Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hokkien vs Cantonese

Finally reach home, after a longggggg journey ... Home sweet home :)
My dog is so happy to see me :D

Well, Penangites speak in Hokkien while KL people converse in Cantonese. On my first day in KL, I talked in Hokkien to the cab driver. When he replied me in Cantonese, then only I realised I'm now in KL already & it's time to change dialect.. (I can speak Cantonese, Hokkien as well as Foochow..)

After staying for one week in KL, I sort of used to talk in Cantonese already. Today, on my way back home, My hubby stopped by the porridge stall to buy "Chee Cheong Chuk" for dinner. And I started ordering food in Cantonese. After I finish ordering, then only I realised I'm now back in Penang already :).. hahhaa.... Time to talk back in Hokkien liao..


dr cheat said...

cheated liao...

didn't get cheated by hawker ar? since you speak in cantonese

Chen said...

I always buy the "chee cheong chuk" from her mah.. Of course won't get cheated lah.. :P

dr cheat said...

nice ar? must bring me next time got chance to up north

Chen said...

for me, it's quite nice & tasty loh.. but different people might have different opinion mah..

No problem, if u come up north next time, bring u there makan loh.. :)

John said...