Thursday, January 19, 2006


I don't like hate to write reports.. I guess I'm not the only one, cos I'm pretty sure most people dislikes writing reports (unless if I can get some $$$ in return, then that is different story :P). And I hate to write POMR (Peri Operative Mortality Review) reports.. The content of this report is confidential, so I won't reveal what I have written inside there.

The worst thing is..... I have to flip and go through this thick piles of case notes from the patient's file to write this POMR report. The case notes are just too thick !!! Much thicker than any thick textbook or storybook. The case notes are thick because the patient stayed in the hospital for few months before she succumbed. Out of curiosity, I took a ruler and measure the thickness of the case notes.. Guess what is the thickness? 9 cm or more than 3 inches..

I have just flipped through few pages...
I guess I'm going to be a depressed person tonight, cos I have to submit the report tomorrow.. (I won't get a single cent in return for doing all these) And... I have to carry this thick piles of case notes back to hospital tomorrow morning (really double sigh !!)


FH2O said...

Oh! u poor thing! never mind lah! it could have been 6inches thick and if u need to, unker's shoulder is big enough for u to cry on but no "phee sai" please!

(now go and finish the darn report!)

Jellyfish said...

i tot write PMR report...
if PMR report, easy la, i help u write


Chen said...

wah.. don't curse me to have a 6 inches thick case notes to read in the future lah :P
Don't worry, I definitely won't cry..
The most is.. I grumble only :P
Anyway, I finish writing my report liao.. :)

Err.. I'm not Form 3 student lah...
Apa pasal write PMR report pulak? :P

Jellyfish said...


Jacky said...

Wah, so fast finish writing the report already... Ganbateh :)

Cynthia said...

aiyo.. hug hug first. poor thing.
thats why, jellyfish ar! you cannot ever bully Dr Chen =)

Chen said...

Thanks :)
When something needs to be done, it has to be done ;)

hugs cynthia back :)
Thanks :D

LT said...

hmmm.... I HATE POMR too!
Happy New Year to u Chen!
I guess from now on u'll get to write rm40 medical reports rather then the darn POMR ya? :)

Sharl612 said...

Off topic a bit: for a normal medical report on illness, will it require you to flip the patient's file?
I saw one cancer patient medical report where the doctor concluded with a sentence that touch me: Please provide full support to the family of the patient.

FH2O said...

ok now that u had finished your report ... u can go blog something else now!

Alicia said...

it looks a pile of notes which a student have.. to prepare for an examination :/

Chen said...

Happy New Year :)
I hope I don't have to write any more backdated POMR in the future :)
Medical Reports? That is more to those working in Medical, Surgical, NeuroSx and Orthopaedic Dept :)
Not me :)

unless the Dr knows the patients medical problems and conditions head to tail, then he/she won't need the case notes or files (which is unlikely cos we are seeing so many patients per day). For private practise, that is different stories..

I will.. later on :)

Hahaha... u r right :)

Anonymous said...

at least u have the boxes there, just tick here and there only...

not like the histo's like an english composition... silap ayat sikit jadi lain makna dia!

Chen said...

The boxes are just in the first few pages..
We have to write one long essay at the subsequent page ..
Regarding the conditions pre-, intra- and post-Sx period :)

Writing histo report is tough and needs patience ..
(I don't like histology since med school time and I get headache if I looked at the slides under the microscopes for long hours)..
That's why I cannot become a pathologist :D

Selba said...

Don't we all hate to write any kind of reports....

Jellyfish said...

har? cynthia... since when i got bully my beloved kai-jie one?

Chen said...

Writing reports are now part of my routines ...

in your dream? :D

Uchu Keling said...

I can imagine it.. and with the doctor's handwriting :D

Chen said...

hahah. don't get carried away with the idea that doctor's handwriting are terrible :)
I have nice handwriting :)
Some of my colleagues are even better, their handwriting are so nice, neat and tidy, just like typewritter writing..

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Wa, I'm in a bad mood just looking at that stack of paper.

Hope you can finish it soon and won't have to do another one for a very very long time.


Chen said...

I finished writing the report yesterday night and submitted it today :)
I don't mind writing reports as long as I don't have to go through a thick stacks of case notes :D