Friday, October 21, 2005

House M.D. ~ My Review

Few weeks ago, I was introduced to this show, House M.D. by a friend, John, when we were chatting on YM. He mentioned this was one of his favourite shows and he recommended me to watch it :) Initially I didn't really follow the show but lately, I sort of hooked and have been watching it more regularly.

House M.D. is an American Medical t.v. series aired in our pay channel ASTRO on AXN channel 17 every Tuesday night at 10 pm in Malaysia. Dr. Gregory House is the main actor, playing the role of a maverick, cranky, arrogant, sarcastic, bitter but brilliant doctor with a limp, who specializes in infectious diseases. He heads a team of young doctors. He does whatever it takes to solve the puzzling cases that come his way. Hahah.. and not forgetting, the sarcasm and snide comments he made :)

Just something I noted from this series ~ the doctors in this series don't diagnose cases or treat patients the way as the doctors in real life do; No appropriate investigations done before a particular treatment is started or given, and to certain extends, seems like they treat patient as guinea pigs.. using the trial & error concept. They do their own lab investigations and analysis, and they did their own imaging. They even partake in the detectives jobs or police tasks besides their medical professions... eg. searching for clues in the street or ransacking the patient's house to look for any clues or things that helps to make the appropiate diagnosis or interviewing people on the street... Which means? They are damn free and have abundant free time to do all these jobs. And seems like they are only treating one or two patients only.. And the patients will stay alive till they find the clues which aids in the diagnosis even though the patients are in critical conditions.

These are things that doctors in real life won't be capable of doing, cos most of us are so tied up and so busy with our work and there are numerous patients we have to see or treat everyday. How can we leave aside our patients in the hospital? And every single minutes counts, especially dealing with critically ill patients. This is really something impossible in real life !! Anyway, this is just a pure drama series.. Nevertheless, it's still a great drama series.. and I do enjoy watching it ;)

House M.D. is just like the "Sherlock Holmes of Medicine". And I know there's lotsa House M.D. fans out there.. Are u one of them? What do u all think about this series? By the way, there's lotsa medical terminology being used in this drama series, which might sounds as jargon to those who are not in the medical lines.

Yeah.. another thing I noticed in the Malay subtitle in the series last Tuesday.. They translated the "ultrasound" to malay word "ultrabunyi".. LOL...Hahaha.. That's indeed a "direct translation" :P Ultrasound is still known as Ultrasound in Malay language lah..


Darryl said...

Let the House M.D. die-hard fan, who has watched House Season One 4 times, lecture you on what Dr. Gregory House does.

He leads a team consisting immunologist (Cameron), neurologist (Foreman) and an intensivist (Chase) of the Department of Diagnostics Medicine. Every patient that is refered to this department have diseases and symptoms that cannot be solved by you amateur specialists. *laughs*

If this department has a flow of many patients like what you suggested, I would therefore question those referral doctors' medical charts and diplomas.

Dr. House employed Foreman because he's street-smart (and also because he is black). To solve allergies and figure out certain symptoms, you need to know the cause - Sometimes the symptoms might be the cause itself.

Like you've said, this department only receives few patients every week, you'll soon come to an episode where Vogler (the new hospital's chairman) will attempt to close down his department and threaten to fire House. Here's a spoiler: The Oncologist (Wilson) will be sacked, and Cameron will resign. Chase will be the bastard. :)

Damn I love House. He's everything I want to be!

Chen said...

Hahha.. I do know the team members of Dr House :)
btw, Department of Diagnostic Medicine? Just wondering, what department is that?
Something like The Sherlock Holmes Department? :P
I never hear of such department ...
Anyway, the show is great..

Jellyfish said...


loktor chen see loktor palsu shows, kekekeke...

Jellyfish said...

nvr watched house md b4, used to hooked on ER last time, but now got a real life loctor chen as kaijie, kinda lost interest in doctor shows d, kekeke

day-dreamer said...

