Monday, March 20, 2006

Sarikei Time Capsule

Introducing Sarikei/泗里街 (again) - my beloved hometown. Sarikei (泗里街) is a small town in Sarawak, previously known as the 6th division. Sarikei is also known as "The Town of Swallows". This is the place where I spent my entire childhood, where I have my primary and secondary education and the place where I spent more than 2 decades of my life.. Although I'm now residing and working in other place far away from home, Sarikei will always remain in my mind.

My cousin, Daniel has recently starts a blog - Sarikei Time Capsule, introducing Sarikei in greater details (history, scenery, heritage, festivals, food, people etc). Throughout blogging, I manage to get to know quite a number of Sarikei bloggers, although most of them are currently studying/working/residing in other part of the world. For those Sarikei folks abroad/those who are interested to know more about Sarikei/those who wants to have a glimpse on my beloved hometown, do visit his blog for greater details of Sarikei town.

Side note : It is recommended to visit Sarikei Time Capsule with Internet Explorer (IE) browser since the template/display is "distorted" with Firefox browser.


carcar said...

wow! that is a cool blog!! it took me some time to open the blog, many picture and graphic there! will go into detail again :)

at 1st i thought what is this lady going to do with sarikei again.. looks like she want to intro a new blog to us ya :D

cool °

Chen said...

yeah, it took me some time as well to open my cousin's blog :)

sbanboy said...

Nice blog ... I checked it out liow :)

Sharl612 said...

I remember my first trip to Sarikei via the speed boat (from Kuching). It was December and the sea was rough and my body wasn't taking the boat ride very well. Ahem ... ;) I keep asking my partner, "Are we there yet?".

Thereafter, I prefer the long bus ride. Scenic route ain't that bad eh! ;D

Daniel Yiek said...

Chen: Thanks for the referral. Blogging is time consuming but fun!

Chen said...

sban boy,
Thanks :)
That is my sweet hometown :)

It is a bit risky to travel via sea in the monsoon season... I tried that before and.. it was scary :D After that incident, I prfer to take express bus ride.. Travel via road (longer travelling time) sounds safer to me :D

I heard from my sister and read from this post as well there are students who excelled in SPM with flying colours from St Anthony school (our alma matar) and SMK Meradong as well..

Anonymous said...

would love to go to sarawak, buy some terubuk masin and the pua clothes.

Robin said...

The town of Swallows, yes..

and yes, there is a lot of bird nest .. rite?

Waiting for your pics on this little town..

Little town, it's a quiet village (guess the song)

Chen said...

Many malaysians from peninsular like to shop for pua kumbu (something that local sarawakians don't really fancy :D )

a number of my colleagues asking me about ikan terubuk masin as well.. I don't eat that stuff actually :D

I didn't take many picture of my hometown previously. The last time I go back there was 2 years ago.. Sure I will take more pictures when I go back there again in the future.

No bird nest lah.. The swallows only rest on the telephone pole or electric pole.. no caves nearby :P

I can't guess what song is that.
Any clue? who is the singer?

Kristopher said...

Sarikei, never being dere b4 but ppl always say Sarikei pineapple is the best....

WOW!!! it sure take a long time to load even with my broadband...need to change to IE to view...

Chen, thansk for recommending this Sarikei blog... :p

FH2O said...

Hmmm its a real mess with Firefox! So I can't really see anything!

Will check back on another computer with IE.

Chen said...

Sarikei pineapple is indeed the best :) That's why Sarikei has the huge gigantic pineapple near the wharf as the Sarikei's emblem. Very sweet, juicy and delicious. I miss Sarikei pineapple :D

yeah, u need to view the website with IE. Hope the problem can be rectified soon..

slurp! said...

hi chen,
thanks for dropping in my blog.
Sarawak seems so far too difficult to plan for travel for me, primarily there seems to be lack of travel information.

Hope I could pickup more travel information from yours & sarawak's blogs soon :)

Chen said...

There are lotsa information on bigger cities in Sarawak such as Kuching. Smaller town (as expected) there won't be much publicities :) I have written several posts on Kuching few months back :)