Saturday, August 20, 2005

Trip to KL

Went to KL on Thursday morning.. I was on call on Wednesday. Didn't really sleep that night cos I had few referrals at night time & early morning.. Only manage to sleep for 2 hours plus that night. Feel very tired actually. I went back home at 9 am & departed to KL at 10 am. Slept for a while inside the car on the way to KL since my hubby was driving :)

Stopped by in Restoran Jejantas Sg Buloh for late lunch; eating satay, from the "Sate Kajang Hj Samuri" corner. :) Nowadays, we don't have to go to Kajang to taste the Sate Kajang already..

Stop by for a while in GHKL to look for a friend of mine. Reaching GHKL reminds me of the "good old memories"... since I spent 5 years over here during my undergraduate days.... from June 1993 till April 1998..

After that I went to the Kamal medical bookstore to buy some medical books.. We used to buy our medical books from this bookstore. I don't know how much money I have spent on medical books already.. I think at least few thousands.. Since medical books are not cheap and we can't photostate most of the books..

I bought 3 books altogether, which costed me Rm308. One of the books I bought is Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine (OHCM). I bought one copy(the 3rd edition) earlier on already during my 3rd year medical school or Phase 1 of my Clinical year. This book was like the "bible" for the medical students.. We carried this handbook together with us previously wherever we go when we were inside the hospital. Now it's the 6th edition ready.. Since there are so many changes & updates in the new edition, so I get the new edition as well, adding another new copy to my medical books collection :) I need to get a new book shelf already :)


phangan said...

throw away the old edition lor... hehehe

Chen said...

cannot throw away lah...
got lotsa sentimental value :P

aC said...

Dr Chen, keep your receipts! can claim back from Tax one,upto RM 700 this coming tax yr =P

mali KL oso no gip advance notice, aiyoo :( and Kajang satay maybe everywhere, but the atmosphere and the feel is only available in Kajang ;)

Chen said...


Aiyoh.. Didn't think of this at that time.. (tax reduction) :( too bad I didn't ask for receipts at that time.. aiyh.. never mind loh.. Even the buying books receipts that I have previously also I dunno where I put already :)

Mali KL is something last minute decision mah... So didn't give u all notice loh :)

babe_kl said...

eh quite cheap for 3 books... since when up to rm700 for tax deduction? all these years rm500 and bajet oso belum datang.