Saturday, June 18, 2005

My uni junior :)

One day, inside the operating theatre, I noticed someone who looks quite familiar (despite with the surgical cap & surgical mask), and I asked her whether she is from the same university with me, Cos she looks like my junior.. (But I don't know her name loh cos so many years already ... ) Indeed she is, but what surprised me is that she knows me & my name as well... (she mentioned my full name leh..) Hahaha... And she continue on telling me that she used my anatomy notes during her first year.

My goodness, She's four year my junior leh.. So long already, and yet the notes still been circulating around :P I never know my notes are so good, hahaha.... , but I do know my coursemates (same batch with me) photostated my notes :D (During our undergraduate days, we passed our notes to our junior who are one year below us; and we have the buddy system over there.. and somehow, my juniors subsequently recommended the following years junior to use my anatomy notes :D )

I don't even have the original copies already, cos I throw the notes away after graduation.. I still keep the textbook for reference ( Well, the textbooks are not cheap as well, some cost more than hundred per book).


truth said...

Wah...means those days the notes that you do are not wasted. Can help others ..hehe

Chen said...


hahah.. I never know those notes had been circulating around for so long as well.. :D

cooknengr said...

what's up Doc, you could have written a book...supplementary text... You probably do not write with a Dr's scribble, right ?

Chen said...


hahha.. no time to write book lah.. and not so knowledgeable to write book as well :D

My handwriting is quite nice actually, but depends on situation also, if i'm in a hurry or not in the good mood, I will scribble as well :D

dr reb0rn said...

loktor chen on duty will scribble tulisan loktor lor,

after work different story, hehehehe.... am i right? :P

Chen said...


not necessarily lah..
If too busy, I will scribble..
If condition & situation permits, then I will write differently :D
So I have different handwriting style :D

dr cheat said...

dr chen must be top student... that's why notes get circulated alot... heheheh

kktan said...

maybe there you are a legend. should copyright. everyone that that xerox a copy must pay you royalty. how abt that??


Dr Evil said...


Chen said...

Dr Cheat,
I'm not top student in uni lah.. :)

yeah.. I should come out with that idea previously.. then I can really earn some big bucks :P

Dr Evil,
Dr Cheat cheated u again? :D

John Guinness said...

Top sleeping student.

Chen said...

I never sleep during lectures during my uni time woh.. err.. can't really say never sleep lah.. the exact one should be I hardly fall asleep during those times.. Once in a while, during those damn boring lecture (whereby the lecturer giving lecture in monotonous tone..) My minds do wandering around thinking of other things :P There's a limit for concentrations span :)

But really, really have to study or work hard during those days, cos the course is tough.. unlike students from other course, can lepak or play.. We have to sacrifice lotsa things during our undergraduate time..

Anonymous said...

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