Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year 2006

This is my profile picture. I drew and paint this piece of art with oil pastels during my undergraduate time in university. I saw the similar picture in the magazine and love the picture, so I painted one myself. I guess that was a decade ago already :) The Title of this painting is The Lion and The Lamb ~ Hope and Peace Through Jesus Christ.
~ Isaiah 11:6 ~

May Peace Prevail On Earth ~ in Every Country and Every Nation ...

Wishing U A New Year Sparkling With Joy, Success and Happiness..
May The Coming 2006 Unfold A New Beginning;
And Fill Your Days with Cheer;
And May All Your Dreams Come True;
And Be Blessed With Joys All Through;

Happy New Year 2006


FH2O said...

Wishin u a very Happy New Year 2006!

Sam I Am said...

Awww Chen.. that sucks! I'm sorry you're not feeling good, maybe you should take some extra vitamins or something, 'cause if you're going to be working that much, you're darned sure need to get enough rest.feel better ans take care of yourslef,

May all that you wish for come true,

Happy New Years..

Cynthia said...

Happy New Year to you too!!!!
hug hug

Chen said...

fh2o, Sam I Am, Cynthia,
Wish u all a happy and prosperous New Year

Sam I Am,
I'm okay and fully recovered :)

day-dreamer said...

Kiong Hee Huat Chye 2006!! Later only collect my ang pau from you...

Since you've stressed that you are fully recovered, I guess I don't have to cook jellyfish soup for you. Jellyfish are hard to get by nowadays, with the rain, flood and everything.

Dong dong dong chiang! Dong dong dong chiang! (Hehehe... learnt it from Winn)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
wah.. u sound like now is CNY pulak?
u also have fever?
发烧发到烧坏脑 ah? kekkekke...
let me touch touch your forehead and see :D

jellyfish actually not difficult to catch lah..
Penang got a lot lah..
if u take the ferry while crossing over to Penang, u will see lotsa jellyfish swimming around leh..

izchan said...

happy new year babe.

may your merry wishes come true and you get less customers in the coming year.

dino said...

happy new year... muaks..
hmm.. kong hei fatt chow as well.. and ang pau pls.. :p
thanks ya.. :D

Sharl612 said...

Happy New Year

. . . Hope and Peace . . .

Jellyfish said...

me always kena bullied one

*cabut* :P

Chen said...

Happy New Year, everyone :)

Quote may you get less customers in the coming year <---- what a wish, but I like.. hahhaa... hope that will come true :D

another gal having fever here?
wai wai.. not yet Chinese New Year lah :P
Wake up, wake up :)

Have a Blessed New Year :)

Hah? who bullied u ah?
looking left and right, up and down..
where got people bully u??
really tak faham :P

day-dreamer said...

Yalor... I got fever, real high fever! The termometer reads 39.87 degrees Celcius... Sigh...

Why I fever? Because I jumped into the sea to catch jellyfish. Mana tau it suddenly rain so heavily, I was stranded in the middle of the sea, couldn't get back to shore. Under the splashing waves and the pattering rain for more than three hours, I didn't manage to catch a single jellyfish. What I caught was a BIG BIG flu. :(

Who fault is that leh? :P

Chen said...

day dreamer,
err.. jellyfish's fault?

dino said...

jellyfish so pityful..
suddenly kena blame.. hehehhe..
happy new year..

Jellyfish said...

"day dreamer: Who fault is that leh? :P"

u lor of course... who tell u to jump into the sea?

JoeC said...

Have a Smashing Happy New Year!

day-dreamer said...

Eh... I did not say it was Jellyfish. It's you orang simply assume only!

Who wants jellyfish soup?? That's whose fault lah! LOL.

Chen said...

hahah..Jellyfish got suppporter liao :D

U clever also...

Not only smashing but pi li pa la as well :D

Day Dreamer,
Err.. actually no one requested for jellyfish soup earlier on, but someone volunteer to cook jellyfish soup leh..
Can trace back the evidence from here..

Quoted :
day-dreamer said...
Wah... Jellyfish... tsk tsk tsk... like that not correct lah, so bad. NO respect for the elders... how can???
Tsk... tsk... tsk...
Anyway, GET WELL SOON, CHEN! I'll cook some jellyfish meat soup for you, people say it is very nutricious and helps subside fever in less than an hour! Better than paracetamol... Any other blogger would like to agree to this?

Hahahha... Guess u can't blame anyone liao..
It's all written Black and White here...
since u offer, I just take the offer loh..
Cos Not Good to Reject Food mah.. And Not Good to Reject Things that People Offer...

and Summore, I remember what Cynthia always mentioned.. Free Stuff is Good Stuff


Btw, Happy New Year to Everyone :D

Pandabonium said...

Happy 2006, Chen. May peace, health and happiness be with you throughout the year.

Chen said...

Thanks for your wishes :)