Sunday, October 02, 2005

Jungle Trekking - The Mossy Forest (Cameron Highlands)

Cameron Highlands features a number of natural trails which varies in difficulty. If one wish to explore the harder trails, then it is recommended to engage the services of local guide.

To me, it's nice to do jungle trekking inside the tranquil mossy mountain forest in Cameron Highlands - the high altitude and cool air really make exploration interesting and fun; Believe me, you won't really sweat much.. ;) And the best thing is - very minimal insect bites .... and no mosquitoes !!!

We started our short jungle trekking journey in one of the jungle trail in Mt Brinchang.

I can't remember whether it rained or not earlier on in the day or the night before.. There's thick, soft chocolate slush in the ground which left behind "deep" footprint marks on the ground when we stepped our feet on it.. (can see the footprint marks from the photo above). Our guide told us those are not muds. Well, it's soft but not slippery. Stained my sport shoes :(

There are white stones on the way which indicates boundaries between Pahang and Perak (as in the photo above).

Luckily my stamina is still okie.. Didn't feel "chuan" or SOB (shortness of breath) during the jungle trekking. (Although I didn't exercise much lately. Must start back my exercise programme again)

There are green coloured moss on the tree (covered up the tree trunks as well as the branches) and clumps hanging down in small bundle :) Even the rock is covered with moss and lichen as well. Amazing scenery of the flora and fauna.

I would say it's a wonderful experience ;)


fish fish said...

I've only been to cameron highlands once. And all I did was the very typical visitors kind of seeing.

Ah~ would really love to do a trekking there. Hey, in fact I just realised I have never did any hiking in Peninsular. o_O

Cynthia said...

i'd been once..but that was long time ago! I was a girl scout b4, and we went jungle trekking everwhere. Doc, Im with you.. they have no mozzies in cameron highland!! =) how cool is that?

Icey said...


very fun oh..

i wana go ler..=(

Chen said...

Fish fish,
Most people go to CH for sight seeing as well loh..
U can always come back here for jungle trekking in the future ;)

U r cool :) I still remember those days ~ sleeping inside the tent when we went camping inside the jungle.. Really cold, man ~ in the middle of the night..

And not forgetting the mosquito bites, leeches, insects etc etc.... But it's fun loh...

U also like jungle trekking or hiking meh? :)

izchan said...

personally ... its the bush walking thing that I like ... 1 day trip no tent involved.

Could never get into the sleep on rocks is good for your health program.

Chen said...

to me, 1 day trip only is a bit tiring loh.. and summore, need to rush back before it get darks...

Hawks said...

Nice photo.

Interesting trails.

humblewarrior said...

Awesome shots. Cameron Highlands here I come...How was the weather?

Chen said...

thanks :)
Yeah.. Nice and interesting trails :)

Thanks :)
Cameron Highlands nowadays is not as cooling as those days.. cos of the ongoing construction. It do rain on and off, but thank God during my stay there, it didn't rain ;) Misty on and off..

chris anakapai said...

If i'm not mistaken, Mt. Brinchang is where they shot some scenes for the movie Puteri Gunung Ledang. Hehehe.. I recognized some of the terrains there. Hehehe...

I would certainly love to go hiking again, which reminds me that i am certainly going to climb Mt. Singai in Bau again :)

Chen said...

I didn't watch the movie Puteri G Ledang.. ;)

Sad to say that even though I'm Swakian, I haven't visit most of the places in Sarawak yet.. cos the place is so huge !!!

izso said...

Yes.. Brinchang is where they took most of the scenary shots of the show Puteri Gunung Ledang. Which is sad really cuz it's almost an insult to Gunung Ledang! But you'd find a variety of fauna in Brinchang you wouldn't normally see in Gunung Ledang though. That trail really makes me miss Irau.. I WANNA GO HIKING!!! *SOB SOB*

Chen said...

go hiking loh one of these days... u have so many great companions for hiking ;)

glutton rabbit said...

Doc, looks so green. Nothing against the shots, they look nice. But I can't help wondering if have mosquitos are flying in there or not. Aedes is rampant in Penang now *sob*...

Chen said...

glutton rabbit,
one good thing in Cameron Highlands is ~ there's no mosquitoes leh.. :P
yeah, Dengue Fever is indeed a major problem over here at the moment, I just updated my blog on this matter... :(