Saturday, June 18, 2005

Seafood platter

The seafood platter served in Fish & Co is quite nice, & something unique, cos it's served in a pan... & the portion is huge as well. The seafood platter for two, actually can be shared among 3 people :) (with seasonal fish, calamari, prawns & mussels in creamy garlic & lemon butter sauce, served together with rice & chips). (Well, it's a bit expensive, at the price of RM 48.90)

I didn't bring my digital camera, so I took a snap of the seafood platter with my palm Zire 71. (Well, the picture quality is not good compared to digital camera...)

The all-time favourite, "fish & chips" are quite nice, with huge portion too. Haha, & they have the "big fish drink" --> so that one can drink like a fish ?


Gasman said...


So, you do enjoy the Seafood Platter. Well, i was there and but you didn't notice... Anyway, I brought ny wife there today. Guess you didn't notice any receeding chin lady? :P

Chen said...


yeah, the seafood platter is nice :) But the portion is too big lah..
hehehe... Didn't notice u or your wife leh..

dr cheat said...

the stuffs look raw from the picture... :P

Dr Evil said...

Cheat, expensive, sux, boring place.

Once only..enough!!!

Chen said...

D cheat,

I took those pict with my palm zire 71.. that's why poor picture quality :D

D Evil

heheh.. not nice for u but nice for other mah.. Just like one man's meat is another man's poison :P

John Guinness said...

Those in KL really like ghost town. Hardly see ppl eat.

Shocking to see Pg ppl eat so expensive stuff when seafood is damm cheap there.

doc notti said...

big fish platter + big fish drink only can be eaten by....big water fish?? *notti grin* muahahahaha

babe_kl said...

never got to try this place as so far no one recommended it was a good place kekeke manhattan fish market USED to be nice BUT has since gone down the drain

Chen said...

seafood in Penang is not really cheap lah. The cheapest seafood which I have seen is in Sarawak :) I miss those huge giant crabs & prawns over there :D

D notti,
Hahaha.. who is the "big water fish"? :P

Babe KL,
I like their fish & chips :)

John Guinness said...

Sarawak of course cheap la, come fr there wan.

Most restaurants import fr there wan, but earning margin not much for those who catch.

So i decided not to be fisherman.