Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Char Koay Teow (炒粿条)

This Char Koay Teow (炒粿条) is bought from one of my favourite CKT hawker stalls over here in Penang. I love the Char Koay Teow(or Fried Flat Noodles) which are stir fried with a little lard, together with juicy big prawns & cockles, thin slices of Chinese sausages, fried egg, bean sprouts, chives and lotsa chillies..

Penang is well known for it's nice, yummy, delicious and mouth watering hawker food, especially Char Koay Teow and Penang Assam Laksa :) I think no one will disagree with me regarding this matter ;)

I just get to know that Char Koay Teow is available in Perth, Australia as well when I read Cynthia's posting yesterday night :) And not only Char Koay Teow, there's lotsa other Chinese food available as well, including Curry Mee and Assam Laksa. I'm amazed :D

Nowadays, most of us "Live to Eat", and not "Eat to Live" as the olden days phrase :P


sexierexie said...

Live to eat, not eat to live. So very true.

Jellyfish said...

dun tell me just now u r bz bcos of this post? muahahaha..

i tot u bz on ur 'loktoring' stuffs =)

Chen said...


I'm busy searching for availability and price of air tickets of MAS & Air Asia online lah....
Apalah lu...
Planning to fly to Bintulu end of next month :)

humblewarrior said...

Looks very good!!! I am done with eating cereal...

Cynthia said...

i like the char koay teow.. i dont mind anything ingrediet.. but no chinese salami (sausage) =)
Prawn, see hum, bean sproauts and chives... that will do =)

Darryl said...

Penang original style Char Koay Teow has lap cheong la!!!! The lap cheong gives out a very sweet subtle flavor to it. I love it!!

Just a food for thought: If you eat Char Koay Teow in Penang, they don't use black soy sauce (kecap manis). They just use normal soy sauce. The Penang-style Char Koay Teow in Ipoh uses kecap manis. So, it's a little darker.

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Mmmmm, yummy!

Totally agree with how (most of us) Live to Eat and not Eat to Live.

Thanks for the appetizing pic!

Winn said...

early early morning hungry already lahh..........:(

fish fish said...

They got vegetarian version one or not? Look very yummy!! Ah~ I miss Kuey Teow sooooooo much.

JoeC said...

yaaay ckt, two sisters McCalister Rd joint rawks!

Chen said...

Humble Warrior,
Cereal? Healthy diet :) I like cereal as well..

Hahhaa... So u don't like the lap cheong? :D

and Sarawak Char Koay Teow is even "better"... Hahhaa.. notice i put the inverted coma for the word better? that means, it's the other way round loh... :D

Furkids in HK,
Welcome, welcome :)

can go & made yourself a glass of Milo ~ "Minum Milo and jadi sihat & kuat" :D

Fish Fish,
Vegetarian version? Never heard before leh... :D

Long queue loh if u want to eat the "two sisters" CKT :)

carcar said...

i love char kuey teow too, is my favourite! where do you live in kuching? i mean which part? i plan to go over next year! like your blog very much ^ by the way you are doctor?

day-dreamer said...

Yerr... I hate the two sisters' char kuey teow! Have to wait for so loooong, and the shopkeeper is sooooo ba pai (arrogant).

However, on the whole, I just LOVE char kuey teow! Very long time didn't eat it already, very oily and not-so-healthy.

Muahaha! Finally I find myself in the majority. I, too, live to eat! Hehehe... =D

Chen said...

I'm fromt the Land of Hornbills but now I'm working & residing in Pearl of the Orient :)
Kuching is a nice place to visit :)
Regarding my profession, yeah... u r right :)

day dreamer,
I don't eat there as well... too long lah the queue.. There are few other places with nice CKT as well :) Have u try the "expensive" CKT in Lrg Selamat?

carcar said...

oh doc chen you are now in HK? i have few very good HK fren stay at sau kei wan, the other stay at mei fu...near bout u?

Chen said...

There's another place called "Pearl of the Orient" in Malaysia ~ Pg :P

day-dreamer said...

Doctor, Lrg Selamat CKT... heard before but haven't had the chance to try. Wanna belanja me?

By the way, Penang CKT quite expensive lar... The prices can reach as high as RM 6 or 7!! In Ipoh, RM 3 can get you a big, tasty plateful!

Chen said...

Day dreamer,
The RM 6 CKT has more ingredients inside ~ big prawns & mantis prawns etc.. :P
This CKT is available in on of the stalls in Lrg Selamat :)
The normal price of CKT here is around RM2.50 to RM 3 loh..

Belanja u CKT? No problem :)