Sunday, July 10, 2005

Meeting up with old friends

Wednesday night.. Time to meet up with my good old friends. They are my coursemates during my undergraduate time (whom we spent 5 years together previously), & my close friends as well... However, we seldom have time to meet each other since graduation. Even though most of them are working in KL, they hardly have gathering or meet each other as well. The last time we met each other was during my previous trip to KL, one year back in June 2004..

This time, I manage to meet 6 of them. Each of them specialises in different field/discipline. Dr Bee (Physician, planning to subspecialise in Haematology), Dr Ang (Paediatrician), Dr Lim (Obstetrician & Gynaecologist to be), Dr Yap (Anaesthetist to be), Dr Leong (Radiologist) & Sharon (Pharmacist). My other friend, Dr Sia (Surgeon, planning to subspecialise in Neurosurgery) couldn't made it cos he's not free..

So nice meeting back good old friends.. Had a good long chat with them.. We can basically talk about anything. So fast 7 years plus passed already, I mean since our graduation previously in 1998. Among my Chinese coursemates, there are paediatricians, physicians, surgeons, anaesthesiologists, obstetrician & gynaecologists, radiologists, orthopaedic surgeon, ophthalmologists etc.. Some came out & work as general practitioners (GPs) opening up own clinics or partnership with others. Some work in health clinics as well..

Half way talking with my friends, one Indian old man came to our table, selling lottery tickets. We told him we were not interested, since none of us indulged in this things. Exactly at that moment, my handphone vibrates (incoming SMS). So I bent down my head & put my hand inside my pocket to take out my handphone. When I lifted up my head.. alamak... I noticed so many pairs of eyes starring at me.. I was kinda shocked! Then only I realised.. they were thinking that I was taking out $$$ from my pocket to buy the lotteries, hahaha... Even the lottery man also thought I was interested.. cos I noticed he came next to me & swinging the lottery tickets infront of me :P Sorrylah, pakcik, I'm not buying :D In fact, I never buy any lottery before in my whole life leh...

Aiyoh.. sms from AC... hahah.. thinking about the "misunderstanding" & the "embarassment" he caused just now. Hahaha... I must tell him the incident one of these days :P