Friday, July 22, 2005

Needle Prick Injuries

Frankly speaking, I get needle pricks injuries few times already for the past few years. (I think most medical staffs experienced this needle prick injuries as well..) Not that I'm careless.. I try to be careful most of the times, but sometimes, mishap still happens & "accidents" are inevitable.. Few times, it occured when withdrawing drugs or after injecting the drugs through the drip line (which is still alright cos the needle is sterile). The most important thing after taking blood is don't recap back the needle..(cos this can easily cos needle prick injuries, and these needle are contaminated with patient's blood !!! ).

One "sinister" needle prick injuries I had was three years ago... After inserting the triple lumen central venous lines (CVL) & pulmonary artery catheter (PAC) for one lady patient inside the operating threatre; She was scheduled for mitral valve replacement (MVR) & aortic valve replacement (AVR).. I was stitching the CVL & PAC catheter to secure it, & somehow I accidentally prick myself with the sharp needle while stitching .. aiyh... Although I'm worried, but least not so bad, cos she had baseline investigations for HIV, Hep B, Hep C & VDRL prior to the open heart surgery.., which were negative (It's routine to do all these investigations over here for patients before undergo any open heart surgery).

The other friends of mine was not so lucky.. They had needle prick injuries to patients which were known to be Hepatitis B carrier, Hepatitis C carrier & even HIV patients !! Imagine the trauma that those health care personnels have to undergo after the needle prick injuries with known "contaminated blood" especially HIV. The immediate blood result although shown to be negative doesn't mean anything cos of the "window period".. Have to repeat the investigations few weeks later or even up to 6 months later to get the proper/final confirmation that one is free from the disease. This 6 months period is really the torturing & distressing period. Luckily my friends are "safe" from the diseases..

I had my HIV, Hep B & Hep C blood test done as well, & thank God nothing sinister happened... all the results were negative :)


hornbill said...

Chen... if that thing happen to me... i'll pengsan for 6 months...

Gasman said...


I just had my left index finger crushed while i help nurses to lift up the oxygen tank to the bed end. Trust me, it hurts! it is post truma day 2, I took II in the OT of my left poor index finger, luckily nothing. but the skin debraded!

Chen said...

everytime when i deal with taking blood or setting branulas or lines or doing procedures on HIV patients, I'll be "extra careful".. :)

Poor u... I injured my foot before when pushing the bed up to OT as well, things like rolled over by the trolley/bed wheel etc or get crushed on the shoulder or arms or upper limbs by the lift doors when pushing the bed into the escalator..(cos the bed is so big & the escalator is so small & the escalator sometimes gila one.. close very fast or the keys are not "sensitive".. so painful.. :(