Saturday, February 11, 2006

One Thousand Bloggers

Get to know about this from Alicia. I joined in the crowd yesterday. It's free. I still remember the quote that Cynthia always mentioned - "Free stuff is Good stuff ". (Don't you agree?) I noticed Cynthia and Jellyfish were there as well.. Little tiny dots but fun to look at. Anyone noticed where am I?

Join One Thousand Bloggers

Those who are intested to join in the crowd "One Thousand Bloggers" are invited to have a look :) Better grab the free space fast before the offer ends..

**Updates (12 February 2006 6:30 pm) :
The free listings are now over; and it'll be $3 dollars to get a spot.


carcar said...

the no.401? hehe...the lion & the lamb! it looks fun, will try out! hehe..

Cynthia said...

Ta daaaah!!!!

Welcome our club!!

Jacky said...

I sent a request too, but not sure if I was too late.

Chen said...

bingo :D

I like your photo inside there with the chicken little green spec ;)

Don't worry..
there are still many free space available.. 800+ more :)

Loong said...

Remember nothing is free ... what you get in return is spam comments. =) Make sure you have sufficient methods to prevent it from taking up too much of your time in filtering them.

louyau said...

Wah! You know cynthia and jellyfish as well! Hello! I am louyau ... first time here ! I think i saw you from jellyfish site?

Chen said...

thanks :)
u are kian's brother, right?
after I activate the word verification, I hardly received any spam comments :)

Hi louyau :)
yeah, I know jellyfish & cynthia for quite some time already :) I drop by their blog very frequently. Jellyfish is also my so called KSL @ "kai sai lou" in canto :D

Loong said...

I see ... Have you met Cynthia and my brother before in person? How peculiar .. hehe ...

Chen said...

I haven't meet Cynthia & Kian in person yet.. But I have chatted with Cynthia for quite a while already.. knows her through blog. She is a nice person..

I might go to Perth one of these days :)

Jellyfish said...

how come u put on the further middle-left one?
u know i will eventually put it at further middle-right one ar?


FH2O said...

... interesting concept but i hate crowds! anyway u folks go ahead n have fun!

Chen said...

hahahha.. so coincident.. :D
I never know u will put your blog at that slot/number :D

I don't like crowds as well in real life situation cos it is suffocating.. but this one is different :D

Anonymous said...

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