Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Taking Blood with One Hand?

There's one patient with a very huge neck abscess coming for surgery few days ago. The patient was just admitted and no GXM taken yet. The abscess is so huge that he can hardly turn or extend his neck. Since there's probability of airway problem and difficult intubation as well as bleeding problem.. So I helped the ENT Medical Officer to take blood for Grouping and Cross Match (GXM) in the Operation Theatre before pushing the patient into the Operating Room.

As usual, I poke the syringe with attached needle into the antecubital fossa of the upper limb and withdraw some blood. After I withdraw the blood, the ENT MO was sort of amazed (from his remarks) that I can actually withdraw the blood using one hand only.. Hahha, I didn't realise about that cos all this while throughout the years, I am so used to perform procedures or taking blood with only one hand. And it sort of becoming like a routine already.. Yeah, ways back during the medical school days, the proper techniques taught for taking blood were to use both hands.. One to stablise the syringe and the other one to withdraw or aspirate the blood. Well... throughout all these years and from experience as well, I have sort of obtained the skills of taking blood with one hand... All these while when I set Central Venous Lines, Femoral Lines, Double Lumen Cathether etc (inserting the needle time after locating the landmarks & when withdrawing blood for backflow etc..), I'm using one hand as well... I think most people in my department obtained this skill as well... I didn't realise about this at all till he pointed out that day... :) Something interesting :)


Jellyfish said...

kungfu skills?

Chen said...


hahhaha... u watch too much kungfu movies liao :P

annnum said...


that is absolutely "skillful"..

needle...and syringe....even big big syringe also u use 1 hand, meh?


Chen said...


I get used to it already lah :D
Has been handling it using one hand for the past few years already :)