Saturday, August 20, 2005

a night in KL

We had claypot Bak Kut Teh for dinner :) The BKT here taste much better than the one available in Penang :)

After dinner, we went to a nearby pet shop.. See lotsa cute puppies & doggies inside there, eg. miniature pinscher, miniature schnauzer, shih tzu, chihuahua, cocker spaniel, labrador retriever etc etc.. I like the miniature schnauzer & the little miniature pinschers (2 months plus brown-coloured brother & sister miniature pinscher). The two miniature pinschers puppies are so closed to each other; They play together, hug & cuddle each other.. so cute and so adorable.. :) Reminds me of my little doggy when he is small time.. :)

Most of the time when I visited KL, I will stop by in this shop (Koong Wah Tong) in Petaling Street to have a bowl of chinese herbal jelly, aka Guillingao(龟苓膏).

Later on in the night, we went to Bintang Walk . At night, Bintang Walk truly comes alive; the whole place is beautifully lightened up. That night, we saw lotsa Arabian tourists on the street.. After walking for a while in Bintang Walk, we stopped by at the street-side cafes near the BB plaza. Had a glass of teh tarik while sitting down enjoying the live music from the street band. :)
Went back to hotel at 12 am... Tiring day :)


izso said...

where on earth did u go for that fabulous looking cup of teh tarik la?? And can I have a copy of all the pics u took of us that day? :D

Chen said...

kekkee.. nice leh the teh tarik..
get it from one of the streetside cafe next to BB plaza... Dunno the name of the stall leh.. U can see a live band performing in front of the cafe..

Yeap, I send the photos to your yahoo email account already :)

Shackks said...

guilingao... My favourite!!

Where did u took that??

Chen said...


I just edit my post.. I have included in there the name of the shop, Koong Wah Tong in Petaling Street :)