Friday, September 02, 2005

Birthday Cakes

Went out together with a colleague cum good friend of mine this evening. Has evening hi tea with her in Coffee Bean in Island Plaza. Even we work in the same department, we hardly have time to talk to each other during working hours, most of the time only greetings each other "Hi" or "How are u" only at work. Well, we have long working hours and couldn't really manage to see each other often, not to mention having time to sit down and chit chat. The only time that we can talk to each other is after working hours. She called me out for hi tea and chit chat as well as celebrating my birthday.

Later on in the evening, my "little sister" Wynnie came to my apartment :) I bring down my little doggy to meet her. She carried and hugged my doggy as well.. My doggy is quite clever and understand lotsa English words. When she hugged my doggy the second time, she said something about wanting to bring my doggy back home, my little dog started to shiver. When she repeated the same thing again, my dog started to tremble more... Hahahaa... my dog was really afraid that she will really bring him back to her house :P

Btw, thanks a lot for the birthday cake & the nice birthday gift.. ;)

Have birthday dinner at night with my hubby and my in-laws, will blog about that tomorrow :)


Icey said...


glad dat jiejie likes d present..

btw, tong2 kiss me..hehehe..


Chen said...


Thanks for the present :)
Nice gift..

yeah, my doggy likes u a lot... :P
That's why he kisses u on your lips ;)

phangan said...


icey's first kiss gone liao :P

hornbill said...

Happy birthday....

Icey said...

jiejie`s doggie so cute ler..

kiss kiss oso nvm..

sayang tong2..


phangan said...

icey: your jie jie notty la... didn't wanna bring me to meet you... :P

Chen said...

Aiyoh.. I'm not free at that time mah.. What to do? :D

Anyway, u still have lotsa chances to meet Icey in the future :P

thanks :)

kekkekek... of course lah, my ah boy always very cute one...