reminds me of the movie Ice Age and I should catch Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.

Kristopher said...

why coconut milk is not healthy? hehehe .... coconut milk nice...

carcar said...


guess chen is now dating with jelly in kl!! must be must be!!

then tipu us here with her barley lah plus red bean lah...


she want to put us in slow cooker and let her food post 'entertained' us for a while...b4 she come back frm kl!

hey darling enjoy your good time ya! present your poster nice nice ya!

thanks for the recipe sharing here ♥

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

Hmm, my family seldom mix barley with red bean...might try it sometime! :)

Omni said...

Different cultures, I know, but... YUCK!!

One of my blog buddies, Yolanda, is in Kuching, so I'm one of the few Americans who knows anything about it. :-)

IML said...

Aiyah, and I thought of meeting up with you, as I will be in Penang for for the weekend ):
Have fun!!!

Chen said...

I don't have pandan leaves, so I omit that step :P

fellow traveler,
I believe our friends in KL would like to taste the dessert u made ;)

Nice to meet up with u all in KL :)

Didn't leave u out leh.. ;)

I guess I will watch that on DVD :P

Chen said...

why coconut milk unhealthy? high percentage of saturated fat :D

I date with jellyfish & kim (his gf), sbanboy as well as agus lah on that night :D

Will update my blog later on :)

u should give that a try :)

why yuck?

it's my life story,
huh? u coming up to Penang this weekend? Aiyak, too bad I'm not around.. Meet up with u some other time then.. :)