Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Chicken Wing (鸡翅膀)

Home-cooked chicken wing/鸡翅膀 (My own version of siu kai yek) :P
Oops.. cook too much liao till cannot finish :P
Feed some to my little doggy, he is so happy :D


babe_kl said...

wahh looked like WAW siew kai yek :o

weiiii i wan!!!!

hornbill said...

Chen... i'm so hungry!!!!

Chen said...

aiseh.. look like only mah :P anyway, no leftover lah.. hampalang kena sapu liao :)

hungry ah? Eat the delicious kam pua noodle loh... I miss kam pua noodle leh..:)

YP said...

*drool drool..*
*growling tummy*

*mutters to self* dun understand these people... have all the nice nice food as pictures on their sites... meanies!!

:P :P just kidding... the chicken wings look really good.

ac said...

chen, pls courier some down asap!! :) ehehehe, made hubby very happie, no?

me hungrys too lookie at kai yik piccie :P

Chen said...


Food is important mah.. :P That's why,

hahha.. since u r now back home already, u can eat the yummy delicious home cooked food as well :)

courier some down? My dog won't let me do that leh..

John said...


Anonymous said...

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