Tuesday, October 25, 2005

23/5 Meme

Glutton Rabbit has tagged me 2 weeks ago recently with this 23/5 meme :P So lazy to do homework, and I have postponed it for almost 2 weeks already.

Well, not purely due to lazy as well lah.. I have other commitments as well..(giving excuses?) And furthermore, I have to do active on calls as well, which means working (very hard) and staying inside the hospital for 24 hours almost twice a week…

Actually I wanted to do this meme earlier onl, but looking at the total number of posts that I have written so far (near 200 posts altogether), I’m a bit lazy to count back which one is my 23rd post. This 23rd post must be one of my earlier posting written during my early stage of blogging :D

The instructions given for this 23/5 meme are :
1. Delve into your blog archive
2. Find your 23rd post
3. Find the fifth sentence
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions: Ponder it for meaning, subtext or hidden agendas...
5. Tag five people to do the same

Mmmm...let’s see what it is about.. Take out a spade and start digging into my blog archive and search hard for the 23rd post.. Err.. Finally I found the 23rd post... written long long time ago in May.. And I noticed something as well.. Very co-incident. The 23th post was my old posting with the title Sunday and guess what?? I wrote that on 22nd May 2005. Look at the date 22/5 and the 23/5 Meme.. So "nearby"... Kakkaka.. If I previously post that "Sunday" post on 23rd May, then it would be perfect.. My 23/5 Meme is then written on 23/5.. Hahhahhaa…

Let me count.. The fifth sentence is "I think the last time i sit in front rows are during my university time, but even so, most of the time, I don't sit exactly in the first row, but the second or third row".

So, what I need to do next is ~ to ponder about the sentence above for the meaning or hidden agendas.

Most of the time, people don't like to take the front rows, especially in classes or attending lectures or tutorials or seminars.. and including church services as well.. Why so? I guess for students or undergraduates, the reasons why they don't want to sit at the front row is very obvious :D Cos the lecturers will always asks and bombard questions to those sitting at the front row :)Hahhaa.. That's why the first rows were always empty...

I still remember those days during my undergraduate time, everytime when there's lectures or tutorials or teaching.. my Malay coursemates will always occupy the back rows ~ well, they came early, so they have the priviledge to choose where they want to sit. So even though we (the Chinese) came later (we are still not late by the way.. something like arriving few minutes before the lectures or tutorials started), we always have the "best seats" awaiting for us.. the front row :D I don't mind sitting in the front rows actually. Clearer view as well. Of course the lecturer will ask questions especially to those sitting in the front row; more palpitations and brain cells need to work harder... but won't die if don't know how to answer, right? :P

And other reasons why people like to choose back seats are :~ if the lectures or seminars are boring, those who sit further behind at the back can zzzz easily or do their own stuffs behind(chatting or drawing or reading something else) without being noticed :P or they can even cabut or leave the lecture hall easily.. ;)

The five two other victims people that I would like to tag are:

But since Cynthia & Evol are having their exams now, you both can take your own sweet time to do the meme later on when u are free, no hurry :P


Jellyfish said...

muahaha... finally u did the meme and crossed here and there also =)

den now u oso lack of ppl to be tag ar? =)

JoeC said...

man, that is one complicated meme...brrrr. cheers!

izchan said...

got tag by that thing ... have done it already.

Chen said...

This meme was started quite some time ago already, and I think most people has done this meme already loh... No point tagging the same people few times if they have done it already :D

Not really complicated :P

Yeah, I guess most bloggers have done this meme already :)

glutton rabbit said...

Doc, thanks for doing the meme! It was an interesting one as I also remembered my uni days after reading it... BTW, I am the student who love to sit in front - of the projector ;p... can see clearer mah...

Chen said...

Glutton Rabbit
Nowadays, if I go to attend any seminars or course or function, I definitely won't choose the front seats.. Unless no more empty seats left, then no choice loh :P