Monday, October 31, 2005

Collecting Mykad

Finally, I manage to find time to collect my Mykad(new Identification Card) this morning.. After all the hassle waiting for my Mykad to be "ready" over the past 4 months. I posted the "interesting" story here earlier on. My Mykad was ready end of last month but I don't have free time to go to collect it :)

When I reached the National Registration Department (JPN) in Wisma TNB around 8:10 am in the morning, I was kinda surprised to see such a long queue.. I guess cos the deadline for"free" renewal of Mykad is coming soon (end of this year), and as usual, most people will only do things at the very last minute. The typical "wait-until-last-minute" Malaysians' attitude of getting things done :P After this, those who haven't do so, will be "charged". How much is the amount ? I have no idea...

I didn't actually count how many people are queueing up to renew their IC, but from just a quick glance, there are definitely more than 100 people. I went to the different counter to collect my Mykad. There's just few people queueing up here. Manage to get my Mykad pretty fast, within less than 10 minutes.

Frankly speaking, I'm expecting to see an awful photo in my Mykad (Don't know why, just that somehow the IC photo always looks funny and weird); but hahahha... Thank God, I'm wrong this time :D The photo looks nice :P


carcar said...

hei chen, you remind me of renewing of mykad! is it must renew within this year? 2005? sh**!! i almost forget leh....aih to travel back to kl to do it...ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ya, i know is super long Q for doing and collecting! thank God it is pretty fast for you! happy for you leh!

Chen said...

I dunno u r Malaysian as well, all the while, I thought u r Singaporean :P

Yeah, the deadline for "free" renewal of Mykad is till end of this year, after which you will be "charged" for it.
So, better hurry up :)

Long queue loh if u want to renew it nowadays; For your info, the state JPN and JPN PutraJaya are opened on Saturday as well.

When I renewew my Mykad in JPN Pg in May this year, the queue was quite short (surprisingly ~ cos I expect lotsa people and long queue..) I get everything done within half an hour.. from getting my number waiting for it to be called to photo session to scanning thumb print etc..

day-dreamer said...

Arghh!! MyKad! I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate it when people mention free MyKad in front of me. Barely two weeks after I've gotten mine done, out came the Budget stating that old IC ---> MyKad = F.O.C.!! And I paid RM 10 for it! Hng!!

By the way, the photo on my MyKad turned out a bit yellow and pale, wakakaka!

Chen said...

Day Dreamer,
When actually u get your Mykad done? Issit long long time ago?? How come u have to pay RM 10 for it? :D

Cynthia said...

MyKad looks pretty yacky, seriously. I told my friend they musta made mistake on their camera or something.. I whinged about the fatness and uglynee.. somehow my friend told me "come on la! camera never tell ies one!!" Hm... what the hell?? sigh

Chen said...

Hi, gal.. your friend is wrong.
Camera DO tell lies occasionally :)

Sharl612 said...

Aiyo, I also have to apply leave to go do it lor. Regret for not doing it when I went home last 2 weeks. Small town, less queue(actually no queue). I remembered I got my passport renewed back in hometown ... in a breeze. ;)

Chen said...

I remember renewing my driving license in my hometown previously... Get it done within minutes... Last time when I renew in KL, have to queue up for almost 2 hours... That's the benefit of having things done in small town :P

Cousin Daniel said...

I renewed mine in S'kei during last CNY.

BTW, shop owners for photos should differentiate themselves beyond just developing digital pics. I dont mind paying extra for using Photoshop software to enhance my horrible IC pics that I have to look at for years to come. ;-)

Jellyfish said...

i paid RM30 for myKad.
RM10 procesing fee + RM20 penalty for non-renewal at age 18..

age 18 must renew ic one ar? know only i know... hehehe...

LT said...

I renewed mine last week, get it done in JPN Bkt Mertajam. Very fast, from walking into the office till I came out took me less then 40 mins.

I must congratulate JPN for making the process and flow very simple too. The form is no-nonsense straight forward.

Winn said...

did they fine u ?
i was fined for late penalty. They gave me a RM100 late penalty tix and asked me to go wait @ one of the officer's office to NEGOTIATE.
so i went.. he asked me why i was late, i said coz i moved and the add no longer valid. so he gave me a 60% off that RM100.

hornbill said...

want to c ur new ic... hehehe

Jellyfish said...

winn, u mean did they find me or u r replyin to someone else? :P

day-dreamer said...

Har??? Not 21 years old baru have to renew IC one meh?

Yalor... I renewed mine somewhere in 2002.

Thanks, jellyfish. Now I have to fork out another RM 10! Arghh!!

Winn said...

i was asking chen coz since that she collected HERkad late too. :p

izchan said...

MyKad. Long Story.

The picture on the kad is like a blown up version of my mouth.

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Wow, you're so fortunate to have a nice photo on your ID card. My humans like like they're half dead on their cards.

Take care!

Chen said...

One good thing about renewing IC/Passport/Driving Licence in Sarikei is ~ no queue, or it there's only, it's short queue :P

Issit we have to renew IC at 18 years old? I also dunno :D
What I know is the first time I did my IC, it's the floppy thin blue colour thingy IC, then followed by the newer IC (can't remember when I changed to that IC liao.. but the photo inside there looks stupid) and now to the current Mykad. Damn troublesome, have to change IC so many times.

Yeah, the form is quite simple.. Take less than a minute to fill it up.

I didn't collect mykad late lah.. The card is only ready end of September.. There's some problem with my fingerprint earlier on.. That's why they took so long to process the IC :) It's still withing 100 days of notification :D

Hahaha.. Normally IC is the last thing we want to show people :D

Day Dreamer,
I can't remember paying anything to renew my IC ?? Why u need to pay RM 10?

Izchan,Furkids in HK,
As mentioned earlier on... I dunno why but IC photo always looks either weird, funny, silly or horrible :D

izchan said...

did I mention it was like a blown up version of my mouth?

That does not even fit into the humourously silly horrible category.

Its just plain unacceptable.

but I took it anyway.

Chen said...

I still can't imagine how your Mykad photo looks like :)

day-dreamer said...

Doctor, I had to pay because when I changed my old IC to MyKad, our dear government hasn't decided to make the switch free yet. Sigh... I shouldn't have changed it so early.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
I see...

glutton rabbit said...

Doc, I'm not photogenic too. I often look chubby in photos ;p. Glad your's turn out ok this time : ). Good for you!

Chen said...

To tell the truth, my two previous two IC, the photos really looks horrible (before I change to this new Mykad), hahaha....

Gasman said...


have you check your religion?

Chen said...

How to check the religion?

carcar said...

hi chen, i am a typical city gal! born and grew up in KL! haha.. oh ya, finaly i managed to renew my MyKad on last two days in KL, my fren brought me to Kepong to do it, pretty fast lah, in 3hrs! haha!
well, thanks to yr blog, as a reminder for me, if not i kena saman then, terima kasih!

Chen said...

good to hear that u finally did it :)

And.. welcome :D

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