Thursday, June 23, 2005

Gurney Plaza

Went to Gurney Plaza today after work. Reached there around 7:20 pm. I parked on the parking lots outside Gurney Plaza. I asked the parking attendant how much is the parking fare for half an hour. He told me "40 sen", followed by " Setengah jam cukup keh?" I answered, "Cukup...", "Lebih dari cukup.."

Hahah.. I think hardly have people going to Gurney Plaza for half an hour only.. Well, I only go there to buy or get what I want... I always plan things ahead or do things systemically.. No point wandering around or walking around aimlessly. I don't like to waste time doing window shopping either. Not my cup of tea :)

I went to collect my free Li-ion NP700 rechargeable battery. (I bought a digital camera, Minolta Dimage X50, 3 weeks ago. This is my 3rd digital camera...) (Get a free 512 Mb SD card, 200 free 4R digital photo prints, one mini tripod, one extra NP700 rechargeable battery (out of stock at that time), one carrying case & one sling bag together with the camera). Followed by buying few items from the Cold Storage Supermarket. Altogether took me less than 20 minutes.. :P

On my way back home, inside my apartment actually, I saw this cute "Basset Hound" doggy again. I see that dog many times already. There's one Dalmatian dog in my apartment as well. This Basset Hound dog is a bit dumb today.. Dunno why it ran towards my car.. But of course I didn't hit the dog lah...

Reached home around 8 pm... Tiring day..


truth said... are so fast. I took half an hour to buy one toothpaste. hahahahha. I love to lingers.

John said...

Again buy Minolta.

Chen said...

wah.. u take half an hour to buy one toothpaste ah? *salute* ... hahaha..
Half an hour, I can do lotsa things liao :P

minolta is good mah.. And produce good & high quality pictures... I'm quite satisfied with it. And another thing is that can used SD or MMC card for Minolta.. So can interchangeable with my other digital camera or my palm or even handphone as well, Very convenient.. (I have 1 512 MB SD card, 3 256 MB SD cards, & 1 64 MB MMC card & few 16 MB SD cards.. :)

If I buy Sony, then have to buy separate memory stick.. The same applies to other digital camera, eg. Fuji uses xD-Picture Card, Canon uses CompactFlash card etc..

babe_kl said...


Chen said...

RM 1288 :)

Gasman said...


Am the same as you, I don't wondering around in the shopping complex. I wrote down in my palm. Usually, I took half an hour or less to do the household if am alone, if with my mom, i got to be slow a bit, with wife, with her pregnancy now, i have to sloooowwww alot... So, i prefer to do the shopping alone. Fast and Furious. hehe...
How much you treat in your old digital?

Chen said...


I didn't thread in my old digital camera.. All still with me, but I plan to give my first digital camera to my sister.. (Minolta Dimage E203 which I bought in early 2002), still in very good condition..

My second digital camera is Minolta Dimage Z2, which I bought last year... this one definitely I will keep cos optical zoom 10x with powerful flash. Nice for taking photos but a bit bulky.. so not so convenient to bring around :) Unless going for vacation loh..

John said...

I goto shopping complex very fast also.

Go in, buy what i need, settle in 1hr max.

Sometimes will longer if got lots of things to 'see'

Gasman said...


Mine is Sony DSCP72. Bought long time ago, that time I was using the Sone Clie. So, I thought of the Memory Stick thing, can share ma... Now, I change to Palm E. So, bit difficult lah. But, I have cards reader :p Make things lot easier.