Friday, August 26, 2005

Birthday, 生日快樂

Happy Birthday, 生日快樂 Sis :)

Today is my sister's birthday.. Her birthday is very close to mine.. exactly one week difference. So we will never forget each other's birthday :P Well, I remember all my siblings as well as my parents birthdays..

Aiyoh.. Thinking about it, I haven't see my sister for so long already.. Last time I meet her as well as my brother in law & my nephews was Chinese New Year in 2004 :( I miss my nephews.. The little one likes to talk with me each time I called my sister, and he will be the one who answer the phone..

Although our birthday are so near, when we are small time, my parents always celebrate both events seperately.. So can get to eat good food twice in just a short duration. During those days, when we were still small, my mum will cook few nice dishes on our birthdays.. She will bake a cake as well, with nice icing toppings.. Simple but very meaningful birthday celebration ;) Celebrate together with my close family members. Although we do cut cake everytime on our birthday, but most of the time, we don't blow candles ... :P Kekeke.. So I don't have the habit of making birthday wish during my birthday ;) My parents don't practise giving birthday presents to us as well... But we don't mind :) And we do take family photos each time during our birthdays :) So I can still recall back those good old days when looking back at those photos... :)
Good old memories :)


hornbill said...

my parent aslo didnt practise giving present but blowing the candle yes... hehehe... the most important thing is when friends and relatives come... so meriah...

cooknengr said...

What's up doc, happy a week that is.

I hated birthdays, my mom would celebrate my brithday, with dinner, fiends coming over, cake...but then for the whole month after the party, my dad would use "one year older one year wiser" to put me "you are (my actual age +2 )year old now, and you still can't do this right ?". ...may be htat 's why I am almost 40 and still living the life of a 34 :)

truth said...

Happy birthday to ur sis !!!!!

Chen said...

Yeah, presents are not important anyway ;) As long as our parents love us and care for us... these are much more valuable and can't be buy with $$$

Thanks for the early birthday greetings :)
Hahhaha.. u getting one whole month of lecture after your birthday? Aiyoh.. might be that is because u are the only son in the family, and your daddy put high hopes on u :)

Thanks :)

babe_kl said...

which exact date huh? anyway happy birthday to you!

Chen said...

exact date ah? Exactly one week from 26.8.05 :) and it's... today :) Thanks for your birthday wishes :)