Friday, January 20, 2006

Prosperity Meal

McDonald Prosperity Meal is back (since end of December 2005). I had Prosperity Meal for dinner yesterday night. The Prosperity Meal (Prosperity Burger, Twister Fries and Orange McFiss) at the price of RM 9.38. This is only available once a year, to commemorate Chinese New Year.

I guess this meal brings prosperity to McDonald instead of those who eat the meal. Cos.. McDonald is making big bucks from Prosperity Meal. (RM 5.99 for the Prosperity Burger, RM 3.70 for the large Twister Fries and RM 2.50 for the large Orange McFiss). The Peach Orange McFlurry and the Peach Orange Sundae are two of the Prosperity Desserts. Err... Come to think about it, those who eat the Prosperity Meal will become prosperous as well ~ in term of size !!! (*All fast food are high calories food ).

My Prosperity Beef Burger ~ the elongated burger with beef patty, thick hot black pepper gravy and raw onions. I love the hot black pepper sauce :) McD has Chicken Prosperity Burger but I prefer the Beef version ~ tastes much better and more satisfying :)

The Curly Twister Fries with crispy outer layer. Nicely done. I like the fries but.. too bad, it is only available once a year.

Orange McFizz ~ mixture of Sprite and Minute Maid Orange Juice. Nothing special.

In conclusion, just as the McD slogan ~ I'm lovin' it ;) Prosperity Meal is one of the MUST EAT item in my list every year during Chinese New Year period.


PhotoCrazy said...

Is Mc Donald reading this? He must be happy :D

Cynthia said...

haha! i tell my aussie friends who are going to Penang to eat this prosperity burger!!! now youpost the pictures, now things get even better!! i must show them tonight! =)

Robin said...

Aiyo, Doc promoting McDonalds???

Whatever happened to Healthy food.. hehe..

Perhaps...Healthy food = Junk food??

fish fish said...

Ah~ the twister fries, look so temptating. *slurp*

I haven't eat my dinner yet!! :(

FH2O said...

Before eating your next McDonalds meal, perhaps you should watch the famous documentary/movie - Super Size Me!

Selba said...

Same.. same as in Indonesia... never tried it before coz' last year, my friend told me that it tasted not really good... hmmm.. probably should try by myself :)

Chen said...

I guess Ronald McDonald is busy doing something else :)

your Aussie friends coming to Penang?
Tell them not to miss out all the great hawker food in Penang :)

Hahha.. If u read carefully, I did write there *All fast food are high calories food

fish fish,
The twister fries is great :)

Hahhaa... Good lah u :)
I stress another time ~ *All fast food are high calories food

u should give it a try :)

Winn said...

i want to try too. jus that i cant eat beef....

i wanted to try the chicken prosperity but no longer avail.

i wanna continually blog abt my Fillet-O-Friday but i cant...:(

Chen said...

Too bad u don't eat beef, u cannot try the burger liao..
Chicken one not nice leh.. (in my humble opinion)

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

I never thought I'd salivate over MD's food - but that 'Prosperity Beef Burger' looks pretty nice! I'm a beef man myself, and lamb is a close second.

Thanks for the pics!

Chen said...

I guess.. the Prosperity Beef Burger is not available in Hong Kong?

Sharl612 said...

I only tried this once, not exactly my taste though. My all time favourite is Double Cheese Burger. I love twisted fries too! But it doesn't taste nice to go with the sundae. Original fries is yummy with the sundae.

Amstaffie said...

Finally a type of food I recognize on your blog!! *giggle* I must say though that your "usual" food looks much more appetizing that what I eat around here!

edina monsoon said...

I've clean forgotten about prosperity meal. Thanks for the reminder. I reckon one of my meals next week will feature this.

carcar said...

aih, another MUST EAT food after i go back to malaysia?
hmm...maybe i'll bring my nieces along to eat! ya, what a good idea! hehe...was thought of where to bring them to when i go back home, thanks for the idea!

and just to double confirm, is it nationwide? in case they only launch in penang...haha...

Chen said...

at last u see something familiar :)

Ooops, better go and grap one before it vanish :)

u mean this is NOT available in Singapore?
It's available nationwide; except in Sarawak ~ no Beef Prosperity Burger, they only serve Chicken Prosperity Burger; Don't ask me why, I have no idea :D

"Someone" is going back home soon..

Pandabonium said...

As a vegetarian, I could not help but notice it was called "prosterity meal" not "longevity meal". I'd rather live longer in moderation than die young trying to impress others by overspending on unhealthy foods. I think they are referring to the prosperity of McD Corporation, not yours.

Sorry, Chen. Maybe I should keep my food opinions to myself when I visit your blog.

Chen said...

Don't worry, I know what u mean :)

Anonymous said...

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