Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Afternoon Tea @ T-Cafe

T Cafe is a cosy and homely cafe located on the first floor above the MarryBrown fast food restaurant in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.

We stopped by this place on Sunday afternoon during our trip to Cameron Highlands but much to our disappointment, the place is closed. We only realised by then this place is closed every Sunday. The opening hours are from 11 am till 10 pm every day except Sunday. From what I gathered from friends ~ this place serves very nice apple pies, scones, cheese cakes and pancakes.

We came back here again the next day. Initially I thought they serve only western food but I'm wrong. They serve both Western and Eastern Cuisine.. including char koay teow as well :D ..

The lady boss, Terese is very warm and friendly Indian gal. She greeted us with a big smile. We can see numerous postcards, letter and photos sent by their customers (local and foreigners as well) on the notice board.. Good testimonies of their good, friendly and warm services.

The inferior design of this cafe is very cosy and homely-looked. It has lotsa wooden fixtures, contributing to a rather old-worldly look. There's a shelf on one corner with lotsa books, magazines and reading materials. One can check their e-mails online as well while waiting for their food to be served.. with just a small payment of 50 cents for 10 minutes.

We had a pot of hot Cameron tea together with cream scones, apple pie and banana pancake.

The scone were served warm with whipped cream, butter curls and strawberry jam. The texture is just nice with the buttery flavour. Yummy and delicious :)

The Banana pancake, with thin slices of banana inside the pancake. Small amount of icing sugar was sprinkled on top of the pancake. Recommended to take together with a scoop of ice cream and honey as well, but we didn't opt for the ice cream..

The Apple Pie. Icing sugar was sprinkled on top of the freshly baked apple pie as well. I will say they really serve nice apple pie here... :)

And of course, a cup of hot Cameron tea as well ;)

We came back here again the next day for another round of scones. My hubby really likes their scones very much. We have tasted the scones in few other places in Cameron Highland, and in our opinion, this place serve the best and most delicious scone, and some more, it's only RM 2 per piece :)

Beside scones, we had Choco Crepe, pasta and Mango Lassi as well.

Their Mango Lassi is one of the recommended drinks.. ( half a mango is mixed with the freshly home made yoghurt).

I will highly recommend my friends to drop by this place if they visit Cameron Highlands. And surely we will come back here again if we visit Cameron Highlands in the future..


Hawks said...

Looks like one of the place must go, if in Cameron

babe_kl said...

i wanted to try their scones but habish so ended having apple pie which is so so only ler.

izchan said...

it seems like u took every picture of every food product sold there.

:) ... I wonder if they thought you were a reporter or a doctor ... :P

izso said...

izchan : she's a food fanatic. If you look back into her archives, you'll see she even ate Horseshoe crab before.

Food food food...and dogs. That's all she ever takes pics of! Haha! :D

But you gotta admit, the food looks GOOD!

Mich : How much for all the scones, tea, pie et all? Must've cost a bomb

Chen said...

go visit the cafe if u go to CH in the future ;)

their apple pie taste good to me loh compared to other places ;)

nowadays, the doctors are no longer the "square faced" human beings that u find in those old days... we are "all rounded" :P

We don't confine ourselves to the hospitals or clinics only.. There are so many interesting things to do out there, true or not? ;)

kakkaka... whatlah food fanatic pulak? :P

how much ah? The price for the food in T cafe is affordable lah..
RM 2 for a piece of Scone, RM 3 for a piece of apple pie, RM 3 for a piece of banana pan cake.. RM 3 for a pot of English tea; Not expensive, right?

Sam I Am said...

Was surfing and came across your
blog . Its AWESOME .Thanks for
sharing .Sam i am

glutton rabbit said...

Doc, everything looks so yummy. Envy you. You are so 'ho mia' (good life) one...

Cynthia said...

look very nice.. sipping hot tea and eating warm food in cold weather is definitely an enjoyment~!

Chen said...

sam i am,
thanks for dropping by :)

glutton rabbit,
Hahaha.. u are very "ho miah" as well mah.. ;)
and your siblings are even more "ho miah", can eat the delicious food u prepared :P

Yeah, u definitely know that well, coz u r now in Aussie :)

day-dreamer said...

Yum yum... looks wonderful. You must have had a good time feasting on those.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Yeah.. I love those food stuffs :)