Friday, March 17, 2006

Jackfruit/nangka (波罗蜜)

Any jackfruit/nangka/波罗蜜 lover here? Jackfruit chips is available in the market. Crunchy and nice. But I prefer the fresh fruit :) The young fruit can be used for cooking. Yeah, besides banana, jackfruit can be added into Bubur Cha Cha as well.


FH2O said...

*Putting up hands* :)
Love 'em!

Tibbar de Gniw said...

Yum.... ^_^

BawangMerah said...

I love them iced :)

Selba said...

I like nangka (also the chip)!!! Yummy... we put nangka in indonesian cendol.

Chen said...

how about eating jackfruit as snacks while kayaking?

My dog loves it as well.. He enjoys most of the food I eat :)

bawang merah,
ooh.. iced jackfruit? Sounds interesting.. Never thought of that before. Something new that I can try :)

Indonesian chendol (I like to call cendol as chendol, although both refer to the same thing.
Why? cos chendol has my name in it.. Chen-dol :)
This brilliant idea was given by Winn :P

Nangka in chendol.. sounds nice. Another mouth watering dessert :D

carcar said...

*jumping up and down*

i don't like nangka / jackfruit! the smell is so strong! haha...but i like the chips, with sweet and nice taste, i found the taste is too strong if eat it on it own :P

and it is pretty tedious to 'kill' / cut the nangka! must wipe the knife and hand with oil just to make sure it will not sticky when cut it.

but i heard the seed of nangka can steam soft and to be eaten? hmmm...

hey selba nana, nangka in chendol? sound interesting leh...i think later chen said nangka in bubur cha cha pulak, hehe.

Chen said...

my beloved dear carcar..

Don't get so "excited".. Cool down :) Want to have a kit-kat?

have u mistaken nangka/jackfruit with chempedak? I dunno... Cos we normally don't buy the whole nangka fruit cos the fruit is too huge leh.. Yeah, chempedak has sap and will made the hand/knife sticky. And chempedak has strong smell :) Chempedak seed will become softer and can be eaten after boiling.. I like to eat the cooked seeds... Nice. I dunno whether nangka seeds can be eaten or not leh :)

and my dear carcar again.. nangka indeed can be added into bubur cha cha leh.. I have already written that in my post. Kakakka.... I have seen people put in nangka slices in bubur cha cha --> Ini kisah benar, bukan reka-reka punya cerita :D

Have a nice weekend ;)

Selba said...

chen & carcar: yes, you can boil nangka seed (mom always do that) it tasted like you eat ubi (yam) but not so sweet, and you know what, even durian seed can be boiled and eat, kekeke... but I don't like durian seed.

There's a famous drink called "Es teller", the ingredients: kelapa muda (young coconout, nangka, and avocado) then put ice & water & condence milk... very yummy :)

I also like cempedak though it's smell strong.

Hahaha.... have a nice weekend my beloved carcar and chen-doll! :)

Chen said...

my dear selba,

thanks for the info :)
Nangka seeds can be eaten as well? I will try boiling the seeds next time :D

Regarding Es Teller, young coconut and nangka easy to get, but avacado.. harder to get loh. Can substitute avacado with some other things? Trying to modify the recipe again... heheh.. The Es Teller, u put in ice cube or "crushed ice" or "shaven ice" ?


Cynthia said...

the fresh one is superb nice. we dont really have it here.. alternatively nee dto buy those in can. well, i dun really eat processed fruit, so i hardly have any since I came to Perth =)

Chen said...

too bad..

I like peach too, most of the time have to resort to eating peach in can. As u know, fresh (and nice) peach is hardly available here. (I miss those huge, sweet and juicy peaches I ate in Beijing previously.. can't remember how many I ate at that time.. I guess more than 10 peaches in few days time? )

Selba said...

unfortunately, you can't substitute the avocado since that's the main ingredient of Es Teller (drunken ice). We have a lot of avocado in Jakarta :) Will bring you some when I visit you!
The best is to use crushed ice (brake the cube ice with big stone).

carcar said...

my dear chen,

who said avocado is hard to get! OMG! it is all over the places in supermarket, try jusco or giant?

my dear selba,

hehe...thanks ya ♥ have a nice weekend to you too :) and the Es Teller sound cool ...

- i think, i don't like chempedak or nangka -



BUT, not fried chempedak! yummy!

Chen said...

really ah? How come I never see it, or I never "noticed" it actually.. :P All I remember is I saw avocado few times in the fresh market loh..

This carcar.. cakap tak suka chempedak but on the other hand, she likes fried chempedak pulak :P So, in conclusion, u still like chempedak :D

Very thoughtful of u :) I will try to search for the avocado again in the supermarket since Carcar said it was widely available ..

Woh... Brake the ice cubes with big stone? I think... better to break the ice cubes with hammer instead :P

IML said...

My hands are up too!!!!! Along with custard apple and mangosteen, tropical fruits are nothing but delicious.
Here in singapore, there is even jackfruit chips!! Want some?

agus said...

Nangka, what's not to like. The fruit, good. The dish, good. The desert, even better!

The skin's latex is a little sticky though.

Selba said...

Yes, of course can use a hammer... oh, better we borrow Robin's hammer, instead of him to use his hammer to knock people's teeth better to break ice cube, right? hahaha..

Chen said...

it's my life story,
custard apple? Wow, I have custard apple tree, sour sop tree, papaya tree, mango tree etc behind my old house during my childhood days. Love the custard apple :) But haven't eat that for ages already..

Thanks for the offer, kekke.. Can I have few packets? We have the jackfruit chips in Malaysia too..

How's the dish taste like? I saw the dish several times in the economy rice stall, but never buy it so far. Although I know how the dish looks like, but I have no idea how's the taste :D

hahaha, u have good memory. I have forgotten about the hammer mentioned by Robin. Since u mentioned it, now I remember. YEah, better to use the hammer to crush the ice than to knock off people's teeth.. :P

Dragon City said...

nangka wow...put in fridge before eat...yummy..

Chen said...

dragon city,
cold nangka.. that's nice.
very yummy

Alicia said...

i love nangka -.-

Chen said...

Now I'm thinking of eating nangka pulak...
cham.. :(

Thao said...

I am a big fan! They smell good, taste good, and too many kinds to choose from.

The young ones are definitely good for making a nice salad!

Chen said...

jackfruit salad? I have eaten the jackfruit chips, jackfruit pudding, jackfruit ice cream, jackfruit chendol etc etc but not jackfruit salad yet :)

I will consider making that next time ;)