Monday, April 10, 2006

Bloggers meet @ Kim Gary

My dear KSL, Kenneth aka Jellyfish arranged for a meet up together with his gf Kim on the night of my arrival to KL (Thursday night). Sbanboy and Agus decided to join in the crowd as well. The more the merrier :) The initial plan was to meet up at the Crown Plaza Hotel.

Agus and Sbanboy arrived around 7:45 pm at night. This is the first time I met Agus. I sort of knowing Sbanboy since year 2004 as we were "coursemates" previously but we were not close then. And I found out Agus's sister is my ex-colleague as well. The good thing I managed to find out who is his sister before he told me her name, hahha... Really what a small world :) And somehow, we mentioned carcar's name and we found out something.. Agus has mistaken carcar all this while as cacar. My goodness.. We all really had a good laugh. (ps : cacar = smallpox)

Jellyfish couldn't find the way to the hotel.. We chit chat for a while while waiting for Jellyfish and after a while, Agus suggested to meet up in Midvalley Mall instead, cos Jellyfish really had a hard time searching for the hotel :D

We had late dinner at Kim & Gary. I followed Sbanboy's recommendation since this is my first time to Kim and Gary. After putting down the order, Sbanboy & Agus rushed to the nearby MPH to get "that special book" but too bad... the book is out of stock. I guess too many people rushed to get that book after Agus advertised that book openly in his blog ?? - till the book ran out of stock ? While waiting for Agus & Sbanboy to come back, we chit chat for a while and "played" with the food, hahaha..

Playing with Jellyfish's food.. I mean taking photo lah.. Chicken Wing with Baked Cheese Rice.

My serving.. Beef with Baked Cheese Rice with Red Sauce. Sbanboy took the Beef with Baked Cheese Rice with White Sauce. I took one scoop of his servings - and his food is better than mine. Hahha.. Is it that other's food always taste more delicious ?

The Three Scrooges?
Hahaha.. I think more precise to call them as The "S" Gang, cos Jellyfish although from Kepong, but it's near Selangor (cincai lah... Kepong and Selangor nearby only..) Sbanboy from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan (so many S) and Agus from Sarawak.. And yeah, I'm from Sarikei, Sarawak as well..

Sbanboy tempted to order the pork burger (as the next table ordered that stuff and it looked yummy) but too bad we were all stuffed with our food.. No empty space in the tummy for more food stuff :D
Can't remember we left at what time but Agus & Sbanboy will meet up with me again on Saturday night. I will write on that later on..


Jellyfish said...


Chen said...

why pengsan woh .. :D

agus said...

Yay! A good description of the first meet. Thanks Chen. Stay tuned for the second rendevouz on Saturday night, at Jalan Imbi and Bintang Walk.

A Fellow Traveler said...

alamak leher pun sudah panjang menunggu ini............ :)

nanti lagi tinggi pulak tu..........hehehe

Chen said...

hahha.. okie, I will write my version as well.. we can compare the stories :D

fellow traveler,
wah.. don't leher panjang sangat ah.. agus already call u as giraffe liao :D

if u tinggi sangat, that will make us all rendah leh.. :D Cannot...

Selba said...

Whoaaaa... so nice... so great... so fun... so... so.... hahaha... Blogging is GREAT !!!

Wish I could join you all :D

Chen said...

yeah, we have a great time together :D
We can meet up next time too, when u come to Malaysia.

carcar said...

wait wait wait! i'm S too! Singapore!!

wahahaha.... it love it!! jelly why pengsan wor? i should be the one pengsan you know? how can my beautiful carcar became CACAR???? and it sound so CACAT!!!

aiyah, now i know liao lah, that night you guys mentioned about all the bloggers nick right? and you guys betrayed me right? thank god sbanboy love me enough to forgive me! LOL

by the way, I'm purely a Setapak ger! hehehe...and not fogetting Selba okie?!


Chen said...

Setapak ah? okie can be counted in :D

Sbanboy knows abt the nick earlier on already lah.. not through us. He is a very clever guy :)

So far, the "S" in The S Gang take into accounts of location only leh.. Might be we need to set up a new group for Selba to join in :D Wait till she comes to Malaysia then I will find a name for the group, hahaha...

Loong said...

That chicken wings with melted cheese rice is the bomb~!

Selba said...

Whoaaa.... need me to come just to find a new group name? It will be a very expensive group name, hahahaha

sbanboy said...

Wah ... ok lah finally chen put up the pictures liow ... I did not put it up coz I forgot to bring my camera tat day ... :( ... maybe I will put up the ones I took with my handphone ... hehe

Hey Selba .. .welcome welcome .. next time u in Malaysia ... we go makan makan and we can bring to lok lok and kim gary and and and .... ahem ahem . alamak agus sure will kick my butt ... coz my weight loss program lari already ... :)

of course I love you ... hehe I love you in Christ :)

alamak he pengsan again ... chen we must arrange for a CT scan of the brain lah ... lately he very very cepat pengsan woh ... hehe

Chen said...

bomb? hahaha..

I will get the inspiration when u come over mah..

We will go for more makan session and photo shooting session when u come up to Penang :) Waiting for u to come ;)

I read something? Sbanboy loves carcar?? Hahhaa.. not ended there yet.. Ooh.. loves carcar in Christ :D

I guess Jellyfish is anaemic? Sikit-sikit, pengsan.. hahha..

carcar said...

we love, because He first loves us!

amen! ♥

easter is just ard the corner bro and sis!

Chen said...

loving family :) that's good..

I'm thinking of going to Singapore one of these days, in the later half of the year :)

Sharl612 said...

I want to be in the S gang too. *hehehe*

Chen said...

hahah, I officially welcome u to join "The S Gang", u are definitely eligible to join in the group :)

Planet Malaysia said...


slurp! said...

look! my nick go "S" also leh! hahahaha ..... what S Gang ... it's Super Gangster ok, don't play play huh ... :D

Chen said...

planet msia,
thanks :)

we go by location, not by nick leh.. :D But since u r in Singapore.. *ahem*

Hahha.. This is our own "S Gang" lah..Don't worry... nothing to do with gangster nor Super Gangster nor Super Duper Gangster :P

Kristopher said...

WOW!!! nice ... me S too from Sarawak...hehehe

Chen said...

S is good, hahaha...

Alicia said...

jelly la.. dowan to let me go.. haihs..

Chen said...

hah? jelly dowan to let u go? apa pasal woh.. apa lah Jelly ini..

Alicia said...

lol he informed me super last minute at bout 7 pm that day xD

Chen said...

Hah? inform u at 7 pm ? That is indeed very super "last minute".. Must piak him :D