Saturday, October 22, 2005

Childhood days biscuits

Went to market this afternoon and noticed these biscuits... I bought some as well ~ the gem biscuits and the animal shaped biscuits. I think most of us have eaten these biscuits during our childhood times. If not mistaken, the last time I ate these biscuits was more than 2 decades ago already.

I think these are called Gem Biscuits (花占餅). Oval in shape, around 1.5 cm in diameter, with little pointy stars icing sugar on top in various colours ~ bright green, yellow, pink, white etc..

This gem biscuit is my old time favourites :) Each and everyone of us have our own ways of eating these little biscuits. I think most of us (including myself), when small time, will bite off the icing sugar part first and leave behind the plain biscuits to be eaten later on/or some even throw the plain biscuits away, hahaha.... Others might chew the whole biscuit together with the icing sugar.. Or is there anyone who eat the plain biscuit first & leave behind the sweet icing sugar to be eaten later on?? I doubt hardly there is any, or even if there is, its just minority only :P What's your way of eating it?

The animal shaped biscuits(獸形餅) ~ cat, bird, fish, owl, tortoise, hippotamus, cockerel, rabbit, elephant, etc etc... Another old time favourite of mine :D

Seeing these biscuits reminds me of my kindergarden days. During my kindy time, the only available "snacks" sold in my kindergarden (St Clement Kindergarden in Sarikei) were few pieces of these animal shaped biscuits and two sweets at the price of 10 cents (if I didn't remember wrongly).


eri said...

These animal shaped buscuits brings me back old memories, too.
I used to eat these biscuits at home.
Gem biscuits looks unique to me!

Darryl said...

Those were the good old days. Guess I'll eat them when I'm back! Wheee!!!

izchan said...

Just baught a whole bag of it and gave it to the office people to it.

Apparently it is still much appreciated.

Jellyfish said...

those colorful biscuits normally used for offering at altar one rite?

but i like to eat it sometimes, kekekek..

Cynthia said...

i saw a store in perth selling the gem biskie... i think 100gram for AUD6.99. Aussie appreciates our biskies.. =P I felt like buying that time, but looking at that price, i fely like vomit blood more. =)

Sam I Am said...

I remember Kindergarden
I can still taste them ,those where the good old days .WOOF-WOOF

cooknengr said...

What up doc, being the big brother I get to eat the icing and gave the biscuits/cookies to Grace.

Chen said...

U mean u never see the gem biscuit before? Not available in Japan? It's the common "childhood biscuits" over here :)

Seems like u have a long list of "what to eat" food lists when u come back home to Malaysia :D

Hahaha... I have never thought of buying this sort of biscuits to the adults :) Good suggestion :D

I have no idea whether the gem biscuit is used as offering food or not at the altar.. What I know is the biscuits is our old time favourites :P

Wow? 100g for AUD 6.99?
OMG.. so expensive....
with that sort of price, I will just "look" at the biscuit only :P

Sam I Am
Good that u can still taste them :)

Hahhaha.... U are such a good big brother; taking the good part & leave behind the plain biscuit to Grace :P

Cynthia said...

finally.. everyone post the gathering thing with Kenny. Have a peek.. =)

hornbill said...

I love that gem biscuit.. still eating it till now...

Winn said...

reminds me of how old i m...haha

wonder why kids nowadays do not favour these biscuits. what they eat? chipsmore??

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Yep, these were a classic!

I never enjoyed the animal biscuits much though. But the gem one's? I just ate the gem and chucked the rest away. :)

Thanks for the memories.


JoeC said...

wow, dee old days...yaya...remembered also the nanas round type, the retangular cream type and mary biscuits...Cheers!

Chen said...

I take a peek already... As well as get to know what happened later on...
Cheer up, gal.

I bought some that day from the market, and hubby ate all already within few hours :)

Kids nowadays have too many "choices"... Not like those days :)

Furkids in HK
It's good to recall back d old days ;)

U mentioned Marie biscuits ~ yeah, another classic :)

fish fish said...

Geee... that cooknengr so suey one. Luckily I am not his sister. Tee hee hee...

Hey, Chen, I am the minority. I eat the biscuit first then the icing. Well, I always save the best for last. :P

I can even eat a whole plate of white rice with a single chunk of fried chicken before I munch on the good part. :P

Hey, how do you eat the animal biscuit? Start from head?

Chen said...

Fish Fish
Finally I get to know "one of the minority" liao.. :P
Good idea also, save the best for last :)
U are indeed different from others ;)

How I eat the animal biscuit ah? No special way, just bite the biscuit; Didn't bother whether it's head or body or tail :P

day-dreamer said...

Animal biscuits! My lil' sister just brought some back from kindergarten! Yummy...

Wow! Does that mean I'm "one of the minority" too? Coz I'll eat the bisuit than only savour the icing. By the way, my dad doesn't really allow us to eat the gem biscuits too much. =( Colouring, he says. If I'm not mistaken, it's offered at the altar, like Jellyfish says.

Chen said...

Day Dreamer
Woo.. Now I know two of the minority already :D
U & Fish Fish ;)

I dunno about the offering at the altar thing till Jellyfish mentioned about it, but what I know is ~ I LOVE the biscuits during my childhood days.. kekeke...

glutton rabbit said...

Doc! I used to eat these too when I was a kid. Hey great pics... your photography skills have definitely improved since you came back from Cameroon. Hehe...

Chen said...

Glutton Rabbit
Now I can really conclude most Malaysian's eat these gem biscuits during their childhood time :P

carcar said...

looks like everybody eat the biscuit b4, same here...but i don really appreciate the icing part, i'll eat the whole thing in a go! haha....

Cousin Daniel said...

All my god! These biscuits reminds me of my mum's old shop at Repok Rd. ha!!!

Chen said...

I guess many will agree with me that those are our old times favourites.. :D

Although aunty has shifted the shop to the new place for so long already, but each time when I go back to Sarikei, whenever I passed by Repok Road, I will recall back Aunty's shop :D

I spent part of my childhood over that place as well :)