Monday, February 13, 2006


Today, I'm the victim :( Normally I will put all my valuable belongings inside my pocket before entering the Operating Theatre (OT). We have to changed into the blue-coloured scrub attires before entering OT. But today, cos I was in a hurry.. I forgot to take my valuable things out from my white coat - my purse, PDA and my handphone. It's my mistake for being careless to left those things behind. I went inside the operating theatre for less than half an hour and when I went back to the changing room to change my attire, I noticed I left my things inside the pocket in my white coat. I noticed my handphone, PDA and purse were still around, but all my fifty dollar notes ,ten dollar notes and five dollar notes missing !! Few hundred bucks missing !!

Normally I don't carry so much cash with me. This is one of the odd occasion. The thief left behind some one dollars notes for me.. I'm quite "geram" at that moment.. But whatever is done, is done... (I didn't curse the thief nor swear bad things nor utter four letter words..) At least the thief left behind my identity card, driving license, ATM card and credit card.. It must be the work of insider, and it is a female.. cos it occured in the female changing room... And outsiders have no access into the operating theatre changing room cos one have to key in the security code before he/she gains access into the OT. The security code was changed every month, in the beginning of each month for security reason. But, since the thief is insider, this won't help.. Should we install a CCTV instead inside the changing room ??? Then, there won't be any privacy.

My several days salary is gone... Anyway, although I'm unhappy, but I won't let this incident ruin my day. Just take it as a lesson to be more careful and vigilant in the future.

The security code thingy was implemented last year due to increasing number of thefts. Valuable belongings were found missing from the changing room inside the Operating Theatre. Not only $$$ or valuable belongings missing, even the staffs' clothings disappeared as well, regardless of time.. it happened both in the day time & night time as well.. I wrote about the security code thing several months back.. I think I should share it again..

I have colleagues who lost his trousers inside the male changing room. He was doing craniotomy and evacuation of blood clots for the severe head injury case in the middle of the night. By the time he finished the surgery and wanted to change back to his normal attire, he noticed his trousers was missing !!! I have few colleagues who lost their shoes as well.. And the most hilarious thing is that another colleague of mine even lost his pair of socks !!!! (His shoes were still around, but just that his socks were missing). And this occured during day time. My goodness, the "used smelly socks" also want to steal?? The person who steal the used socks is really a joker.


Icey said...

notty notty thief who curi my jiejie`s things...


@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

Yeah it all happene in a split second, just like that, I know how it feels :P Anyway "get well" soon! Cheers!

Chen said...

sent u over to kick the thief's butt :D

Thanks :)
I'm almost "fully recovered" already ..

My mind is preoccupied with something else which is more important..

LT said...

Sorry to hear that.
It happens in our OT as well. I've lost my 1GB SD card and 1GB thumbdrive before.

Cynthia said...

aiyo.. im sorry to hear that.


Me, Cynthia Foo, voluntering myself to kick the person arse...whoever that steal your money!!

Hugs again...

IML said...

So ashamed to know that there are still some learned responsible adults who still do not know right from wrong.

IML said...

P.s. oops and one more thing. Don't let this spoil your lovey dovey day today.

FH2O said...

What a disappointing thing to had happened but I'm really so proud of the way you handled the situation! Shame on the thief and good on you.

Btw, Happy Valentine Day to the good doctor!

Hawks said...

With the door security, it is possible to find out who has access to that romm during the hours you were in the OT.

This may not help much but it will certainly narrow down the possibilities.

Sorry raed about your loss,

strength2strength said...

Sorry to hear that (Iam shocked too). Look at the bright side, aside from the cash everything else are intact - your PDA, handphone and documents.

Hope you have gotten over it by now.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Robin said...

So sorry to hear about this incident. Hugs Hugs

Hope this does not kill your faith in colleagues. At least she did not take everything. Just be more careful next time. I have similiar incident in the office of only 7 people too.

But I am sure u can find out. not many people should be in and out during that half an hour. The door security device should have record how many times it has been opened during that time, and from then check the OT schedule. But even if u narrow down to 3, u cannot do anything if no one admit it.

Perhaps, the person really needed the cash for some urgent stuff, otherwise, dun worry .. God is Great.

Chen said...

sorry to hear about that...
Our main suspect is the hospital support service workers..
Theft is very common in OT :(

hug cynthia back :)

its my life story,
How true :(
how they gonna teach their future generations/their children?
leading bad example :(

I'm upset for a while, but now I'm alright & back to my normal self :)

Thanks :)
Happy Valentine Day to u & your beloved wifey :)

The door security code is just to open the door and there is no record who came into or out from the changing room. So, it is hard to trace, but definitely the thief is insider..

true.. I'm more concerned about my other belongings. I guess the thief won't dare to took my PDA and handphone cos these can be traced easily (since the thief is insider). They have no where to hide the belongings inside OT if a search is being carried out. But regarding the cash, I have no proof that those are mine.

Thanks :)

Yeah, I reminded myself to be careful. Reminds my friends too to be more vigilant.. I have see friends who left their watches etc near the sink when they scrub up for procedures.. Very risky and there are high possibilities for them to lost their watches. I have a friend who lost her ring cos of this...

Our main suspect is the hospital support service workers.. Unless we caught she/them red handed, we can't do anything, except to be more careful.

Robin said...

hmmm... I won't just suspect the lowly paid workers.. Everyone who has access during that time has equal suspicion.

It happened in my office, and we also suspected the cleaner who was from the contract firm. And worst still she had criminal records..
but it turned out to be somebody else.

Jellyfish said...


ini theft...

Chen said...

true.. The thief could be anyone.
unless we caught that person red-handed, we won't know who is the real culprit behind all these..

aiyak, ini jellyfish :P
U will be super duper busy tonight :D

Jacky said...

Can check who entered the changing room during the half-hour from their access codes?

Chen said...

sad to say that we can't....

Alicia said...

sorree to hear that :/

Chen said...

Thanks. I'm fully "recovered" already :)

Pandabonium said...

Sorry that happened to you. Amazing place to be robbed. To think it is someone you may see every day is really creepy. Take care.

Chen said...

Very true. Really have to be careful..

Thank God she only took my $$$ and left behind the other important documents like ic, driving license, ATM card or credit card..