Saturday, September 03, 2005

Birthday Dinner

This is my little birthday cake (ice cream cake) for this year :)

Have dinner tonight with my hubby, father in law and sister in law in Oriental Seafood as well (in Macalister Road). After thinking for a while of where to go for birthday dinner, finally the decision is back to this Seafood Restaurant as well.. :) For the next round of birthday dinner (my sister in law's birthday) we will go to some other place :)

Tonight, we didn't order any "special" dishes unlike what we ordered last time... (I still remember the horse shoe crab or king crab --> won't eat that again lah in the future... Enough already trying it once :) )

Deep fried Soft shell crabs... Quite well prepared.. The batter is crispy and the crab is juicy :)

Lala with ginger.

Steamed white pomfret with pickled plu, mushroom, tomato and salty vegetable.. Nice to eat when served hot..

Green broccoli with scallop, gingko and macadamia nuts.

Fried noodle.. Nowadays, instead of having "mee suah" for birthday, we have fried noodle with shrimps, taugeh, spring onions etc.. instead.. It's still "long" noodle anyway :P

Black pepper crabs. The forever "mouth watering" dishes... This is one of the popular dishes which we always order whenever we have dinner in Oriental Seafood. I like the hot & spicy taste... Very delicious and tasty. They always serve the crabs at the end... Cos most people eat crabs with fingers. Only a small number eat crabs with fork & spoon or chopsticks.. :)


Icey said...

** tummy grumblin d**


Chen said...

thought u just have lunch?
Now hungry again ah? :D

hornbill said...

hehehe... eat again ha? feel hungry now...

JohnTee said...

Erm, nice ah?

phangan said...

macalister road ah? didn't tell me one... nice ar?

LT said...

Chen, Happy belated birthday!

babe_kl said...

such lovely birthday treat! 4 person can eat so much arh? :p

wahhh broccoli, scallop, gingko and macadamia nuts - ALL my fave in one dish yumyum

ac said...

happy burpday Dr Chen =P me wish u on a thread in NMT...dated 2/9/05

like babe_kl said, the broccoli, scallop, gingko n macadamia nuts...yummmie!! but replace broccoli with celery is nicer.

ps: bday cake sedap kah?

John said...

Portion big or not?

When bring us go eat?

Chen said...

Most of the time we eat 3 meals a day mah.. although at times, I eat only 2 meals per day ;)

John & Phangan
nice or not ah? BabeKL ate there before during her stay in Penang previously.. U can ask her loh.. ;)

I can say the portion is just nice loh... :D

That place is just not far away from the Sunway Hotel :)

Thanks :)

Kkekeke... for big eaters, of course can loh.. That's why better to go in bigger groups, can order more things :P

I like the macadamia nuts :P

thanks, I see the thread liao :)
I prefer broccoli leh.. I don't really like celery ;)

BD cake nice... :)

Jellyfish said...

you had specially made an extra effort to quote:

"Only a small number eat crabs with fork & spoon or chopsticks.. :)"


Chen said...

true mah... not everyone capable of eating crabs with fork/spoon/chopsticks...
U are one of the minorities ;)
Much easier & faster to eat with fingers :P

Anonymous said...

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