Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine Day (情人節)

Although 14th February is known worldwide as Valentine Day (情人節), but in my humble opinion, Everyday is Valentine Day and we don't have to specifically wait till that day to express our feelings toward our loved ones. We should show our care and loves to our loved ones everyday, not only on that particular day. Right?

And furthermore, Valentine Day is too commercialised today. Many will spend lavishly on flowers, gifts, jewellery and fine dinings. The prices for flowers, fine dining etc shoot up several folds compared to normal days. To me, expressing love need not be expensive and it can be done several ways such as a romantic home-cooked dinner, a stroll by the seaside etc etc. What is your opinion in this matter?

Happy Valentine Day


Robin said...

Wah, no rose, but got Chocolate.. another item which is essential for Valentine?

Most of the handmade chocolate are sold off during lunch time today!

And Yes, may true love stay with u forever.

Robin said...

yes and no, u can be loving everyday but u need to be more loving in some special days than others.

Like anniversary, birthday and Valentine's day.. with or without roses and choco.

Jellyfish said...

happy valentines day

duno how many valentine wish i have typed liao

Anonymous said...

i don't care. still want to wish u a happy valentines day!

Chen said...

hehehe.. This is not Valentine Chocolate. Those are just some of my white chocolate with strawberry chunks :)

Someone gotta be busy x100 tonight :)

Happy V Day to u too :)

Selba said...

finally, i can access blogger.com and comment's box again, yippeee...

happy valentine's!!!

well, i actually agree with you that to show our care and loves should be everyday not only on particular day... but then it would be also nice to give and get something more special than the others day on that particular day, right? :)

oh yes.... for me, i don't need expensive gifts, but a sweet surprise thing such as a very nice warmest hug/kiss or song/poem dedication will do :)

Jacky said...

I agree with you. But still good to buy some mini roses and mini chocolate for your loved one.

Chen said...

good to hear that :)
hope u have a sweet valentine :)

as long as one don't spend lavishly :)
mini choc or mini roses are nice.

The Yongs said...

Wow... lovely white chocolates! Made my mouth water only. Have a blessed time with your hubby on this special day!

agus said...

Chen, I agree.
But a change is good once in a while. It's like mother's day and father's day. It is for us to put extrra effort for just one day which would be physically and mentally tiring to do everyday.

Besides, we need one day to remind us of the fact that everyday should be a valentine's day, your humble opinion. Like they say, everyday should be christmas day, but how are we to know what it is like when we don't experience it once a year.
Everything would just be a faint memory.
Anyway, this day is made special for a million reasons, and I just want to wish you the best valentine's.

Loong said...

I agree ... V-Day is way overblown as a symbol of expression .. but commercially it is a blistering success. The only thing that makes it worse is that it is not a public holiday. Hehe~!

sbanboy said...

Yeah how nice if Valentine was a public holiday ... hehe .... yeah Valentine should be a daily event...but sometimes we forget to say those 3 words " I love you " until it is too late. So easy to take one another for granted....

Anyway chen ... Happy V to u and ur husband and ur doggy ... :)

Cynthia said...

true! I am with you..everyday is valentine day!! =)

and... I am soooo in love! =P

*pai seh*

Chen said...

the yongs,
Thanks :)
Hope u enjoy your V Day with your beloved ones too :)

Hehehe... that's true as well.

Wonder whether u come across this piece of news or not? I read in the newspaper before there are mothers who have to cook and specially prepare the meal for mother's day for the whole family --> this actually defeit the purpose :D
Shouldn't the family do something on this special occasion? :)

public hols? Hahhaa... that sounds great :D

Thanks :)
I always remind myself not to take things for granted.

Love is in the air...
Happy V Day to u & Kian :)

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Deb and I share the same opinion - everyday is Valentines, and we just can't get ourselves to buy flowers at 3-5 times the normal price on that one specific day!

Tonight, as with most Valentine's, we stayed home for a home cooked meal.

Happy Valentine's day to you too!

Chen said...

Furkids in HK,
Sweet Valentine Day :)
We didn't go out as well, just have some simple home cooked meal :)

Anonymous said...

According to my male colleague (a fellow penangite), men who celebrate Valentine are those who do not treat their wives well for 364 days. As for him he treats his wife well for 365 days so no need to celebrate Valentine. well, he is the typical 'kiam siap' penangite!
yesterday i passed by a florist - a stalk of rose is sold for RM15.00 and 6s for RM60.00!!

Alicia said...

happy b'lated valentine's day :)

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

It's good to remember. Mind the way you celebrate, that's all :)

Chen said...

Flowers and dining out are expensive on V Day. A bouquet of roses will cost few hundred bucks on V Day :)

Hope u have a sweet valentine too yesterday :)

And most people will agree ~ it is the heart that counts :)

Peace said...

well said, I agree with you.

Chen said...


Pandabonium said...

I no longer celebrate holidays just because other do. Many have become ways for businesses (big businesses) to take peoples' money.

I agree. The sentiments of Valentine's day should be kept in the heart every day. Some people need rituals to remind them. Better to make love part of our daily ritual.