Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who is the King?

The Lion and the lamb Tiger, who is more qualified to become the King of the Jungle? :)

Although the lion's mane resembles the king's crown...

But the tiger's face is so scary.. No doubt we will all freak out if we see this fierce looking jungle inside the jungle. :P *Touch Wood*


rainbow angeles said...

ayam the king!

ah nel said...

if lokter happen perform surgery can u pluck off the gigi taring of tiger for me...thanks... ;)

then lokter r the queen... :P

Chen said...

hahahha... suddenly the song "we are the champion" comes to my mind :P

ah nel,
wah, i don't dare to perform surgery on the tiger lah. Mana tau if half way he suddenly wakes up & bites me then i habis liao :P

Sarawakiana@2 said...

hello....time to relax a bit?

Be hearing from you soon?

Greetings from Miri.

Chen said...

Ya, will be flying soon..
I will celebrate CNY in Kuching
I won't go to Miri this time, but my hubby will go there for few days. :)

tuti said...

close up shots ah? kekekeke :P

Chen said...

Hahahaha... I won't be here to post this up already if those were close up shots. Love my telephoto lens. :P

Will said...

i vote for liucas! :P

slurp said...

lion king pretty listless & lazy
on contrary, eyes of the tiger look more formidable (ok, the other wounded tiger not so bright now, but gotta give him some time to come back lah :P )

Happy Lunar New Year 2010! :)

Chen said...

Haha, Liucas is the King @ Winn's house :D

Haha, Happy Lunar New Year to u too. :)
And the tiger... roars :)

Beruang Madu said...

I think the Gorilla is more fierce lah Chen... really..!!! have you watch King Kong?? u should...

gus said...

I think the tiger has more charisma. The stripes give them character.

Hi chen. Long time eh. Good to see you're still kicking.

I plan to kick again.

Chen said...

Beruang Madu,
Haha, the gorilla in the zoo doesn't look that scary though. Haven't watch King Kong yet. Malas lah nak tengok movie or DVD. ;)

Yeah, it had been a while. I lazy to write post lately but will still update once in a while. Hopefully can update more frequent in the coming days. Good that u plan to start kicking again. :)

I love looking at the stripes on the Tiger's head and also on the body and tail too. When i stared at the photo for a while this morning, i noticed the stripes on the tigers head represent the chinese word "king". :D

Looking for a Car? said...

i prefer tiger, stripe look good!