Malay subtitles are often crap. Some of them are totally out. Not a single thing to do with the orginal language.

*shakes head* Pathetic...

JoeC said...

They are suppose to study special cases, unique complications, a learning department if you like, that explains why they only do one or two subjects AND can roam around in the city for clues ala CSI-ish. The key word here is study. So, when ya compare ER and House...big difference, lots of ppl miss that but Hollywood is still Hollywood. House is the classic grumpy oldman...can be a lil harsh but we would have it any different. Yes, I'm a fan of House MD and ER, but I'm a bigfan of Westwing...watched four seasons going on five. Happy viewing. Cheers!

izchan said...

the sarcasm is a much appreicated appeal.

humblewarrior said...

So do you work or think like Dr.Gregory House ?

Cynthia said...

how can i dont put my name on the fan list? The cases arent fake, they are quite according-able. If you realise (hard enough), most of the time they only use "diazepam 10mg stat".. very poor pharmacological stories. =) they always intend to use one medication to cure everything, is that possible? as far as i know, a person with hypertension (in aus) needs few medications to give a full support (combination of beta blocker, diurectic and vasodilator) .. oh well, this is a drama, and like you all said, it is not real. and... I just love it! damn human, aint we just love fake stuffs? LOL

Sharl612 said...

Does that mean CAT Scan becomes Kuching Scan? Muahahaha

Darryl said...

Cynthia: Dr. House might just ask the hypertension patient to have sex more often.

Chen said...

everyday seeing & participating in the real life nerve wracking and sweat drenching moments/situations in the hospital, must take a break to see the "fake" ones in the tubes :P

Err... what has me to do with your lost of interest in medical tv series?? :P

Day dreamer,
Hahaha... Yeah loh.. most of the time, they just do direct translation without looking at the real meaning :D

Hahhaa.. okie.. This sort of department can only appear in tv, and it's not practical in real life situations :)

And it's something different from the other medical drama series..

Humble Warrior,
This sort of things only appear in tv :)

The pharmacist speaks :)
Yeah.. it's just tv drama... but it's must better than the HK medical drama series..
The HK medical drama series are mostly craps :P

Hahaha... Kucing Scan =)) Might be,who knows, we might see that in the subtitles as well :P

Wow.. If patient having severely high uncontrolled hypertension and having sex, very high chance for the patient getting CVA & stroke.. These things really happen... And I have see cases like these many times already..

Cynthia said...

i dont watch hongkie movies.. they make asians sound so stupid in international stage. all the mang moo only think we all can fly like Bruce lee.. what the hell? I dont mind good quality of hong kong movies like "chung king express" 2046, "bak wang bie qu".. =)

Cynthia said...

darryl and chen: there is a fancy medical word for this particular medical situation: "revascularisation" if im not mistaken. showed in Desperate Housewives b4. =P

Darryl said...

What? For having sex? Man, these hypertension people are missing out so much. That means no Viagra for them too.

Chen said...

I still watch some of the HK drama series :P

Btw, revascularisation refers to something else :)
it's regrowth of blood vessel(s) into an organ or a tissue after deprivation of it's normal blood supply, in order to restore the functions of the affected organ.

Many years ago, I have even seen ex-YB who suffered from stroke after sex in Thailand ~ due to intra cranial bleed secondary to hypertensive crisis. I won't disclose the name or age or race etchere for confidentiality purpose.

If those hypertensive people has their blood pressure well controlled within the acceptable limits with lifestyle changes or with medications, they can still enjoy sex and other things.

Sam I Am said...

yeah! I it's a great show I watch it every week ..

Darryl said...

Bet they do! It's hard with all the great curry with EXTRA santan or SUPER-OILY char koay teow and mamak food back home.

hornbill said...

never miss the show...

Chen said...

Sam I Am & Hornbill,
The show is on air again tomorrow (Tuesday) :)

"Moderation" is the key word to "everything" :)