Thursday, December 08, 2005

Recent PC fair

I went to the recent PC fair held in PISA last weekend (from 2nd December till 4th December 2005). I went there in the Sunday afternoon (last day of the PC fair). The place was damn packed with people, hardly can move around... Really 人山人海 (people mountain people sea) :D I left quite early cos cannot stand the huge crowd.

Seems like most stalls were selling MP3 or MP4 players. There were more stalls selling this MP3 & MP4 players compared to the number of stalls selling PC or laptop. As usual, there were stalls selling digital camera.

I bought few products there ~ get myself a 512 Mb Transcend Jetflash thumbdrive with writing speed of 8Mb/sec (faster than Kingston thumbdrive with writing speed of 4 Mb/sec). I had a Kingston 512 Mb thumbdrive earlier on, but... somehow it was found swimming inside the washing machine.. So there goes my Kingston thumbdrive, RIP.... :(

Hahhaa.. I get myself a MP3 player as well. Why not MP4 player? Cos I don't want to squeeze my eyes looking at the small screen. Don't know who is the actor/actress or singer as well since the screen is so small. If concentrating at the small screen for long term, who knows, might get squint or mata juling :P Remember the early days using walkman with cassettes (I had one SONY walkman.. Mmmm.. I dunno where I keep the gadget already) followed by the portable CD player(Heh, I don't have any portable CD player), and now the MP3 and MP4 player...

I will get myself a 2 gig SD card in the future. I have 1 512 Mb SD card and 3 256 Mb at the moment. Fully utilised :D

And last but not least, not forgetting the stack of flyers collected from the PC fair...


Cynthia said...

the pendrive look cool. mine got stolen in my school computer lab. sigh.. how much is that pendrive? i was once "stimulated" 刺激when i couldnt find my pendrive.. and i nearly bought a 80G external hard drive..phew..

Chen said...

Sorry to hear that yours was stolen...
My Transcend jetflash 512 Mb highspeed thumbdrive costs me RM130.
Other brands are cheaper but the the speed were slower :)

External hard drive? That was bulky leh..

day-dreamer said...

Your new pendrive looks cool! Be careful, will you, before Ah Boy takes a bite on it Hehehehe... :D

Chen said...

day dreamer,
I store it at a place not reachable by Ah Boy, together with my digital cameras, rechargeable litium battery, SD cards etc etc..
So, don't worry :D

izchan said...

Been listening to my MP3 player since june 2005 ... :) ... and I can tell you its the best thing that have ever happend to me.

Those who have ipods or ipod minis are lugging around that BIG case, when I have my little mp3 player neatly inside my pocket with my "person" headset upon my ears ... blasting mozart.

Yeap ... I am heap and I am classy .. :)

Chen said...

earlier on I listen to mp3 songs as well but with my PDA :) but since I store other programmes as well in my PDA, so I can't copy too many songs into my 256 Mb SD card. Now with the 512 Mb mp3 player, I can put in more songs already :D

yeah, it rocks :D

Doc said...

Hi Chen..should have met up...I was there too.

Chen said...

The place was too crowded, too many people.
I met one of my colleague over there as well..
I didn't know u were there at that time :)
If you are still keeping the same handphone number, might be I can call u for a drink next time :)

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Looked like a great fair!

RIP your Kingston thumbdrive, but now you have a newer and faster one!

Chen said...

Furkids in HK,
The pc fair was held few times a year, something like 3 or 4 times a year if I'm not mistaken. But still, there are overwhelm response each time.

I like my new thumbdrive, smaller and lighter as well besides the higher speed :)